7 Steps to Make Money with Snapchat in 2017

Before you make the decision to turn your Snapchat Account into a business asset, you must come to grips with one truth. Any venture you pursue will require hours of dedication and trails. When times get hard, remember that there is going to be someone working harder than you. Let that fact be your drive to succeed. Take this information but don’t archive it. Put it into action and start now!

Obviously, you can’t expect to develop an income with your Snapchat Story if you have not already acquired a large snap following. Take Instagram for instance. A successful business account requires as little as 10,000 followers but more commonly you find accounts that have accumulated 100,000+ followers. Having an audience this large does a couple things. The first, It builds your brand’s rapport or credibility. You know from experience that if someone is promoting a product, the first thing you consider is how many followers the Instagram page already has. Secondly, as mentioned above, having a large following gives you the ability to reach a huge amount of people with little effort. In a way, it serves as free advertisement and exposure to whatever it is you are trying to get out there.

1. Building Your Following

The biggest challenge for a snapchat account is obtaining followers. Snapchat is unlike any other social platform in that you can simply search for a user by hashtag or interest. On a brighter note, here are three proven methods that will enable you to gain thousands of followers on snapchat.

-Ghostcodes: quickly growing popular amongst today’s largest snapchat accounts, Ghostcodes serves as Snapchats first and the only directory, allowing you to discover, follow, and rate snapchat accounts based on various categories and interests. Tap here to create your free Ghostcodes profile. For more information on how to truly optimize your Snapchat following with Ghostcodes, check out my in-depth tutorial to gaining thousands of story views and kudos by clicking here.


-CrossPromotion: More likely than not, you already have a following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other forum or social site. Use this to your advantage. Don’t spam your snapcode to your followers but instead post it as your profile pictures & pin the post at the top of your profile. Be sure to give a little teaser of what people should expect and why they should follow you. The cross-platform promotion will serve as your passive means for Snapchat Follow growth. Plant the seed and let it do its thing.

-Purchase Exposure: By far the fastest way to gain a large following is to purchase exposure. Exposure may take the form of marketing, snapchat takeovers, or features on massive accounts. Here at Bernard Boulevard, we have developed a streamlined method for you to take such route to Snapchat growth, allowing you to accumulate upwards of 5,000 followers in the matter of a single day. For more information on how to purchase exposure for your account, click to review our Promotion Guide & Policies

There are many more methods to Explode your Following Growth which we have reserved for a guide of its own. Once available, I will post the full guide on my Story so stay tuned.

2. Building Rapport

Once you begin building you following, you have to be very cautious of how you manage them. Follow the next three points, and you will surely encourage your audience to trust in your information and be more than willing to take action and even refer your Snapchat Story to their own friends!

-Consistency: You must be consistent in everything you do. Luckily with Snapchat’s story, many of us may naturally update our Followers with a fresh story to watch every day. Don’t feel pressured if you miss a day. Just be sure to Actively update your Snapchat Story throughout the week, even if its a single 10-second video per day, letting your viewers know where you have been.

-Entertainment: We all have friends we follow on Snapchat but never actually watch their story. Do not be one of those people! Make your story special. Make people laugh and keep them engaged. Encourage questions and have fun.

-Short and Sweet: Oddly enough we all have the blessing to enjoy 24 full hours of every day. Keep in mind that this does not give you the right to have a 24-hour-long Snapchat Story. Keep it short and sweet, getting to the point. Don’t be afraid to include variety, with some days only snapping once while another having a 45-second story. Find a balance and don’t make your viewers feel the need to tap the screen when they see your name. Remember, a single picture is worth 1000 words.

Layout the Business Plan

Now that you are on your way to building a loyal following, you should start weighing out your options on what to do in order to generate your first dollar or $10,000 with your snapchat story. Decide on what exactly you want to achieve. Think in the future tense. Listed below are the final steps to give you a direction to making your first sales, commissions, and recurring revenue. Just remember, focus on providing value and the money will follow.

3. Promotions & Takeovers

Start small. With a growing following of trustworthy viewers, you better believe that there are other story viewers that barely have 100 followers. You now have access to a large reach that will be willing to follow anyone that you attribute credit too. Know what your account is worth and you can offer to promote someone’s account or business in return for a premium. Stay true to your word in delivering results and snapchat users will be crawling right back for more.

Struggling to get the first buyer? Offer a free shoutout and watch how amazed they are at the number of followers that they received. Have them record a testimonial, make it public, and put a price tag on your ability to grow people’s story views.

4. Take Advantage of Affiliate Programs

Almost every aspiring entrepreneur has attempted to promote affiliate offers only to fail. The tool that most people have lacked has been a large following. Now that you have built such asset on Snapchat, I highly suggest that you reattempt this method. Depending on the offer, by promoting as an affiliate, you can earn a decent commission and even make a killing by doing so. Don’t make the mistake of spamming. Find a program or offer that aligns with your audience’s interest. Occasionally sprinkle some of your Salt Bae promotions into your daily or weekly snapstories and watch the commission accumulate.

Not sure what product or service to support? I recommend checking out Tecademics, a free-to-join affiliate program that is known as the first school for entrepreneurs. By signing up, you will have countless free video tutorials to help you get started while also teaching you cutting edge ways to ignite your new Snapchat Business. Click now for free access.

5. Build & Sell Accounts

Although you will need a decent amount of followers already to successfully take this route, it can be an awesome asset. A snapchat account with 2,000 Story Views can easily be sold for $200. If you have 10,000-25,000 followers on your main account, it should be a breeze to create backup accounts and promote them for free to build up their followers. Take a backup account, and sell it to a user that wants instant access to daily exposure at the touch of a button. Streamline this process then Rinse & Repeat!

6. Gain Sponsorships

By this time, you should be fairly well known within the snapchat universe. Don’t be surprised when companies and small businesses begin to approach you to market their brand. Know your worth and set your price so that you avoid hesitation when confronted. If you have yet to be contacted and know you can provide value to a business within your expertise, don’t be afraid to reach out to them. Lay out exactly what you have to offer to them and make it clear. As stated in Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” a key point is to always express appreciation and how you will provide value before even asking for the businesses endorsement.

7. Market & Expand your New Business

You’ve done the hard work, time to expand and grow. Nourish your business by reinvesting and reaching out to new markets. If you have not already, consider branching off with a side clothing brand, consulting business, or even directing your massive audience to another means of content like a blog. The expansion is a huge topic for another post but keep it in the plan. Don’t settle for less and continue to build upon your new establishment!

From growing your Snapchat account to turning those followers into dollar figures, you now have the knowledge and tools to begin building to make money on Snapchat. Patience is key. Our guide is not a get rich quick tutorial but rather a road map to obtaining the lifestyle of wealth and security that you aspire to achieve. If you enjoyed this guide and would like more information and Snapchat business hacks, do share this post. Feel free to Leave your Snapchat Username in the Comments Below for free exposure and Add Me! –> tracey5259 If This Post was Truly Helpful, Leave a Like to Let Us Know!:)

Invision, Invest and Act on your Dreams in a Proactive “I Want it Now” Manner


Instead of dressing to impress, dress for success. 14 days after meeting my mentor, he gave me two points in regard to my appearance. The first, to fix my iPhone screen. I thought he was joking but he stressed that it’s unprofessional. Secondly, he told me to dress how my future self, as an entrepreneur, would dress. Dressing for success is an essential part in making it a reality.

Dressing the part due to guidelines can be both frustrating and counterproductive. The moment you begin to do something to please others is the moment that it becomes a burden. This gives rise to the reason that dressing to impress is not always the way to go. Alternatively, look to dress to impress your future self. Imagine where you want to see yourself in 10 years. If that person is a successful entrepreneur and business person, are they going to be rocking graphic tees and tennis shoes all the time? Probably the total opposite. More likely than not, that future business person is going to have a wardrobe full of clean, professional dress, with a casual selection that still projects a professional vibe.
Don’t wait for success to start dressing the part.  Starting early has several psychological benefits that will alter your mentality for the better. If you continue to shop at the same stores that you do today, you are still living in the past. If you start to shop for that future self, you will find that you are closer to that success than you may have imagined. My mentor told me that he once only wore button up shirts when he began to market himself as a businessman. Through some success and tons of failures, his mentor told him to add a tie to his daily attire. The moment he did so, his income grew exponentially as a result of potential clients being more willing to do business with someone dressing the way he did.  It truly is the little things that count.
If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, I challenge you to test your own results by making one simple change. On the weekends, dress up a little. Don’t go all out but instead, wear something more professional than your typical Saturday night wear. As a result, you will find that people around you will begin to ask why you are so dressed up, even though you haven’t made any dramatic changes. These begin a process called Piquing Interest. Repeat this routine for a few weeks and you will find that people will start to listen to you more often upon receiving the vibe that you are actually a productive human being. It’s a small change but can provide a world of profit!
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Mental Toughness: Delayed Gratification


As an entrepreneur or new business owner, you are expecting to start or have already begun to generate income. On the downside, although you have taken this step to growth, you must not let all of the dollars go to your head. Program your mind to consider taking on delayed gratification at all costs.

Delayed gratification requires you to simply discipline yourself to put off spending the money that you do have until a later date that the average individual would struggle with doing. My mentor does a great job in doing  so. Making over $300,000 of income with ease, after having built a self sustaining home business, you would assume that he is living life big. Although he has all of the fancy suits and could afford all of his dream cars, he chooses to continue driving his old Honda Civic.
People look at him crazy but after talking with him personally, I completely see where he is coming from. Instead of going out and carelessly buying a new Mercedes AMG or BMW M5, he has both set a standard for himself and a personal goal that trump his wants and dreams.
Firstly, he wants to literally be “financially bulletproof”. He wants to be sure that no matter what circumstance he or his family will encounter, expenses will be the last thing he will have to worry about.
Secondly, he made a pact with himself to not purchase a new car until his business is bringing in a an extra $100,000 or $200,000 a year which, with his mentality and work ethic, is easily achievable. Only then will he buy the car for himself as a reward.
Delayed gratification takes a ton of discipline but can prove to be very beneficial. All you have to do is wait, until you reach that higher height to start enjoying your life to the fullest!
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Standards are Not Malleable, Don’t Allow Others to Alter Them


The definition of a standard is a set level of quality that is used to represent the norm. With this in mind, why would you ever want to lower yours? Really take the time to consider your core values. We all support different beliefs but why should we stoop down to another individuals level? The answer is that we just shouldn’t. Period.

Many startups suffer from the problem of failing to hold employees to a certain level of productivity, or in other words, a set standard. No matter what you do, looking at a business’s operation is the best way to understand the importance of strengthening your values and standards. With either of the two aspects missing, our fast paced world would drive any establishment into the ground.
What’s your establishment? Have you set standards? Are these standards backed up by core values? More importantly, are you enforcing your values? Whether you are going through a phase of self improvement or making your company reborn, you must take the time to address these topics.
For self improvement, are you allowing others to negatively influence your life and persuade you to do things that go against your goals or beliefs? If so, take a stand! Same goes for the fellow entrepreneurs out in the world. Learn to say no in order to give your life the control it deserves. Leading an organisation? Don’t be afraid to remove the weaker links. Not everyone shares your same values so if you allow these people to stay in your organization, you will see your entire establishment receive a virus like infection that will spread throughout other members.
Do yourself a favor by solidifying your standards. Make known your values and don’t allow anyone to compromise them. You will see your self and organization grow as a whole.
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Building Wealth: Do you know the Rule of 72?


Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes, the most prominent issue in our world happens to be money. It is the leading cause of depression and often the precursor to conflicts between business partners! To this day, I find it astonishing that most people, both young and old, lack any insight as to what the Rule of 72 is! Whether you are an entrepreneur or mother of four, if you have not taken the time to inform yourself on this concept of saving money, you need to start immediately.

In short, the Rule of 72 is a simple equation that determines exactly how long it will take for your money to double within your banking or savings account. This becomes a highly important concept when deciding on “when” to start saving and how much to expect when doing so. By understanding exactly what your money is doing when you put it away, you give yourself the power to do some extreme financial planning for both your family and future!

The Formula

According to Investopedia, the formula that gives rise to the Rule of 72 is actually very simple. Start out by taking the number “72” and dividing it by your current or expected compound interest rate. The resulting number will tell you exactly how many years it will take for a sum of money, say a $10,000 investment, to double, which would bring that account’s worth to about $20,000. Below is a brief overview of a $10,000 investment and its growth for three popular interest rates.



As previously mentioned, the Rule of 72 becomes a vital asset to financial planning when you are looking at years into the future. Based on statistics and values provided by Primerica, after you do the math, you will begin to realize the difference between keeping your money in a savings account with 3% interest, as opposed to a mutual fund that has the potential to reach upwards of 12%. If you take anything away from this blog post, be sure to capitalize on your financial planning. Take the time to familiarize yourself with various aspects of money because chances are you would not have learned this in school! Don’t be afraid to hire a financial consultant to help you double and triple check your current ways with money. Professional planning will ensure that you set yourself up for a future of financial freedom.
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Hardwire your Life to Make your First Million


Featured on Forbes “The World’s Billionaires“, Warren Buffett has a total net worth of $65.9 Billion. Currently 85 years old, he is often questioned as to how exactly he achieved his great level of success. Although investing requires a ton of knowledge of numbers, charts and trends, the premise of his success goes much deeper. To understand exactly how Warren Buffett reached his current milestone, it is necessary to identify how he came to earn his very first million. For the hundreds of other people who have also met this milestone, a simple change in mindset has always been the main benefactor.

Making your very first million does not require you to actually study Warren’s life down to his exact footsteps. The reality is that Warren Buffett is not doing anything that has not been done before. In other words, he shares a mentality that often flourishes among many other successful entrepreneurs. The mentality revolves around the concept of visualization and application.


Visualizing yourself earning $1,000,000 is the first step to actually acquiring it. You have to literately envision a plan and determine what actually needs to happened for your goals to be met. By doing so, you give yourself the opportunity to actually set your mind to make things happen. For example, image that you have three big projects due in a month. You may initially feel overwhelmed until you begin to visualize the projects as a whole. Identify what actually needs to be done in order to complete them. This will provide you will smaller tasks that are actually doable!
Apply the same process to making your first million dollars. In order to earn $1,000,000 in a single year, you must first understand how to make $100,000 a year. $100,000 seems much more doable and you have therefore already tricked yourself into believing that the goal actually can be accomplished. You can scale down this process closer to your current standing.
Let’s Talk Numbers
Now that you have scaled down the overall goal into something that is more attainable, you are ready for the final step of visualization. With some simple math, you will find that in order to make $100,000 a year, you must be making $11.40/hr 24 hours of the day. In other words, if that does not yet seem like a small number, you have to earn about $275/day for 365 days of the year. Depending on your business, that may or may not actually be that hard.


After coming up with the actual numbers, its time to make the game plan or simply rethink your current one. Imagine that you own a Landscaping Startup. At the moment your business generates $50,000 yearly, or seasonally for most. In order to turn this company into a six figure business, start out by scaling down to see how you can double your pre-existing profits. When you have a grounded landscaping company, making $300/day is very easy. Many jobs often pay more than this premium for a total of 3 hours of work, which equates to around $100/hr. For those of you that have paid close attention, you will have come to the conclusion that in order to max $1,000,000/year; you must make $114/hr. In reality, you are closer than you think!
So what’s the issue? This business is seasonal. Nearly half of the year, your business will be out of consistent work due to the fact that grass will stop growing. With this in mind, you no longer can rely on making $275/day. You have to make adjustments that allow you to make $550/day or $22/hr. Assuming that you work 8 hours a day, you need to bring in $69/hr.
The math can go on for days, but you must be willing to apply your visualization to your field of business. In doing so you will learn where to optimize. You will also begin to see how precious time can be.
Although all of this is hypothetical speaking, you are working for your first million. You have to learn how to make the $100,000 in order to properly understand what it task to make your first million. In other words, you’ve already transitioned from crawling to walking. You now have to focus on walking before running. Reaching six figures will require you to scale up your current goals, only after they have been met. Once you have successfully applied this process once, it becomes second nature and much less challenging to repeat in order to reach that next milestone.

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Secret to Successful Networking

Whether you’re a businessman, entrepreneur or a student in college, one of the most important skills in life is the ability to network. No matter where you are in the world, networking will allow you to navigate to new heights. The benefits of networking are endless, but in order to reap them, you must start with a change in mindset.
If you are an entrepreneur, I challenge you to follow in my footsteps by accepting a challenge that will ensure that you build a large network of connections within the next month. I will personally guarantee you that upon completing the challenge, you will have obtained over 1000 useful connections within the next year, that will help grow your business. The challenge? Meet 2 new people everyday, for the next year!
This doesn’t mean go up to random strangers and introduce yourself, but instead meet relevant people. Meet people who share the same mentality as yourself. By doing so, you open the doors for endless business opportunities and connections. Ideally the people you meet will be on the same level or doing much better than yourself and will aid you in achieving your goals and biggest ambitions.
There are several ways to go about meeting people that will actually provide value to your life. There is one particular method that I find works best. Get involved in your community! More likely than not, there are frequent assemblies that are dedicated towards the gathering of people doing the same thing as yourself. By finding out where these people meet, you will have the ability to network in person, which is much more effective than through social media! Regularly attend these events and get your name out there. Networking never fails to nourish a business.
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