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2017 Ghostcode Guide to Thousands of Kudos

Ghostcodes has filled Snapchat’s biggest weakness. The inability search a snapchat directory for popular users makes it difficult to grow your following but thanks to Ghostcodes, no longer is that an issue! Now for new and existing ghosties, you ask how exactly do you properly leverage followers from this app. Well, you need to build your accounts credibility and exposure by rising in the ranks of Ghostcodes. To do so, you need a way to gain thousands of Kudos!

The Ghostcode kudos serves as a metric, similar to that of the number of followers you have on Instagram. The more you have, the more rapport you have as soon as someone checks out your profile. By following these tips, you will have the proper techniques needed to gain thousands of those purple hearts.

Passive Kudos

Custom Snapcodes

You have probably noticed a handful of Ghostcode profiles with custom snapcodes, which are actually scannable! Consider designing your own custom snapcode with unique, contrasting colors that pop! People will more than likely click on your profile for the simple reason that your page stands out from the other thousands of users. If you have already uploaded your yellow snapcode and wish to change it, click here to check out the step-by-step guide to update your Snapcode on Ghostcodes.



You need to start small with understanding your Category. Obviously, some categories are more popular than others. Alternatively, you must be careful to avoid overly saturated Categories.

  • NonProfit, News, & Brands (Less Popular)

After months of using ghostcodes, it is apparent that these profile categories are rarely used compared to others. It’s one thing if you are dedicated to remaining listed under this type of profile but think realistically. If someone is scanning for kudos on Ghostcodes, they will more likely than not to skip over these categories simply because they do not receive many new users, which we will touch on later. You need to be in an active category for the best chance at passive kudos acquisition.

  • Random (Too Saturated)

On the other side of things, you have no other category like Random. If you stay up to date with this section of Ghostcodes, you will realize that it receives a lot of new profiles ever hour in comparison to others. Such influx causes Random to be oversaturated, not allowing new users to gain the early exposure needed. Additionally, if you do not already have at least 2,000 kudos, you will be quickly lost in the sauce. Don’t get lost in the sauce.

  • Find your Balance

You want to take advantage of being placed in a category that is active but gives you the ability to be discovered with only a few scrolls down the list of profiles.

Hashtags & Interests

Proper hashtags are everything! They work the exact same way as any other social media. Using them allow you to be filtered out of the 30,000+ Ghostcode accounts. Your account should have a combination of a few popular hashtags followed by niched based tags they define what exactly your account has to offer. Here is a screenshot of the most popular interests.

To add or change your Interests: Visit “My Profile”, Followed by the “Edit My Profile” Box Below Your Profile, then Finally Scroll down until you See “My Interests”

The Dirty Work

Leveraging Your Category

Before moving further to the advanced methods to gain thousands of Kudos, you need to do the tedious task of focusing on your own category. Easier said than done, you need to first visit your category and click the settings icon in the top right corner. After doing so, go to “Most Kudos”. One complete, start the long process of going down the list, giving kudos to each and every account you see.

The goal is getting to the point where you only see purple hearts whenever you visit the random section of your category. Again, this may be a tedious process, so make it a goal to complete but make sure to mix this in with the other practices listed below.

Giving Kudos

As mentioned above, taking the time to like ever profile on Ghostcodes is no fun. Although this may be true, there is a way to streamline the process and make it much more worthwhile. To do so, focus the majority of your attention to new profiles. Think back to the day that you first downloaded the app. The first people to appear in your notifications were almost guaranteed to receive a Kudo in return from you. Leverage the eagerness of these new ghosties right out the gate. There are two means of doing so and I recommend you use them both.

  • Newly Added

The fastest and most effective way to receive guaranteed kudos is by revisiting the “Newly Added” section of Ghostcodes. To get there: Tap on the Magnifying Class within the bottom menu and look for the lime green “Newly Added” button in the center of the screen. Doing so will allow you to see the 20 most recent users who have joined the app. Be the first to give them kudos and you can surely expect the same in return.


  • New Users by Category

Once you have giving kudos to all of the freshest accounts, don’t settle. By visiting each category and changing the filter from “Most Kudos” to “New Users”, you will find all of the older new accounts that you missed. These are still up for grabs! Start taping those hearts for each category until you’ve added all of the new accounts for the previous & current day. Before you know it, the hard part will be out of the way and you will only need to spend a small amount of time on “Newly Added” users daily.

Near Me

Attention to detail is everything! Fill up the gaps by going to the Magnifying Glass Icon on the bottom bar within the app. Instead of clicking on that lime green box, you are going to visit the “Near Me” tab right under the search bar. It should be a rinse and repeat process by now. Get it over with and give kudos to those around you so that you make an appearance within your area.

Leverage Your Story

Ask for Help!

Close mouths don’t get fed holds true to its word. You have a Snapchat Story. Take advantage of it. Screenshot your Kudos profile, post it as a 3 Second Story, and introduce your current friends and followers to the app. Ask for their support in growing your account or snapchat business by downloading the app, if they have not already, and dropping you a Kudo. Ask nicely while promising to return the favor and you will have first serving on these new Ghostcode users.

From growing your Snapchat account to turning those followers into dollar figures, you now have the knowledge and tools to begin building to make money on Snapchat. Patience is key. Our guides are not get-rich-quick tutorials but rather a road map to obtaining the lifestyle of wealth and security that you aspire to achieve. If you enjoyed this guide and would like more information on how to expand your Snapchat Business, click here. Feel free to Leave your Snapchat Username in the Comments Below for free exposure and Add Me! –> tracey5259 If This Post was Truly Helpful, Leave a Like to Let Us Know!:)



Optimizing your College Days by Becoming a University Blogger


Is it possible to blog while attending University? Of course! I get people asking me how exactly do I manage to, literally, manage school work and the blog at the same time. My response? It requires a reality check!

Everyone claims that they have no time to do anything extra because of how much class work they are given, but in reality they are just giving themselves an excuse. While attending college, there is a load of free time on your hands, simply waiting for you to claim it. If all you do is attend class, chances are you are going to run into the problem of working on assignments last minute. On the other hand, if you have other priorities, like a job or a blog, you will hold yourself to a higher standard. Within such standard you will put forth more effort in order to find that time and you will discover that it was always there in the first place!
So do I always manage my work and blog perfectly? Of course not but by having a blog and occupation that keeps me busy throughout the week, I am forced to make sure my school work is done early in order to have that free time to fall back on. All in all, it is extremely possible to mange an entire blog while in school. Worst case scenario, you get better at creative thinking and significantly improve your writing skills in the process!
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How to Stop Losing your Pens


One problem that I have always struggled with throughout my years is keeping up with my own pens. I could buy a pack of thirty and loose half of them within a week. After questioning my abilities to keep up with my own belongings, I finally found the one solution to prevent me from loosing my writing utensils.

I find that if you own something that is worthless to you, you will be much more likely to handle it more freely and carelessly. On the other hand, when you get yourself something nice, you are going to hold it by your side at all times with a much lower chance of departure. I applied the same concept to my writing utensils. I made sure to limit my availability of pens down to only one and sometimes two. Secondly I make sure that the pen is both aesthetically attractive and comfortable for use. Lastly, I dig deeper into my wallet to get a pen that is on the upper end of the price spectrum.
By doing so, I am much less likely to use it carelessly. Knowing that losing that single pen is like loosing $10, the last thing I want to do is forget were I last placed it. In other words, if you get belongings that you would feel disappointment for having lost, you will be that much more sure to take care of it.
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Entrepreneur’s Mentality: How to Properly take NO as an Answer


Despite your occupation, if you are an entrepreneur, you are in the same boat as every other business fanatic. You will go through a series of huge gains and great losses but how do you respond to each? Will you spend all that you have during peak season or prepare for the downfall. In the case of a downfall, are you going to accept failure or analyze where you went wrong?

These downfalls provide us the greatest opportunity to learn and grow as both an entrepreneur and a human. One major problem that we all face is knowing how to properly take “No!” as an answer. Many of you may have been taught to either never take no as an answer or simply were too afraid to push for what you believe in, or in other words, always shying away after the first “NO!”. In order to overcome major challenges in you life you must learn how to balance the two accordingly.
By harmonizing the two actions, you avoid both scaring away potential clients and missing out on major opportunities. As you may already know, opportunity only knocks once, leaving you empty handed for an extended period of time waiting for the next.
So how should you handle declines and refusals within the business world? Change your mentality by altering how you take a “no”. Instead, force yourself to hear “kNOw”, as in the need to kNOw more information before making final decisions. Depending on your circumstance and line of business, this information may come in various forms or fashions. Either you need to literally provide them with more insight into what you do and why you are worth their time, or take the scenic route of indirect persuasion.
Good news travels fast so if you get declined, continue to do your most amazing work to impact lives in the world and sooner or later your potential client will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Not everyone agrees first time and it is actually said that it takes over 7 introductions before someone will finally make a honest and well thought out decision. As long as you have good intentions and believe in the work you do, a silly “no” should not effect you when you realize that it most likely is not everlasting.
Place yourself on a pedestal that reassures you that people who refuse to partner with you are simply missing out big time. Once you do so, you will find that a change in mentality was never as hard as you thought in the first place.
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Snapchat Score Debrief 2017


If you have not already become ferociously curious, if not furious, about why your Snapchat score is so undefined, then you are likely approaching that moment of wonder. More likely than not, you are viewing this post because you have some understanding about what your Snapchat Score is but still have several questions. What does it mean? How do I increase my Snap score? Can my Snapchat Score decrease? To the best of my abilities, I will reduce the heartache of constant research with these simple answers from a few trustworthy sources, including Snapchat themselves!

So starting off, what is a Snapchat Score? For those of you curious, you may reach it by opening the application and visiting the camcording screen, where you would normally take a Snapchat. Upon doing so, slide down on your screen to show the hidden menu from the “top” of your Snapchat app. As shown bellow, you should find a somewhat hidden number. This number is your Snapchat Score!


So what does it exactly represent? Obviously, nobody truly knows. Within Snapchat’s support section, we are told that the Snapscore is simply the solution to a special equation that combines your total number of Snapchat attributions. The vague statement right? Well, obviously, this number is known to represent the sum of snaps that you have both sent and received, including your story contributions. Although this may be true, take a look at the raw statistics of your snap numbers. In order to find out how many snaps you have sent and received, visit your Snapchat history page and in the center of the top green bar.
Take those numbers and add them together. Upon doing so, you will find that your total score various a lot more than your announced score. Why is this? According to Business Insider, Snapchatters have reported having carefully examined the point system during operation. Theories suggest that you receive a single point for each snap you send or open. Also, if you snap to a group of friends, you still only receive one point. Videos have also been reported to be valued up to 3 points. Nothing is set in stone but as of today, you can safely assume that as long as you are the host of an engaging Snapchat account, which is used for both entertainment and communication, your score will continue to increase at an acceptable rate! Other than that, you will find nothing more than theories.
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How to Create a Simple Budget for a Healthy Wallet

The benefits of creating a budget are as clear as day. Not only does it allow you to save money, but it can weed out unnecessary burdens in your life. For most of us, the majority of spending is useless and revolves around “spur of the moment motives”. By following a few steps and opening your eyes to reality, you will be able to create a life changing budget.
The first step to laying out your budget is identifying all of the holes in your bank account. You can say that the majority of your spending is for necessities, but hard data will prove otherwise. Ask yourself common questions in order to make your bad habits known. Is there something that you routinely purchase that you could actually live without? Starbucks is often a go-to for most people living a fast paced life, but how much income goes down the drain with this daily refreshment? Based off of studies done by CBS News, the average trip to Starbucks is going to cost about $3.25. Assuming you go 5 days out of the week, you will be spending $16.25 a week. Not convinced? That totals up to you spending roughly $800 a year. Does everyone purchase Starbucks daily? Not at all, but the fact remains that just about everyone has a similar spending habit that must be brought to realization.
After identifying your weak points, you can start to formulate your simple budget. Start out by putting an end to you spending habits. You don’t have to completely stop spending for the enjoyment of a nice cold drink or a quick meal, but instead learn how to cut down. Calculate how much you are spending a week and see if you can cut that number in half. Ideally, you should have the goal to do even better, but like most habits and addictions, it can be difficult to do at first. Experiment with a budget app on your iPhone or Android. Concrete data and charts will help you learn what’s actually comfortable for both you and your wallet. With switching to a healthier diet, you will start to see results as long as you stick to the game plan. If this guide was helpful, let us know below in the comments!
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Sticking to a Precise Schedule

Proper scheduling is a major key to ensuring the success in anything you do. We all know what a schedule is, but we often fail on sticking to it. Treat your schedule like a goal. Actually, it would be even more beneficial to treat your schedule as a bill. If you don’t pay a bill, you suffer from late fees, credit damages, and trust lost. Think of your schedule in the same way. Learn to reward yourself for sticking to it and punish yourself (Not Physically!) when you do not. Here are a few points that will help you start following and sticking to a precise schedule.

1. Identify Your Goal and the Reward

By constantly reminding yourself what exactly you are working for and the reward that comes with it, you will be more willing to continue to push through hard times in order to get one step closer. Write down what you want to get out of accomplishing you goal and look back at that note whenever you feel like taking a day off. Although we all need a break, using your goal as an incentive to persuade yourself into work a little bit harder will pay off a ton in the long haul.

2. Plan Out Your Days

If you don’t know what tasks are to be completed tomorrow, you will surely fail at organization. Take the time to schedule out your next couple days. Avoid hitting the snooze button and get down to business. Already know what you are going to wear and eat for the day. Doing so will free up small amounts of time wasted during decision making. Small segments of wasted time, which are now saved, will add up and you will be surprised at how much more can be accomplished.

3. Use Smart Phone Reminders

Today’s age of technology has given us amazing abilities in productivity. Learn to plan out your day and place it in your iPhone’s Reminders app or Android Scheduling app. Doing so will ensure that you avoid “forgetting” to do something on time.

4. Learn to Say No!

When you try to follow a schedule, it’s very easy to become side tracked by small invitations, like an offer to go out for lunch. If you continue to go out whenever the topic comes up, you will likely fall behind. Either learn to politely say no or build a flexible schedule. A flexible schedule will allow you to move plans around. If you plan to blog around lunch time and eat a little later and receive a spontaneous invite for lunch, simply switch up your schedule and make sure that you will blog when lunch is over.

5. Reward Yourself Weekly

Promise yourself that you will stick to a precise schedule to the best of your ability. Plan to take some time for yourself to relax at the end of the week, only if you have put in 100%. If you had trouble during the week with staying on task, use this time to catch up! Just avoid getting in the habit of playing the game of catch up.
By following these steps, you will give yourself a much better chance at staying productive! A precise schedule will go a long way. When you are unsure about your decision making, ask your future successful self what would they have done in your situation. Would you have taken that day off or spent the extra 30 minutes to push your self closer to you goals?