million dollar mistake

Million Dollar Mistakes that New Entrepreneurs Make – Slow Decision Making


Having trouble with making decisions? Well, the longer you put them off, the greater suffering that your business will endure. Trust me, been there done that.. or actually seen that.

How long would you estimate that it takes for an entrepreneur to build a successful business from scratch? 4 Years? 6? Mabey even 7 long years of hard work? In some cases this may be true but if you look at the wide array of successful entrepreneurs that we have in the world, many of them tell a similar story. Either they had huge success and profit gains after 3-5 years of dedicated work or they worked extremely hard for 10 years and got nowhere until they decided to change their way of doing things. This change is the key to business success.
Although small, the key is to avoid not making decisions. Business owners have to make the toughest decisions but if they spend months pondering on them, they literally get nowhere. I’ve personally watched my dad struggle with this issue for years while running his landscaping company. He does unreplicable and outstanding work on yards so you would think his business would explode in value. Truth be told, it did…several times but was held by due to my father’s decision to not make the change. He feels that without trustworthy employees, you can’t make time to take on the additional clients. Alternatively, because we don’t have the clientele, he feels that hiring the employees is a step back for the sake of profit.
You see the ever repeating cycle? He’s been struggling with that issue for nearly 6 years. What makes the problem even worse is that there are landscaping company’s, birthed around the same exact time as my father’s, which are grossing millions in profits. If that doesn’t make you want to change, I don’t know what will. Decide to make the decision. Stop coming up with excuses saying “What if I fail?”. The true question should be “What if I Succeed?”.

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