Crab Trap Theory – Ultimate Guide to Coping with Critisism


In a world filled with never ending pessimists, it seems impossible to follow your plans to success without constant discouragement. Every time you get excited about your idea or creation and allow the public to see it, they will mock you. Enjoy the laughs in your face and understand that it is a sign of near breakthroughs and, potentially, a change in your current social class.

Both you and I have goals. Same for the next person but you know what distinguishes our efforts? How we handle those closest to us. People hate change. I mean they dread it! This concept applies to many facets of life but for the purpose of this post, it applies to the social life of young entrepreneurs.
If you have ever begun to talk about accomplishing your goals and dreams around those who love you, you were likely showered with applause and encouragement. What also tends to happen occurs the moment that you begin to take action. For some astronomical reason, many of the people close to will not like it. They realize that you are moving on to bigger and better things, and their fear for your wellbeing settles in.
Many people will be betting on your failure. Assuming the worst outcome for you, many family members result in bashing sprouting entrepreneurs at heart. Others may be jealous that you had the courage to chase your dreams while they continue to lather themselves in soap. These types of people are known as status quo crabs, which leads me to explain what the heck I am talking about.
There is a phenomenon associated with the survival habits of crabs. If you place one crab in a bucket about an arms length or, in this case, claws length, the crab will figure out a way to pinch the buckets rim and escape. You are this crab escaping the standards of society to acquire excellent health, wealth, and happiness.
Now take that same crab, whom we will call Ambition, and throw him back in the bucket. This time, add three more crabs. You will notice that Ambition, knowing it is possible to escape, will again attempt to pull itself out. Instead of successfully avoiding the incarceration of the average, the other crabs with cling onto Ambition’s leg and pull him back into the bucket.
So in life, all will be dandy until the moment you begin to step out of line with average. When you decide to build that hypothetical invention or start a motivational Podcast, people will pick at your efforts and cause you to second guess yourself. DON’T. Whether intentionally or not, they will do everything in their power to keep you on their level. This applies to business, talent expression, relationships and more.

Follow your optimistic intuition and take action. Don’t delay and especially don’t allow others to influence your next move!

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Catching Your Second Wind – Guide to Ultimate Success


If you have tried and failed, you’re on the right path. So many people, young and old, get into business and expect smooth sailing but realistically, the life of an entrepreneur is all but easy. Don’t become blinded by other’s success. Instead, be aware of their underlying efforts. It’s all about what you do behind closed doors. When nobody else is watching. More importantly, when you feel like your working your ass off but still  lacking true results.

My first time attempting any form of business was at the age of 16. Nieve, I trusted various internet programs that promised riches. Whether they worked or not is up for debate but every single one I opted into failed to truly educate me on proper business ownership. More times than not, I hadn’t even known what product I was selling. This is known as a common rookie mistake, which happens to be very common among millennials.
Naturally, I gave up. I didn’t get the results and I quit saying, “Its Impossible” and “I’m too Young” when in reality, the only issue that I had didn’t revolve around the size of the paycheck but instead the size of my desire.
Your desire to succeed in life has to be extraordinary. You have to want to win so bad that you will effortlessly go out of your way to becoming great. To become great, failure is simply not an option. Failure should instead be a part of the journey. As long as you expect it to happen, you will be malleable enough to cope and adjust with what is known as adversity.
Entrepreneurs, students or anyone that realizes their dreams rely on their daily actions must take it upon themselves to demand success at all costs. If it takes 2 years of grinding your ass off to make your first dollar, so be it as long as there is much more where that came from.
Bloggers know this feeling. Understanding that in order to build that seven-figure business, they must be willing to blog for the first year practically for free. Some call it voluntary, but I call it an investment. An investment for your future.
So learn to invest in yourself. Take the fall and just trust that it will pay off sooner or later. Success is like a parabola. It may start out incredibly slow but just know, when it catches its second wind of momentum, it’s going to take off!
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Perspective Life Hack – Controlling Your Future Chances of Wealth and Prosperity


As an entrepreneur, you have the sole responsibility of accepting change. You need the ability to flex. Mutate. Sometimes even alter your ego in order to get out of the mind’s complacent state.

According to Gary Vee, an entrepreneur is defined by his actions, not his intentions. If you dream of someday becoming an entrepreneur, simply dreaming does not make you any different than who your currently are. In #AskGaryVee, Vaynerchuk states  that if your work a full-time job, you are not an entrepreneur. Point blank. No Argument. Frankly, I feel that although this statement serves true, it is merely circumstantial.
Entrepreneurship should not be defined by your occupation. Not having a full-time job does not make you an entrepreneur either. Working part time does not entitle you to make more money than the next person, but what I feel Gary Vee is trying to say is if you are stuck in the life of working fo someone else full time, you will never become a successful entrepreneur. Do your research and you will find that all entrepreneurs have one thing in common in regards to their journey. They disliked their corporate job so much so that during all of their free time, they began to build. Not envision. You can envision and plan all you want but if you aren’t taking concrete actions, you can’t be labeled as an entrepreneur.
Many entrepreneurs begin as full-time employees who began building onto an idea. Upon doing so, they gave themselves the opportunity to leave their previous work. Not that they became wealthy right out the jump, but that small leap gave them enough space to take a step back and really lay down the foundation for their future.
Think back to the college days. Chances are you weren’t involved with much work. Workstudy doesn’t count. It’s merely a way to get some extra beer money. *Joking* Work study isn’t bad,; it builds responsibility and time management skills…but do you remember those days when you lacked any TRUE responsibilities? All you had to do was wake up and go to class for a few hours then hang out the rest of the day. A corporate job and adult life takes this away from all of us and we lose hope of ever becoming something truly great outside of a boss level manager. This realization is what gives rise to many entrepreneurs.
If you feel constricted by work, consider entrepreneurship. If you really want to make your dreams come true, consider entrepreneurship. It’s easy! *Not Really* But it is! It’s easy to make the decision to set a goal to make your dreams come true but it’s hard to not succumb to the lazy mentality of the middle class. Don’t get me wrong, the hardest workers are middle-class families. On the other hand, the smartest workers are the ones making world class bucks. The entrepreneurs that realize that their boss is not better than them. So why can’t they start something new? Why can’t they invest in stocks while everyone else says they are too risky? Why can’t they leave their “secure” job to build a company from scratch? Why can’t they use their creative mentality to begin designing and consulting privately and make $20,000/month?
They can and they do. Entrepreneurs are born to want more than others and most of the time get what they desire. Sure they fail and may go bankrupt for the first year or two. But look at them four years later and you will be at their feet pleading for answers. Working hard pays off. Working smarter pays on.. and on.. and on.
Next time you see a wealthy entrepreneur, don’t ask for the secret formula, ask how to enjoy the journey during both rain and shine. Ask how to stay motivated when nothing seems to be working. Ask how big of an impact believing in your practice will bring even when you have gone an entire year without profiting. Even better, ask them for their personal opinion on the correlation between a college degree and the person’s level of success. You will find that little to no effect exists, whats so ever.

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Million Dollar Mistakes that New Entrepreneurs Make – Slow Decision Making


Having trouble with making decisions? Well, the longer you put them off, the greater suffering that your business will endure. Trust me, been there done that.. or actually seen that.

How long would you estimate that it takes for an entrepreneur to build a successful business from scratch? 4 Years? 6? Mabey even 7 long years of hard work? In some cases this may be true but if you look at the wide array of successful entrepreneurs that we have in the world, many of them tell a similar story. Either they had huge success and profit gains after 3-5 years of dedicated work or they worked extremely hard for 10 years and got nowhere until they decided to change their way of doing things. This change is the key to business success.
Although small, the key is to avoid not making decisions. Business owners have to make the toughest decisions but if they spend months pondering on them, they literally get nowhere. I’ve personally watched my dad struggle with this issue for years while running his landscaping company. He does unreplicable and outstanding work on yards so you would think his business would explode in value. Truth be told, it did…several times but was held by due to my father’s decision to not make the change. He feels that without trustworthy employees, you can’t make time to take on the additional clients. Alternatively, because we don’t have the clientele, he feels that hiring the employees is a step back for the sake of profit.
You see the ever repeating cycle? He’s been struggling with that issue for nearly 6 years. What makes the problem even worse is that there are landscaping company’s, birthed around the same exact time as my father’s, which are grossing millions in profits. If that doesn’t make you want to change, I don’t know what will. Decide to make the decision. Stop coming up with excuses saying “What if I fail?”. The true question should be “What if I Succeed?”.

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Wake Up and Smell the Extensive Opportunities Kindly Provided by the World


Tai Lopez is far one of the greatest in the realm of entrepreneurship. Not because of what he has done but due to his willingness to coach. I love the idea of nonstop knowledge gain. It’s so powerful when applied to the right places but what’s the point of the acquisition if you aren’t willing to share?

I find that in order to really stand out in the world, it’s not always about what or who you know. It’s about your contributions. The value you offer to others. People really appreciate an amazing story but even more, the selflessness that an individual is able to bring to the table.
Listening to his most recent podcast, you will receive an immediate wake-up call. The fact that nothing is impossible when you learn to avoid settling. When you settle for what you think is exceptional, you truly fall behind. Your goals can never be too high and just when you feel like they are, take a good look around you.
At 19 years old I honestly see two things. Call me arrogant but I feel as though I am doing much more for my future than the typical college student in the same position as I. This only remains true until I take a look at others within the world. There are 19-year-olds making $200,000/ month. Just a slap in the face at my efforts. On the other hand, it serves as my drive. It lets me know that although it’s possible, I’m not doing nearly everything that I could to achieve.
This entire weekend I’ve suffered from a lack of motivation and blamed writer’s block. I have felt that I haven’t done enough simply because I look at others that are figures ahead of me but still the very same age. Like I said, it can be harmful to think about it but honestly, the only way you will meet new milestones is my setting the bar high.
Having the opportunity to retire by 23 was my previous goal until I realized I can do even better. Who’s to say that I can’t get to that point in life by 21? Statistically, it’s highly unlikely but statistically, my mentality says otherwise.
I don’t write this post to rant or argue about my greediness for success but to inspire the other young entrepreneurs out there. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago (19 for me) but the second best time is now.

I want to use this time to truly thank you for reading this in its entirety because each view truly helps me continue to do what I do. The only favor I ask is to leave a comment with your name, Snapchat, or any other way that I can personally thank you for simply taking the time to read my post.

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How to Design the Most Eloquent and Brilliant Product Known to Mankind


Do you ever dream of creating that one amazing invention that gives the world the ability to solve its greatest problems? Or maybe you prefer to focus on the little things and solve some of our most overlooked issues that we encounter daily? Whatever it may be, you should come to the realization that some of the greatest inventions and products were created not out of a ton of research but grew from one simple idea.

Many of us get into the habit of not taking action. We can literally come up with a highly profitable and helpful invention, or maybe already have, but fail to take action to make that idea a product of reality. Ideas truly can be simple. Honestly. For example, the television sleep timer. Someone got sick and tired of getting out of bed to turn off the tv to prevent the overnight waste of energy. What did they do? They set out to be sure that the Sleep Timer feature was built into television sets. Falling asleep with the tv on is now a solved problem.
In order to come up with these genius ideas, you simply have to experience. Begin to notice the little things in life. Next time you cringe to do something, ponder your thoughts for a quick solution. Chances are that you will say, “Someone should fix this by creating…”. You just solved the issue! Chances are that the problems you face are spread across millions of other people that have the same mindset. For business sake, it’s your time to set out for the race to make that concept a reality.
Where most people fail is to actually take action on their thoughts. I suggest that you break this cycle by writing down each brilliant idea you get, despite whether or not you truly know how to fix it by making your idea a reality. The beauty of the matter is that someone else does! All you need to do is hold that idea dear and close while you begin looking for others to help you out. Seek out a mentor and leverage their connections. If you don’t know someone, someone else you know does. By the time you’ve gotten to this step, you’ve entered the building phase for that product or solution; a step that many people feel is not possible for whatever excuse.
Don’t be afraid to make your idea a reality. Start to network in order to find that one person that will be willing to help and you will have created something big in no time!
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Avoid Dreaming Bigger than what You are Prepared to take on, doing so will Indirectly Hinder your Opportunity to Succeed


Sometimes we would all love to make our dreams magically come true but sometimes you have to get in touch will reality. Whether magicians are real or not, the monetary price to have them transform your business into a success is likely unfathomable. Stop wasting time dreaming because it’s time to make things happen.

Dreaming is not always bad because it helps reevaluate your underlying purpose. On the other hand, dreaming can be the most unproductive task you can do, next to pure procrastination. Dreaming big requires a ton of time for yourself to think. Days upon days of watching, examining, and thinking about but not actually doing.
Dreaming gets even riskier when you dwell in the moment too long. It’s like going to the most prestige and richest school in the state and then downgrading to a more public, less funded environment. It’s like buying everything you could ever imagine and then being cut off from your funds the very next day. It’s like watching your investment grow 100 fold and then witnessing it crash into nothing. More importantly, it’s like dreaming that everything worked out in your life and then waking up to reality, the most discouraging moment we could ever encounter.
In essence, learn to dream in increments. Dream to accomplish something that can be accomplished in the next month so that you can reward yourself upon its completion. Don’t dream to be a billionaire if you haven’t even reached the millionaire phase. Don’t dream to be the greatest poet in the world if you haven’t articulated your first piece. We all have to start from somewhere in order to achieve something so save yourself the trouble. You can dream for that higher level of success later, so for now, focus on your current position. Do what it takes to double your efforts and you will find that it won’t be as hard as you may have imagined duplicating those previously duplicated efforts. Before you know it, you will have finally succeeded.
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