Dodging Complacency

In middle school, I had always been an AB Honor Roll student, but not by choice. I had always done my work, which was all you needed at that age to do well academically. As I rose to the 6th grade, I noticed that my average among my classes had dropped to a C. I really couldn’t understand why at the time and instead blamed it on the institution for “changing teaching tactics”. Little did I know that I was approaching an age of maturity, when classes would steadily become more challenging. I was stuck in my old methods of work which began to show on my report card. It wasn’t until 7th grade that I received a wake up call. I had horrible study habits and work ethics that needed adjustment. The previous years leading up to this moment were all lead by complacency.
Complacency can be seen as not taking action or remaining in one spot as opposed to making improvements in whatever you do. As a middle school student and high school freshman, I found complacency to be the source of my problems. Whenever the going got tough, I would wait until the last moment to complain and try to make changes.
I’m telling this story because it demonstrates the premise of complacency and may allow you to relate. Complacency is not a great position to place yourself in, no matter how many accolades you currently have. If you are the owner of an NFL team that has won the Superbowl last year, you aren’t going to stick to the same game plan. All though it may work, you have to consider the fact that other teams are constantly improving and becoming more challenging. Instead, use opportunities like this to innovate and get ahead of your future challengers and obstacles. Feel free to share your story in the comments below!
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