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7 Must Follow Snapchats of 2017


Happy New Year to all! 2017 is finally here and we are starting out strong, or not so strong, in order to obtain our newly envisioned selves! Whether you are working towards a better body, education, or lifestyle, I have compiled a list of 7 must follow Snapchat accounts that will help keep you on track to meet your goals in 2017! Oh, and while you’re at it, go ahead and Click Here to add me on Snapchat to stay tuned with my daily business, fitness, and leisurely ventures!

1. garyvee

– Gary Vaynerchuck is an iconic entrepreneur with much more than business advice. Gary Vee is also known to be straight forward with his advice. Many times he will stress that “You’re going to Die”. He means this not to scare you but to terrify you to the point of action. Complacency and worry can lead to a unfulfilling life. Know that your time on this earth is limited and follow your passion. Don’t rush and the good will follow.

2. snapchrisrecord

– Chris Record is eCommerce Guru and founder of Tecademics. Although many of his stories are oriented towards his family and friends, he also gives pointers on how to build a successful business only.

3. influencme

– Third on our list is a brand owned by a 20 y/o girl named Ashley. At the age of 19, she decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship and became highly successful in generated Huge snapchat accounts. She helps businesses and the average snapchat user gain hundreds of follows per day, simply with a few shoutouts! I highly recommend you follow her entertaining and business centered account

4. teeeg28

– T.j. Hunt, Youtube star, with nearly 600,000 subscribers, and founder of Hunt & Co. is definitely an appealing story to have in your feed. He keeps stories short and sweet while also having fun with his Black Edition GTR, 420 HP BRZ, and a candy red 350z built to drift. More so than the cars he works on, the chemistry between all of his family always leads to laughs.

5. johnleedumas

– John Lee Dumas, the founder of the extremely successful Podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire, is a must follow for anyone with huge goals. Dumas interviews a new entrepreneur every day, revealing vital advice and experience that anyone can utilize in order to build or improve their current business ventures. Instead of repeating information onto his story, John brings a very unique touch to the Snapchat game. He pushes you and challenges you to make your dreams come true. Whenever you find yourself unmotivated, JLD’s story will surely turn your slouch day into a highly productive one!

6. tailopez

–  Time and time again you will hear about Tai Lopez from me and it’s for a reason. As a successful investor and business owner, he has countless connections to great sources. Disbelievers claim Tai Lopez is a scam but I beg to differ. For starters, if he rented his Aventador, two Rolls Royce, Gallardo, and Maserati every day, don’t you think he would have to have money to do so? Calculate the price to rent one of those for a year then complain. But the truth is, Tai doesn’t offer material attainment. His snapchat isn’t to boast or promise riches. He takes time out of each and every day to coach his viewer. Piece by piece but of course, he’s not going to give everything away for free because people wouldn’t take his advice seriously, the very same reason that I no longer consult for free, although I love teaching people. Time is money and I highly recommend you follow Tai Lopez to help motivate you to tackle all of your fitness and financial goals!

7. nurse.sandy

– Sandy is what I like to call more of an underground snapper. Not Viral, but provides wonderful encouragement. Every day, her mission is to meet a new friend, introduce them to her Snapchat Story, and finally to educate them on how to make a positive impact on their lives. She’s also a fitness lover with an entrepreneur spirit.

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Wake Up and Smell the Extensive Opportunities Kindly Provided by the World


Tai Lopez is far one of the greatest in the realm of entrepreneurship. Not because of what he has done but due to his willingness to coach. I love the idea of nonstop knowledge gain. It’s so powerful when applied to the right places but what’s the point of the acquisition if you aren’t willing to share?

I find that in order to really stand out in the world, it’s not always about what or who you know. It’s about your contributions. The value you offer to others. People really appreciate an amazing story but even more, the selflessness that an individual is able to bring to the table.
Listening to his most recent podcast, you will receive an immediate wake-up call. The fact that nothing is impossible when you learn to avoid settling. When you settle for what you think is exceptional, you truly fall behind. Your goals can never be too high and just when you feel like they are, take a good look around you.
At 19 years old I honestly see two things. Call me arrogant but I feel as though I am doing much more for my future than the typical college student in the same position as I. This only remains true until I take a look at others within the world. There are 19-year-olds making $200,000/ month. Just a slap in the face at my efforts. On the other hand, it serves as my drive. It lets me know that although it’s possible, I’m not doing nearly everything that I could to achieve.
This entire weekend I’ve suffered from a lack of motivation and blamed writer’s block. I have felt that I haven’t done enough simply because I look at others that are figures ahead of me but still the very same age. Like I said, it can be harmful to think about it but honestly, the only way you will meet new milestones is my setting the bar high.
Having the opportunity to retire by 23 was my previous goal until I realized I can do even better. Who’s to say that I can’t get to that point in life by 21? Statistically, it’s highly unlikely but statistically, my mentality says otherwise.
I don’t write this post to rant or argue about my greediness for success but to inspire the other young entrepreneurs out there. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago (19 for me) but the second best time is now.

I want to use this time to truly thank you for reading this in its entirety because each view truly helps me continue to do what I do. The only favor I ask is to leave a comment with your name, Snapchat, or any other way that I can personally thank you for simply taking the time to read my post.

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Tai Lopez-The Lethargy Cycle

To be lethargic is another way to describe one’s sluggish actions. It is the by-product of a loss of motivation, whether due to physical fatigue or a deeper mental state.  It is a prominent problem among today’s society, especially the portion aspiring to break barriers and become great. In a summary of the words of Tai Lopez, lethargy operates in a cycle that often continues to loop around in people lives who don’t know how to escape.
Many of you may have witnessed a man named Tai Lopez scattered around YouTube, famous for constantly preaching about his Lambo and Ferrari filled garage. From Lopez, people have coined the phrase “Here in my new Garage” due to the numerous times that he has made the statement. Many people view him as a con artist who rents out his cars, but talk is cheap. He is actually a very successful investor, entrepreneur, and book fanatic known for reading at least one book a day. Tai Lopez is also an amazing public speaker and huge inspiration to entrepreneurs of all ages. With as much wisdom as he has gained in his lifetime, he always has priceless information to offer.
In one of Lopez’s former Podcasts, his episode from Feb. 16th to be exact, he comes to the realization of how widespread depression and anxiety are within the world. By doing a simple Google Search, you will find that depression receives an overwhelming amount of searches periodically. Through a small 3 minute episode he lays out this “lethargy cycle”. In short, it explained why people are not necessarily to blame when they fall victim to depression or poverty. This cycle runs on its own fuel in a difficult never-ending loop. Emotionally, something bad may happen in your life that causes you to go into a depression. Before you know it, this depression has robbed you of both your energy and motivation. The result? You fall into a deeper depression and the process repeats. Lopez also states that this concept applies to finance, usually with new entrepreneurs. They make a mistake and go broke. Although common, many fail to react appropriately. People will become depressed because they have just become broke. The challenge that they face is the fact that when you don’t have money, you can’t invest in yourself, which is a key to building wealth. The final result? These same people now remain both depressed and poor.
So how do you end this seemingly everlasting loop? By simply having a deeper understanding of your situation. Take a step outside of yourself in order to reevaluate your current standing as if you were studying the life of another. Chances are, you are not as bad off as you may have once believed. Lopez states that when you come to these points of depression in your life, your body is simply letting you know that you are not doing the right thing. For those financially troubled, you may be in the right path, but you may actually be approaching it the wrong way. Listen to your body and take the time to identify your weaknesses. By doing so, you give yourself the opportunity to strengthen them and eliminate the possibility of returning to that previous state. If you have any advice to share, feel free to comment below!
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