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Million Dollar Mistakes that New Entrepreneurs Make – Slow Decision Making


Having trouble with making decisions? Well, the longer you put them off, the greater suffering that your business will endure. Trust me, been there done that.. or actually seen that.

How long would you estimate that it takes for an entrepreneur to build a successful business from scratch? 4 Years? 6? Mabey even 7 long years of hard work? In some cases this may be true but if you look at the wide array of successful entrepreneurs that we have in the world, many of them tell a similar story. Either they had huge success and profit gains after 3-5 years of dedicated work or they worked extremely hard for 10 years and got nowhere until they decided to change their way of doing things. This change is the key to business success.
Although small, the key is to avoid not making decisions. Business owners have to make the toughest decisions but if they spend months pondering on them, they literally get nowhere. I’ve personally watched my dad struggle with this issue for years while running his landscaping company. He does unreplicable and outstanding work on yards so you would think his business would explode in value. Truth be told, it did…several times but was held by due to my father’s decision to not make the change. He feels that without trustworthy employees, you can’t make time to take on the additional clients. Alternatively, because we don’t have the clientele, he feels that hiring the employees is a step back for the sake of profit.
You see the ever repeating cycle? He’s been struggling with that issue for nearly 6 years. What makes the problem even worse is that there are landscaping company’s, birthed around the same exact time as my father’s, which are grossing millions in profits. If that doesn’t make you want to change, I don’t know what will. Decide to make the decision. Stop coming up with excuses saying “What if I fail?”. The true question should be “What if I Succeed?”.

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Optimizing Your Enjoyment of Life Starts When You Stop Abusing Time


Happiness doesn’t come through seeking it, but as a consequence of duty, honor, courage, gratitude, personal growth, living for a higher purpose, and Finishing well! A mouthful of wisdom can sometimes be impossible to swallow but the health benefits are exponentially impossible to measure.

In life, one of the main goals is to achieve that level of self fulfillment. Whether that comes from helping the lives of others or enjoying life’s freedoms, it is extremely common to misjudge what it takes in order to attain happiness.
Happiness can be both temporary or everlasting. A large portion of the world’s population is stuck on the temporary attainment. Everyday we see this occur when people donate a dollar to that one homeless person. The same feeling for another person may be earned through the joy of spending money. Whatever your motive or drive, you must focus on how to make it everlasting.
If you revisit the introduction, you will be prompted with a rather extensive list of qualities that a person must focus on capitalizing  in order to make a difference in their personal life. Permanent happiness is a result of the combination of these traits and once you come to realize that, you begin to fortify your future with irreplaceable assets. Covering each individually would require multiple future blog posts so for the sake of readership, I’ll highlight one to start implementing into your life right away. Personal growth.
When you have the mentality to grow as a person day in and day out, you begin to shape your future self. Time is a temporarily everlasting asset that you must take into account when you start feeling lazy. By temporary, I mean that once a minute goes by, you are never going to get that minute back…EVER. On the more obvious side, time is everlasting because it will continue to cycle despite whether or not you take advantage making it productive. If you truly want to build a better YOU, start by utilizing your time in a more urgent fashion. Hold yourself accountable for your own improvement because you are the only person holding yourself back.
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Productivity is a Treat Disguised as a Burden


Productivity is easier to accomplish than it sounds, but harder to put in to action. By that I mean we are constantly putting forth various reasons as to why we can the productive, which is obviously why we can’t put productivity to action. On the other hand, being productive is a lot easier than you may have imagined when you take to time to find out why.

Understanding what it takes to be productive requires you to identify a goal. Working blindly will simply prove to be a huge waste of time. Set aside a few minutes before attempt to be productive so that you may identify exactly what you wish to accomplish. Once you do so, set a deadline.
A strict deadline will force you to work at a faster pace than your are originally accustomed to. Your mind is like a car. You never unleash its true potential until you set it for sport mode. Upon doing so, another event will take place. You will find yourself running out of time in the middle of your peak performance. Because you have set a deadline, you will be able to comfortably continue to work to get the job done and chances are you have little left to do.
If you had not set that deadline, you would have worked at a consistently slower pace than before. When the time comes that you originally wished to have the job completed , you will have been placed in the opposite position; forced to crank out work with the sacrifice of quality. As you may already know, quality is of greatest importance in whatever you do.
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Dodging Complacency

In middle school, I had always been an AB Honor Roll student, but not by choice. I had always done my work, which was all you needed at that age to do well academically. As I rose to the 6th grade, I noticed that my average among my classes had dropped to a C. I really couldn’t understand why at the time and instead blamed it on the institution for “changing teaching tactics”. Little did I know that I was approaching an age of maturity, when classes would steadily become more challenging. I was stuck in my old methods of work which began to show on my report card. It wasn’t until 7th grade that I received a wake up call. I had horrible study habits and work ethics that needed adjustment. The previous years leading up to this moment were all lead by complacency.
Complacency can be seen as not taking action or remaining in one spot as opposed to making improvements in whatever you do. As a middle school student and high school freshman, I found complacency to be the source of my problems. Whenever the going got tough, I would wait until the last moment to complain and try to make changes.
I’m telling this story because it demonstrates the premise of complacency and may allow you to relate. Complacency is not a great position to place yourself in, no matter how many accolades you currently have. If you are the owner of an NFL team that has won the Superbowl last year, you aren’t going to stick to the same game plan. All though it may work, you have to consider the fact that other teams are constantly improving and becoming more challenging. Instead, use opportunities like this to innovate and get ahead of your future challengers and obstacles. Feel free to share your story in the comments below!
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