Catching Your Second Wind – Guide to Ultimate Success


If you have tried and failed, you’re on the right path. So many people, young and old, get into business and expect smooth sailing but realistically, the life of an entrepreneur is all but easy. Don’t become blinded by other’s success. Instead, be aware of their underlying efforts. It’s all about what you do behind closed doors. When nobody else is watching. More importantly, when you feel like your working your ass off but still  lacking true results.

My first time attempting any form of business was at the age of 16. Nieve, I trusted various internet programs that promised riches. Whether they worked or not is up for debate but every single one I opted into failed to truly educate me on proper business ownership. More times than not, I hadn’t even known what product I was selling. This is known as a common rookie mistake, which happens to be very common among millennials.
Naturally, I gave up. I didn’t get the results and I quit saying, “Its Impossible” and “I’m too Young” when in reality, the only issue that I had didn’t revolve around the size of the paycheck but instead the size of my desire.
Your desire to succeed in life has to be extraordinary. You have to want to win so bad that you will effortlessly go out of your way to becoming great. To become great, failure is simply not an option. Failure should instead be a part of the journey. As long as you expect it to happen, you will be malleable enough to cope and adjust with what is known as adversity.
Entrepreneurs, students or anyone that realizes their dreams rely on their daily actions must take it upon themselves to demand success at all costs. If it takes 2 years of grinding your ass off to make your first dollar, so be it as long as there is much more where that came from.
Bloggers know this feeling. Understanding that in order to build that seven-figure business, they must be willing to blog for the first year practically for free. Some call it voluntary, but I call it an investment. An investment for your future.
So learn to invest in yourself. Take the fall and just trust that it will pay off sooner or later. Success is like a parabola. It may start out incredibly slow but just know, when it catches its second wind of momentum, it’s going to take off!
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My Rant


Everyday I step outside of my dorm room to the same exact environment. College students playing volley ball, socializing, mingling, having a blast. Then I open my SnapChat and witness something else even more frightening. Without getting into the exact details, all I can say is that procrastination is working at its finest.

Procrastination lacks the need of explanation but I’m speaking from a perspective that very few will take the time to look from. College is suppose to be the time where young adults go to receive an amazing education, graduate, and land that dream job but what I see too often is that this is never the case.
In reality, a college student comes to party, waste their parents’ money, then rush to cram for credit hours and internships towards the end of junior year. By this time, they realize that they screwed up their chance at landing their “dream job” and are now forced to settle with what they are offered, if anything at all. On top of that disappointment, their parents have relinquished the financial responsibilities of college debt to their children, who now have to spend the next 10 years of their life in a position of haul. They are literally working to pay off debts instead of working for what they believe would have been the ideal life.
Let’s take that same student and say that they did everything that they were supposed to do. They went to college, got good grades, landed internships and all of these jobs with their lives ahead of them. Upon graduating they enter the workforce to learn one very important thing the hard-way. The world is unfair and revolves around “who you know”. That position that they qualified for had just been taken up by a close friend of the business owner leaving them at a position less than ideal. A position with a salary cap and strict hours, a.k.a. “9-5”.
It’s not until this moment of “making it” that people either do one of two things. Become complacent or become pissed off and hungry.


When you realize that you are not where you want to be, you start to blame others, including the economy, bosses, and any other excuse that may have taken a toll on your lifestyle. What I want to stress is that life was not given to us for it to simply suck. We have the responsibility of taking advantage of it whenever possible and most college students don’t realize this. The world is not on their side and if they don’t strive to do the extra, they will be left with a sack of papers screaming “Extra! Read all about it!” How ironic.
Instead of wasting four years of your life, be different. Realize that the very same people that you see “enjoying” the college life are most likely going to come out average unless if they dare to be different. Once you dare to be different, you begin to start a trend that will continue to grow whether it catches on or not. Find something to do that will define you and give you more credibility than the average college perfectionist. More importantly, look to build a future that is run by you. One that a boss could never effect. Once you take on this challenge, you become dangerous.
For this reason, my roommate and Tristien and I have begun to dream much bigger than anyone would imagine possible for a college freshman. We stand out because we take the knowledge, utilize it, and capitalize. Who says we can’t start a business at 19 years old? Who ever said that you can’t graduate from college with a million dollar company? You are probably saying no one but honestly, everyone who isn’t anyone is saying that we can’t. It is for that reason that we desired we can and we will.
Dreams are amazing and without them, how could we ever make our visions a reality. The problem people suffer from is learning how to take action! Once you learn that anything is possible when you set your mind to it, you start to change lives around you. Everyday, people either tell me that the work I manage is amazing or that I’m working too hard. Exactly what I needed!
You have to develop the mindset that you want to be noticed for what you’re doing. When people see that you are separating from the crowd into a place in life that they have once dreamed, they too will become motivated. Nothing feels better than setting the example.
I am by no means an expert or professional leader, but the things that I take passion and pride in doing have labeled me as such. People ask questions and even look up to me. Some even older! Unintentionally, this has served as an incentive to continue to strive for greatness.
We live in a world within which people lose touch with opportunity and developed a tunnel vision to reality. “The reality of life is that the only way to live a happy life is to follow the school system”. The REAL reality of life is that if you don’t break out of the system, figuratively, then you will prevent yourself from doing so until later in life.
My father, who shares both the same name and birthday as me, is currently 49 years old. Nearing retirement, he has only now begun to see the world as it is. Through countless undeserved layoffs, he grew tired. That’s when he started his first business, Mathis & Son Enterprise. Seven years later, he bought his first sports car. This is where people take on separate views on life.
Some see his sports car as luck. That somehow he was lucky enough to have that car magically appear in his driveway. Little do they know that this was the exact opposite. That car was the result of several blessings, a lot of sweat, and a new business idea. Having always wanted a nice vehicle, instead of wasting money, he desired to invest in one. There is a big difference! He invested into the start of a sports car rental company. The best of both worlds!
The point of the story? Life revolves around a mindset. A mindset that once you obtain, can steer you down an oath of success that will lead you to achieve your goals and dreams without sacrificing daily essentials. Chances are that the job you’re working for is filled with people at the very same level as you and your chance of advancing is so minuscule that you might as well forget it. Provide for your family but as long as you have time to work overtime, you have time to build something new. Something big that will pay off more than you will have ever imagined!
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Mental Toughness: Delayed Gratification


As an entrepreneur or new business owner, you are expecting to start or have already begun to generate income. On the downside, although you have taken this step to growth, you must not let all of the dollars go to your head. Program your mind to consider taking on delayed gratification at all costs.

Delayed gratification requires you to simply discipline yourself to put off spending the money that you do have until a later date that the average individual would struggle with doing. My mentor does a great job in doing  so. Making over $300,000 of income with ease, after having built a self sustaining home business, you would assume that he is living life big. Although he has all of the fancy suits and could afford all of his dream cars, he chooses to continue driving his old Honda Civic.
People look at him crazy but after talking with him personally, I completely see where he is coming from. Instead of going out and carelessly buying a new Mercedes AMG or BMW M5, he has both set a standard for himself and a personal goal that trump his wants and dreams.
Firstly, he wants to literally be “financially bulletproof”. He wants to be sure that no matter what circumstance he or his family will encounter, expenses will be the last thing he will have to worry about.
Secondly, he made a pact with himself to not purchase a new car until his business is bringing in a an extra $100,000 or $200,000 a year which, with his mentality and work ethic, is easily achievable. Only then will he buy the car for himself as a reward.
Delayed gratification takes a ton of discipline but can prove to be very beneficial. All you have to do is wait, until you reach that higher height to start enjoying your life to the fullest!
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Greatness is not Born, Greatness is Earned through Extraordinary Dedication


Greatness is almost always misunderstood. People feel that they are entitled to it for whatever reason it be. Whether they are going to college, making straight A’s, naturally talented, or simply have big goals, no single accolade will place you at a higher pedestal than anyone else.

First off, let’s take the example of school. You want to become a doctor, which in itself is a very competitive field. You are acing all of your classes, but do you automatically deserve the position? Systematically maybe but we do not live in a systematic world. Truth be told that it’s not always what you do but who you know. While you’re doing excellent in school, somebody else is also doing excellent, in addition to spending their summers working with internships. On top of that, after class they may also be conducting their own research on the field of work and learning everything they need to know while you are only getting the grades… So who really deserves that position?
I cannot stress how competitive of a market we live in. School isn’t going to teach you how to go out and network in the world. You aren’t going to learn the most important skills in life until it’s too late. With that being said, strive to earn you greatness, whether it be another stripe, accomplishment or belt in karate. There are literally levels to this game of life and the only way you will come on top is by doing the extraordinary. If you blend in with the crowd, you are doing something wrong! Don’t be afraid to stand out because the world deserves to know your name.
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Instead of Shying Away, Embrace the Competition


Could you imagine the NFL with only two teams competing? What about watching NASCAR only one car at a time? We all seek a special spark in our daily lives that is naturally birthed by competition. With this in mind, why would you ever fear it?

We all know what it’s like to compete but we often shy away from the idea entirely. Its not uncommon to feel threatened by people of similar ranking. The truth is that we should feel the exact opposite. Look at competition as an opportunity to grow, simply because it is!
Take a moment to imagine that you play football for the NFL. You are the starter for your position of choice. “Luckily”, you are the only person playing that position and therefore have no reason to worry about others taking your position. Now take the same scenario but this time imagine that there are five other players, who are just as good or better than you who are, also waiting for the shot to take your starting position. In which circumstance will you work harder? This is the reason that we should embrace competition.
Many people refuse to work hard but sadly hard work is what it takes to get what you want in life. So why should you embrace the challenge? Simply due to the fact that you will, in turn, push yourself to limits that you would have never done before. This will mold you into a stronger, smarter and overall better person than if you were free of the responsibility of working hard.
All I ask is that you start to embrace competition because it will bring out your greatest potential. Stop fearing failure and start excepting nothing less than success. Identify where you can apply this mentality and go do it! While your at it, be sure to leave a like and comment! 🙂
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Working for the Numbers will Drive your Dreams into the Cement


Choosing and establishing yourself within a career is not always a two step process. Many people grow up with the mindset that if you want something, go do it. Although this remains true, it does not apply to every aspect of life. One of which would be business.

Business is almost never an overnight task so you can forget your Vegas dreams. No matter the field of work you decide to enter, you must put forth the effort in order to get the results you desire. Many people fail to do so when attempting to make a living off of their skills, hobbies or interests because they simply refuse to work hard.
The main principle that you should always keep in mind is a simply rule of thumb. Never chase the money. As an entrepreneur, businessman or typical employee, one of your biggest focuses and motivation may possibly be the numbers. We all wouldn’t mind to get paid more than we do now. Although we should stay hungry, we should not blind ourselves to the reality of how the system operates.
Quality will always shine brighter than quantity. In other words, no matter what you do, focus on the quality first. Without putting forth the amazing service or product that you advertise, you will never grow your business as organically as taking the “slower” approach of striving for perfection. Even if that means working for a period of time without pay, as long as you have the mentality to do something better than others, the money and compensation will always follow!
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U.S. Senator Bob Corker-Predetermined Success

By the age of 25, Senator Bob Corker managed to start his first company with only $8,000 and a truck. Corker specialized in construction but stood out from the crowd of similar companies. His motives were far from “by accident” and led his construction company to grow into 18 additional states outside of Tennessee. Although he had advanced to become the mayor of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Bob Corker has mastered key traits of a true businessman and entrepreneur.
In February, both the students and faculty of the University of Tennessee Chattanooga had the amazing opportunity to have Senator Bob Corker come speak. Corker addressed important ideas and key concepts for UTC’s College of Business to utilize. Although not overly complicated, every aspiring business man and women should take note of his three major points: mastery, vision, and hesitation.
The first concept that Corker stress was the importance of mastery. As mentioned in my previous posts, the value of actually mastering, or becoming an expert, at something is mandatory to building a successful lifestyle in whatever you do. You want to get to the point in life when you can humbly say that you are the best at what you do. Be willing to learn and put forth more effort than the average Joe, and you will begin to recognize the light at the end of the tunnel.
 Secondly, goal setting must be mastered as soon as possible. Actually accomplishing your goals comes during later phases. Corker states, ” when setting goals, think big”. As advised by John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur of Fire, in order to accomplish goals, you must first create “smart goals” which are smaller in size but attainable. When combining the ideas of Corker and Dumas, you can see as to why one would not want to start out with a relatively small goal. You would end up breaking it down until your working in increments that truly aren’t bringing you closer to success. Senator Corker calls these goals “Bold”. By setting bold goals, you are opening the doors to make a larger impact in your mental to do list. Completing 80% of your bold goals will leave a bigger impression than simply completing 100% of your much smaller goals.
The last point that Corker makes is taking action. Hesitation is the worst of all of our enemies and should be avoided at all costs. The fact of the matter, despite your fears, is that you will never actually be “ready” to start working on your goals. As the old Chinese saying goes, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is right now!”.
Bob Corker is well known for implementing his own advice regularly. His construction company grew successfully because he didn’t waste time. While in college he knew exactly what he wanted to do; that was construction. Upon graduation, he went straight to work on launching his construction company. By leading the life of a go-getter, your goals become much more visible and, more importantly, attainable. If you would like to stay up-to-date with Senator Bob Corker, feel free to follow him on twitter. Also, if you enjoyed this post please let us know with a like or comment!
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