Optimizing Your Blog with Grammarly – 2016 Review


Blogs grow into masterpieces not only by the content they provide but the quality of that content. If your well thought out blog post suffers from errors in spelling and grammar, your readers would be turned off. You can have the most influential and motivating content but neglecting to critique your content carefully can be detrimental to both your blog’s reputation and future. Don’t get me wrong! Producing amazing content contributes highly to growth, but errors are just unprofessional.

Now you know just as well as I, editing is tedious. It’s boring, annoying and very time-consuming. Most new bloggers and authors understand that it is an essential step to take before publishing, but we are only human. Chances are, you are not a world-class editor, or else that would be your profession! With that being true, it is very likely that if you go back to the last post you published, you will find an error. If you don’t, have a friend read it and they will find one for you.
The point is, if you don’t have a professional editor, the errors will find their way into your blog posts some way or another. So invest a few hundred dollars into a professional that knows what they are doing!

Unless you are already a successful entrepreneur, author or have already created a budget for such expenses, don’t invest all of your money into a world-class editor. Why not? Because there is a program for your browser, that will provide the same editorial service for free! It’s called Grammarly!

The day I discovered Grammarly’s proofreading software was the day that the majority of my blogging anxieties vanished. Literally!
No longer did I have to worry about spending half an hour to edit exceptionally well. More likely than not, I found myself previously choosing to do a quick, ineffective skim as opposed to the less fun act of carefully thought out revising. Grammarly does it for me, and the only thing I have to do is click a button to correct!
Honestly, I wish I would have known about the free editing program sooner. I’m sure my blog would have developed a much larger audience had I done so. Nevertheless, I do have to thank John Lee Dumas for recommending Grammarly on his Podcast, EoFire.

So bloggers, new and old, understand that it is rare that I recommend programs only because I don’t personally use them. In fact, this is my first “review”  because I use Grammarly, ALOT. I believe in their system and can honestly say it will make your writing career 100 times easier!

As I have said before and will continue to stress, the integrity of your blog’s future relies on quality. Grammarly will give you THAT quality which will distinguish your blog posts from the rest of the self-publishers with a professional look!
Now, while the Grammarly’s free version is fantastic, it has its limitations that the premium version breaks through! Luckily, it won’t break the bank.

So what exactly will Grammarly’s Premium do that the free version won’t. Well, it will not only correct common issues with spelling and comma splicing, but it will begin to act as a real editor!


Advanced issues including word overuse, sentence fragments, passive/active voice misuse, contraction detection, punctuation and many more hidden errors that we often ignore or don’t even realize are there.
Also includes a proactive thesaurus, vocabulary enhancement, and context-optimized synonym suggestions.
On top the professional writing advice, Grammarly’s premium checks for plagiarism!


Standard errors such as spelling, pronoun use, and word choice.
So as you can see, premium offers much more than a simple grammar check. Grammarly will accurately proofread your work and make suggestions that only professional editors and writers could do with ease.

Students, bloggers, and authors, I highly recommend trying Grammarly for free! You will love it! If you want that professional editorial touch to make your blog even more appealing to promote audience growth, go premium!

Try it for Free!

Final Opinions

The only true complaint I can think of is the fact that it may occasionally get confused with the point you are trying to get across. Grammarly accurately detects how you use various words so if it does not know how to correct and error, chances are your readers will also struggle with grasping the point you are trying to get across.
With that being said, I highly recommend that you give your post or paper a final glance after utilizing Grammarly’s expertise just in case you find the need to reword a sentence.

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The Importance of Editors 

Whether you’re a rising blogger or small business owner, the quality of your website really defines the entire foundation. An important aspect of building a website or blog, is to make sure that you avoid sloppy work. Usually when working on a new blog post or website page, we tend to want to get as much of it put into place as possible. As a blogger preparing many posts a day, I personally don’t take the time to immediately proofread my work. Like you, I am human and never make a perfect, mistake-free article on the first try, which is why I sought out an editor.
The main and most obvious reason that you will want an editor or two working on your site, is so that your hidden errors are corrected. No matter how talented you are in writing, you will always overlook minor errors if you try to proofread your own writing right away. Having a fresh set of eyes readily available to peak at your work allows you to have these commonly overlooked mistakes corrected. On top of having your post more thoroughly reviewed by a peer, you also have the luxury of not being bogged down by a ton of editing.
Editing can become a hassle when you look at a larger scale. If you make one blog post a week, you may not need an official editor. Instead you could ask a trustworthy friend to take a glance at it. Although, if you were to post blogs on a daily schedule, an editor is almost always a better choice. Many bloggers, like myself, like to take a day or two out of the week to crank out enough posts to last me through the next week or so. In order to do so, I like to continue to write nonstop on predetermined posts, so that I avoid getting distracted or becoming bored from the burden of critiquing small details.
To sum things up, will not having an editor mean your website is destined for failure? Of course not, but having one does make your site that much better! So take a moment to consider hiring or asking a friend to be your site’s editor, if you don’t already have one. They don’t necessarily have to be a professional, but their two cents will save you a ton of time! If you have any other suggestions for new bloggers or website owners, feel free to post a comment!