Create Your Personalized Blueprint for Long Term Health, Wealth, and Happiness


When you plan to construct a home, you will likely read a blueprint that explains exactly how to bring the idea to life in real time. That is the poor man’s technique. The rich man will not start by reading the blueprint. The rich man will begin by analyzing the desired location. Is it a floodplain. Are there frequent tornados? Does the neighborhood attract burglars? Crime rate? How about the frequency of erosion resulting from Mother Earth’s showers? The rich man and woman are able to identify weak points before fortification.

Take the same concept and apply it to your life right at this very moment. The world is full of rich and poor people. The problem with the world is the poor aspire to be rich but approach said task blindly. Searching for that special formula to success; trying to mirror the actions of a past greatness. What they forget is that, like location, each person is different and withholds their very own set of strengths and weaknesses. In other words, we all have something unique to us known as personality. Each of which requires special attention.
No matter how great an author or mentor, role models will only be able to guide you so far. Education acts as your personal blueprint. In order to successfully build a foundation for greatness, you must understand both the blueprint and the weak points of your own personality.
For example, upon taking several personality tests, like 16 Personalities (which I highly recommend), I discovered that I’m more of an introvert, as opposed to the opposite, being an extrovert. Frankly, I had already figured but more than that, I was reintroduced to one of my underlying weaknesses that I have never been able to avoid. The nature of being Tracey Bernard Mathis forces me to dream big! So big that when I wake up, I have a never ending list of things that need to be done to ensure my success. The issue? No matter how many I tasks are completed, it’s never enough.
Yeah, yeah.. big deal, I’m productive. No. It’s counterproductive because I always feel that there is more to be done. I struggle with giving myself well-earned breaks. The result. I am forced to fight the new battle of anxiety.
No big deal right? Wrong. I love weight training and physical fitness but periodic anxiety and stress make it difficult to eat like a normal human, causing me to suffer in the weight room. Smaller physique…less confidence.
You see what I mean by understanding your personal weaknesses? We all have limits and things to improve on. If we neglect to address them and act appropriately for improvement, we will cause ourselves an unnecessary amount of hurt and pain.
As always, I am going to pose another challenge for you to make an adjustment for the better. Take the short personality test, and study yourself. Learn where you should direct more of your energy and how to avoid future problems. This will provide you with a far more fortified blueprint to wealth, health, and happiness.
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How to Reassure your Decision Making


Decisions decisions… We all struggle in this battle of contemplation between what’s best for us and what’s just plain destructive to our future. No matter where you are in life, you should take away two small tips from this post that will help reassure you of your life choices.

Firstly, you should start having regular conversations with your future self. We all love to have fun, whether that be attending a party or making a big purchase, but in reality there is a time for everything. That time may or not be now. For example, imagine the hardships of parenthood during young age. When you aren’t able to fully care and provide for yourself, you obviously should not attempt to add another life to the equation when possible. On another note, we all have ambitions and goals in life. Some want the job of their dreams while others simply desire financial freedom. For this instance, you will see where personal discipline comes into play. As I have been told and have passed on to friends, ask yourself where exactly do you want to see yourself in 10 years. You probably chose either health, wealth or happiness. Now that you have that image in your mind, remind yourself of it whenever you make choices in life. Literally ask the future you if they would have done what you are about to do. If not, then simply don’t do it. That could mean sacrificing that late night McDouble for better health or even to save some extra cash. Setting your life up for success starts with the small decisions that you make every day!
The last step to good decision making is to not dwell on past choices! No one is perfect and nothing is worse than dragging yourself down with your former bad choices. It has been proven that dwelling can lead to depression and nobody wants that! Instead, learn from your mistakes and find out what you can do better tomorrow. Live a life within which you are self conscious of your daily decisions. Each and every thing you do paves a new future, so be wise! Start rebuilding your future now by making these small adjustments to your mentality.
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Three Pillars to Health, Wealth and Happiness

To many people, health, wealth and happiness are essentials to living a good life. In other words, one may consider these to lead to the ideal lifestyle. Each operates in a never ending triangle; within which each has the potential to contribute to another. Simply having an idea or understanding of health, wealth and happiness is not enough to make it a reality. There are other life skills and concepts that must be taken into account. Mastering the three, time, money and attitude, will create your desired path to success.
Time provides each and every person the greatest opportunity to achieve greatness. Learning how to actually take control of it can prove to be a challenge. We have all experienced being pressed for time and understand how burdensome those moments can be. On the bright side, there are several ways to avoid the situation. For the average business owner, the best way to avoid having to do last minute preparation is by delegating tasks. Delegation allows you to directly free up your personal schedule. Think of it as if you were dropping a college course without sacrificing a perfect score or the knowledge that it withholds. With patience, time can also work along side us. Picture an investment. If not taken seriously, it may cost you a lot of money. On the other hand, if you have the patience, an investment can pay off ten fold.
Attitude also plays a major role in the pursuit to the “ideal” lifestyle. In order to give yourself the greatest chance at succeeding in life, one must have the attitude of a go-getter. One whom is not going to fold under pressure. If you have the mindset to overcome adversity, no matter the cost, you will succeed.
Finally, and the most obvious, you must learn how to handle money. This includes saving, spending, and how you earn it. Learn how to diversify each aspect of money. Obtain multiple streams of income and don’t rely on a single strategy for saving. Learn how to better manage money, and you will open doors that allow it to start working for you.