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Crab Trap Theory – Ultimate Guide to Coping with Critisism


In a world filled with never ending pessimists, it seems impossible to follow your plans to success without constant discouragement. Every time you get excited about your idea or creation and allow the public to see it, they will mock you. Enjoy the laughs in your face and understand that it is a sign of near breakthroughs and, potentially, a change in your current social class.

Both you and I have goals. Same for the next person but you know what distinguishes our efforts? How we handle those closest to us. People hate change. I mean they dread it! This concept applies to many facets of life but for the purpose of this post, it applies to the social life of young entrepreneurs.
If you have ever begun to talk about accomplishing your goals and dreams around those who love you, you were likely showered with applause and encouragement. What also tends to happen occurs the moment that you begin to take action. For some astronomical reason, many of the people close to will not like it. They realize that you are moving on to bigger and better things, and their fear for your wellbeing settles in.
Many people will be betting on your failure. Assuming the worst outcome for you, many family members result in bashing sprouting entrepreneurs at heart. Others may be jealous that you had the courage to chase your dreams while they continue to lather themselves in soap. These types of people are known as status quo crabs, which leads me to explain what the heck I am talking about.
There is a phenomenon associated with the survival habits of crabs. If you place one crab in a bucket about an arms length or, in this case, claws length, the crab will figure out a way to pinch the buckets rim and escape. You are this crab escaping the standards of society to acquire excellent health, wealth, and happiness.
Now take that same crab, whom we will call Ambition, and throw him back in the bucket. This time, add three more crabs. You will notice that Ambition, knowing it is possible to escape, will again attempt to pull itself out. Instead of successfully avoiding the incarceration of the average, the other crabs with cling onto Ambition’s leg and pull him back into the bucket.
So in life, all will be dandy until the moment you begin to step out of line with average. When you decide to build that hypothetical invention or start a motivational Podcast, people will pick at your efforts and cause you to second guess yourself. DON’T. Whether intentionally or not, they will do everything in their power to keep you on their level. This applies to business, talent expression, relationships and more.

Follow your optimistic intuition and take action. Don’t delay and especially don’t allow others to influence your next move!

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Keep Faith by Your Side and You will Trump Every Obstacle


“Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” Hebrews 11:1

In order to accomplish, you must know in your heart that it is both possible and despite the circumstance, the task will be done. Faith plays a role so large in our lives that it cannot be accurately measured. Often, faith’s power to make things happen is taken for granted. No matter the extent of your goal, at the end of the day, faith will determine how successful you are in meeting it.
Faith can be seen as trust within something. You may have faith that someone will do their job or that your car’s fuel gauge is accurately displaying how many miles you have until the next fill up. For whatever reason, by having faith in something you chose to trust that the situation will go as planned. We all love to think this true but the reality of the fact is that true faith is never conditional. It should be everlasting until total fulfilment.
Each and every one of us has encountered a time in our lives that we have put our heart and soul into something only to have it taken away in the blink of an eye. The majority of people will lose faith due to this single occurrence. While many situations may be devastating, allowing yourself to lose faith is the equivalent of giving up.
If you live a faithless life, you will not make it very far. Learn to own your faith and truly believe in your abilities. Know that no matter what, God has a plan. If you’re not religious, come to the realization that Darwinism is always in effect so if you allow yourself to be defeated, you will never give yourself the opportunity to rise to a higher level! Remind yourself that everything happens for a reason and your ability to adjust to life’s hardships will build you into a stronger human being. As the saying goes… “Survival of the Fittest”.
So what exactly should you do with your faith? You should strengthen it! Read scriptures to harden that belief. Accept challenges that you would normally shy away from. Force yourself to live with a mindset that accepts nothing less than fulfilment and task completion, no matter the obstacles that lie within.
Faith is the belief that all will work out, one way or another because you will be directed down a path of completion simply by taking on the journey. With the right amount of faith, you will be mentally and spiritually prepared for the World’s curveball. Know that the world may knock you down with that very same ball but…. if you have the courage to stand up, you will have the opportunity to walk on to first base; One step closer to the home run.
Believe that you can and will eventually get there, somehow and some way. Faith will serve as your driving force during the times when you feel like quitting.
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Unmotivated? Create an Inspiration Archive to prepare for these Devastating Times


If you’ve lost motivation, you are not alone. On the contrary, if you do not regain that motivation, you will be left stranded and trapped within your very own sorrows.

In order to remotivate yourself, start from what got you started doing what you’re doing. Whatever that sweet feeling or thought was, simply revisit it. Try to get back in touch with your original inspiration in order to find purpose in what you do.
The loss of motivation, as stated, is a loss of purpose. If you simply refuse to continue to do something, it’s because you have forgotten the overall purpose. Find that greater cause or underlying fire within your belly to make a change. Whether that change is to your bank account or family matters, rediscover it and write it down.
By writing down exactly what inspired you, you prevent yourself from ever losing touch with your motivation. On top of keeping your inspiration written down on a notepad, seek to find other things that equally inspire you and add them to the notepad. In doing so, you will find that there are so many things that play a role in your daily drive. Don’t stop there! Look to fill up the bookshelves with inspiration. Read testimonials. Create a playlist on YouTube of the best motivation, whether it be a supercar scene or biblical devotion. Do whatever it takes to fill up your archive of inspiration. By doing so, you will find yourself getting lost in the cause.
Getting lost in the cause can be the best feeling. You are the dying iPhone while your inspirational archive serves as the charging port! We all encounter the draining times during which we feel nothing is possible. Use these moments to revisit your archive in order to recharge. You will find that not only will you regain  motivation but you will also be more enthusiastic than you ever have been!
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How to Turn your Passion into a Crusade


A passion often develops from a hobby that you put your heart into. Once you have your feelings invested, it’s hard to not take things personal. It’s hard to help the hobby evolve into a successful business. It’s also hard to make others see the potential that you see. In order to do so, start by focusing on turning that passion into a crusade.

If you love helping those around you and want to do so on a bigger scale, you have to spread your mentality to those around you. Simply setting the example does not give anyone a valid reason to follow in your footsteps. If you want to take a position of a leader and great influence, you have to ooze with passion. When you speak to others and post to social media, you have to find the best way to transfer your strong emotions to those on the other side of the conversation.
To do so, stress both growth and impact. What can they expect to see from your efforts in two years? If it’s meaningful, you will give them a decent reason to want to take part in the movement. Will it attract a lot of attention? Some people are hungry for all eyes on them and if your movement has a large potential following, chances are people will be filling your inbox to get involved.
Lastly, what literal effect will it have on others? Are you changing lives or simply accumulating likes and view on social media? Numbers mean a lot but if they aren’t translating into profits, saved lives, or a growing business, all of your efforts will go to waste. In order to insure that your passions turn into a crusade, back them up with a meaning that will never fail to deliver what it promises.
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5 P’s to Leadership


Leadership comes in many forms and fashion and everyone seeking to run a business must understand how each works. In the words of my mentor, Leadership resonates in 5 separate stages, each of which of greater or less prestige than another. Leadership is starts out as Positional but, with proper understanding, can be strengthened to the highest level of Person hood.

Positional leadership is fairly simply to understand and takes place within cooperate america. You follow someone only because you have to. These leaders are most likely your managers who may not always be more qualified than you are for their position within the workforce. You only follow them because of the title that they have received despite their personality or work ethic.
Leadership, on a higher lever, takes the form of permission. Permission leadership revolves around a voluntary system. People are not forced to follow you but instead do so because they want to. Typically you achieve this level of leadership upon building relationships and constantly providing positive energy that people begin to gravitate to.
The next level of the leadership hierarchy is production. For entrepreneurs seeking to build a team, Production leadership will often prove to be much more effective than the previously mentioned forms. This remains true because people often judge your level of success by numbers and how much money you are actually obtaining with what you do. This can be good to gain momentum but bad because these people are often not self motivated. They will ignore your advice only until they start to see you make money or begin to stand out of the crowd.
Another level up lies the position based around people development. Many mentors hold this position because they have a good reputation of helping build other people in whatever you do. They come all forms from football coaches to millionaire wealth builders.
Finally, at the highest level lies the leadership of person-hood. Person-hood is a high level of respect that you gain for doing what you do, consistently, for multiple years. It is an everlasting credibility that you will have obtained, similar to that of reputable people like Warren Buffett. He is widely known as wealthy investor and without personally knowing him, you still would comfortably trust his knowledge and advice.
By taking each into account, you can begin to build your leadership to any level that you desire. With anything you do, it will take time to advance through the levels so don’t be discouraged when people choose not to listen to what you have to say the first time you say it.
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Fear Not the Inevitable Change


Although change is sometimes scary, we can never fold in the day of adversity. If you play a sport, you already know that not everything goes exactly as plan. In the instant that you encounter such problem, how do you program your mind to come out on top? You do so by accepting the change and doing what it takes to find out how to adapt to it. If you learn how to mold your game plan to fit any situation or obstacle, you will find yourself achieving true success.

Change, as stated, is inevitable. You simply cannot avoid it. In other words, do not put yourself in the habit of running away from challenges or new territory. Most people do so and this fact gives rise to the reason that only few people turn out great in what they do. By taking the road less traveled, you give yourself the opportunity to see the entire playing fields as opposed to one single quadrant that everybody attempts to use.
All in all, look at change as an opportunity to learn, grow and stand out amongst the crowd. Not only will you learn from your own mistakes or thoughts of others, but you will come out of the situation stronger than before. By accumulating challenges that you have overcome when others did not, you will start gaining wisdom and the insight to seize hidden opportunities that others are too close minded to see. Just take a look at this scenario from “Who Moved My Cheese”.

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Carefully Choose who you Spend Time With, They will Determine your Future


What have you done in the past 24 hours to better your life? Not only physically or mentally, but socially. In order to live a life that accepts nothing less than improvement, you must start but removing the obstacles that you have control over. Think of life as a video game. No matter what difficulty you play on, the reward for completion is the same. With that in mind, it only seems right to remove challenges by playing on the easiest difficulty in order to achieve your goals. Now this obviously does not apply to every aspect of live. Sometimes a challenge on the “road less traveled” is better than following the crowd. Although true, for the advice I’m about to elaborate on, a different concept must be applied.

We all have distractions but there is absolutely no reason to blame them for doing their job. What would life be without people in the world trying to bring you down? What would live be without jealousy or envy. No matter where you stand as of today, I challenge you to harness this surplus of energy in order to better yourself. Pin point your greatest distractions in life. If you truly want to achieve success, you should be willing to cut these people or material objects out of your daily routine in order to make yourself that much better. I cannot preach enough that you must be careful of who you allow in your life. Whether you admit it or not, everyone that you talk to influences your life in some way or another.
With that being said, if you realize that someone is not adding a positive element into your life, you must find the will to gratefully push away from them. It is much harder than it sounds but it will make the greatest difference in your life. For example, although I’d hate to get personal, here is a scenario of my life that I had the opportunity to witness on first hand.
Two cousins, closer than blood brothers, grow up to fairly similar lifestyles, but in two different neighborhoods. One, on the more modern and goal oriented side while the other leans more towards a lifestyle of complacency. Although they both had the choice to choose who they hang around, each made the choice to hang around a separate crowd. As you can imagine, one chose a lifestyle of knowledge, education and goal setting. The other.. a life of making ends meet by means which are completely opposite of the ideal life. The result? One cousin heading down a path of hardship, struggle and complacency while the other is focusing on starting his own business as a freshman in college.
Having both grown up with equal opportunity, tell me what went wrong? One was strong enough to cut out the people who did not intend to do something with their life. The other simply refused to recognize their situation until it was too late. The moral of the story and this entire post? Do your life a favor by identifying your surroundings. If the people you spend the most time around are not making much of their life, they are indirectly dragging you down. Spend much less time around those people and more around friends that are constantly pushing you to accomplish your goals!
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