Circle of Optimism


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Surround yourself with who you want to be like. Surround yourself with who you see yourself in. Surround yourself with love. Surround yourself with people who care. Surround yourself with optimism. This is why I surround myself with super successful people and the peers in my close circuit, which are considered family. Family isn’t always blood. I want to be like them, I see myself in them, I love them and we all share a mutual care for each other’s well-being. This what I call the Circle of Optimism.
This isn’t about searching for positivity and seeking people to be like. Heck no. You won’t find the person you want to become in someone else by seeking and interviewing them (sarcastically speaking) No, you have to WORK on YOURSELF first and then you will see in YOU who you are becoming and then the universe will attract like minded people around you naturally and subconsciously speaking.
Once you have worked on yourself and have a great understanding of who you are, then you’ll be able to train your mind to react to certain things in a way in which the general public hasn’t figured out yet. You’ll find yourself less angry, less sad, and more understanding of another people’s point of view. Overall, the more understanding you have about another person’s perspective, the more genuine you become and the more value you bring to someone’s life.
So remember before you can even have a circle of optimism you must bring value to your circle. By bringing value to your circle you will allow people to gravitate and give you that same value. Life is all about value. As humans with different minds, we all value something different. So when you feel like you are on the right path and know the person you wanna become, apply 51% of the value in the relationship whether it’s a friendship or a relationship. By adding value you become a priority. By becoming a priority, people tend to care for you a little more and you become important. When you become important, that’s when you are cared for, and when you are cared for that’s when you have found your circle of optimism.
“Make me better.” That is a phrase that I say to every person I have met every since I changed what I value in my life. It all started with me valuing myself. If you haven’t figured out the common denominator of in this post. Well let me explain, this post is about having great people in your life that inspire you. But in order to be inspired, you need to know where you are going. That is so important for the change in your life. Once you know where you are going you will see and acknowledge the people you meet going in the same direction that you are. If you doubt this philosophy ask yourself, how many people do you meet everyday or better yet how many people do you get a number from and never call, never text, never email? But when you get that person that you know has value and can help you in a way that no amount of money can even compare to. Meaning in a relationship or friendship but in my world a brotherhood, no money can even compare to.

So value a person’s knowledge and ethical values because those things are far more valuable to you than what money can do for you. It’s egregious in my book to think anything other than that. Wisdom is power. Be uncommon.

Grayson Clark OVER and OUT.
LOVE you


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