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7 Steps to Make Money with Snapchat in 2017

Before you make the decision to turn your Snapchat Account into a business asset, you must come to grips with one truth. Any venture you pursue will require hours of dedication and trails. When times get hard, remember that there is going to be someone working harder than you. Let that fact be your drive to succeed. Take this information but don’t archive it. Put it into action and start now!

Obviously, you can’t expect to develop an income with your Snapchat Story if you have not already acquired a large snap following. Take Instagram for instance. A successful business account requires as little as 10,000 followers but more commonly you find accounts that have accumulated 100,000+ followers. Having an audience this large does a couple things. The first, It builds your brand’s rapport or credibility. You know from experience that if someone is promoting a product, the first thing you consider is how many followers the Instagram page already has. Secondly, as mentioned above, having a large following gives you the ability to reach a huge amount of people with little effort. In a way, it serves as free advertisement and exposure to whatever it is you are trying to get out there.

1. Building Your Following

The biggest challenge for a snapchat account is obtaining followers. Snapchat is unlike any other social platform in that you can simply search for a user by hashtag or interest. On a brighter note, here are three proven methods that will enable you to gain thousands of followers on snapchat.

-Ghostcodes: quickly growing popular amongst today’s largest snapchat accounts, Ghostcodes serves as Snapchats first and the only directory, allowing you to discover, follow, and rate snapchat accounts based on various categories and interests. Tap here to create your free Ghostcodes profile. For more information on how to truly optimize your Snapchat following with Ghostcodes, check out my in-depth tutorial to gaining thousands of story views and kudos by clicking here.


-CrossPromotion: More likely than not, you already have a following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other forum or social site. Use this to your advantage. Don’t spam your snapcode to your followers but instead post it as your profile pictures & pin the post at the top of your profile. Be sure to give a little teaser of what people should expect and why they should follow you. The cross-platform promotion will serve as your passive means for Snapchat Follow growth. Plant the seed and let it do its thing.

-Purchase Exposure: By far the fastest way to gain a large following is to purchase exposure. Exposure may take the form of marketing, snapchat takeovers, or features on massive accounts. Here at Bernard Boulevard, we have developed a streamlined method for you to take such route to Snapchat growth, allowing you to accumulate upwards of 5,000 followers in the matter of a single day. For more information on how to purchase exposure for your account, click to review our Promotion Guide & Policies

There are many more methods to Explode your Following Growth which we have reserved for a guide of its own. Once available, I will post the full guide on my Story so stay tuned.

2. Building Rapport

Once you begin building you following, you have to be very cautious of how you manage them. Follow the next three points, and you will surely encourage your audience to trust in your information and be more than willing to take action and even refer your Snapchat Story to their own friends!

-Consistency: You must be consistent in everything you do. Luckily with Snapchat’s story, many of us may naturally update our Followers with a fresh story to watch every day. Don’t feel pressured if you miss a day. Just be sure to Actively update your Snapchat Story throughout the week, even if its a single 10-second video per day, letting your viewers know where you have been.

-Entertainment: We all have friends we follow on Snapchat but never actually watch their story. Do not be one of those people! Make your story special. Make people laugh and keep them engaged. Encourage questions and have fun.

-Short and Sweet: Oddly enough we all have the blessing to enjoy 24 full hours of every day. Keep in mind that this does not give you the right to have a 24-hour-long Snapchat Story. Keep it short and sweet, getting to the point. Don’t be afraid to include variety, with some days only snapping once while another having a 45-second story. Find a balance and don’t make your viewers feel the need to tap the screen when they see your name. Remember, a single picture is worth 1000 words.

Layout the Business Plan

Now that you are on your way to building a loyal following, you should start weighing out your options on what to do in order to generate your first dollar or $10,000 with your snapchat story. Decide on what exactly you want to achieve. Think in the future tense. Listed below are the final steps to give you a direction to making your first sales, commissions, and recurring revenue. Just remember, focus on providing value and the money will follow.

3. Promotions & Takeovers

Start small. With a growing following of trustworthy viewers, you better believe that there are other story viewers that barely have 100 followers. You now have access to a large reach that will be willing to follow anyone that you attribute credit too. Know what your account is worth and you can offer to promote someone’s account or business in return for a premium. Stay true to your word in delivering results and snapchat users will be crawling right back for more.

Struggling to get the first buyer? Offer a free shoutout and watch how amazed they are at the number of followers that they received. Have them record a testimonial, make it public, and put a price tag on your ability to grow people’s story views.

4. Take Advantage of Affiliate Programs

Almost every aspiring entrepreneur has attempted to promote affiliate offers only to fail. The tool that most people have lacked has been a large following. Now that you have built such asset on Snapchat, I highly suggest that you reattempt this method. Depending on the offer, by promoting as an affiliate, you can earn a decent commission and even make a killing by doing so. Don’t make the mistake of spamming. Find a program or offer that aligns with your audience’s interest. Occasionally sprinkle some of your Salt Bae promotions into your daily or weekly snapstories and watch the commission accumulate.

Not sure what product or service to support? I recommend checking out Tecademics, a free-to-join affiliate program that is known as the first school for entrepreneurs. By signing up, you will have countless free video tutorials to help you get started while also teaching you cutting edge ways to ignite your new Snapchat Business. Click now for free access.

5. Build & Sell Accounts

Although you will need a decent amount of followers already to successfully take this route, it can be an awesome asset. A snapchat account with 2,000 Story Views can easily be sold for $200. If you have 10,000-25,000 followers on your main account, it should be a breeze to create backup accounts and promote them for free to build up their followers. Take a backup account, and sell it to a user that wants instant access to daily exposure at the touch of a button. Streamline this process then Rinse & Repeat!

6. Gain Sponsorships

By this time, you should be fairly well known within the snapchat universe. Don’t be surprised when companies and small businesses begin to approach you to market their brand. Know your worth and set your price so that you avoid hesitation when confronted. If you have yet to be contacted and know you can provide value to a business within your expertise, don’t be afraid to reach out to them. Lay out exactly what you have to offer to them and make it clear. As stated in Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” a key point is to always express appreciation and how you will provide value before even asking for the businesses endorsement.

7. Market & Expand your New Business

You’ve done the hard work, time to expand and grow. Nourish your business by reinvesting and reaching out to new markets. If you have not already, consider branching off with a side clothing brand, consulting business, or even directing your massive audience to another means of content like a blog. The expansion is a huge topic for another post but keep it in the plan. Don’t settle for less and continue to build upon your new establishment!

From growing your Snapchat account to turning those followers into dollar figures, you now have the knowledge and tools to begin building to make money on Snapchat. Patience is key. Our guide is not a get rich quick tutorial but rather a road map to obtaining the lifestyle of wealth and security that you aspire to achieve. If you enjoyed this guide and would like more information and Snapchat business hacks, do share this post. Feel free to Leave your Snapchat Username in the Comments Below for free exposure and Add Me! –> tracey5259 If This Post was Truly Helpful, Leave a Like to Let Us Know!:)

Beginners Guide to Real Estate – Speculation vs. Investment



So you want to get into real estate? You’re not alone. The market is oversaturated but depending on your location, it can be very profitable. Luckily, here in the city of Nashville, Tennessee, all you see is growth, more or less. New hotels and homes popping up around every corner. The value of your home nearly doubling. Crazy things like that allow the average real estate agent to sell over 10 homes in a single day. Yes, that did happen.

So what should you learn first about real estate? Well , it varies to what kind of real estate you want to get into. Do you want to buy tons of land and watch the price soared through the roof in a few years or are you more keen on playing it safe and buying bellow the market value to renovate and immediately sell for profit? Whatever it be, you can divide the two mentalities into two categories. Speculation and Investment.


Before getting into each, understand that real estate in itself is an investment, even if you are only looking for the home of your dreams. Speculation is fairly self-explanatory. You’ve done the research and have studied the market so well that you pretty much get the feel of how much a home is worth. Luckily the way the world operates is that not everyone lives a dandy life. Some go through hardships like divorce but there is one in particular that works in your favor. A thing call foreclosure. For whatever reason, if a homeowner can no longer make mortgage payments, the home will be seized by the bank and placed on the market. Due to high frequency that this occurs, you can often find a great deal on a home. If you recognized the home is being sold for less than its market value, you can seize the moment through and be rewarded for your speculation.


On the other side, and sometimes not so “other side” of things, you have the option to make a flat out investment. Sometimes this is paired with speculation but for the sake of the process, people take on investments to satisfy a vision. They examine a home and find that is could use some renovating. New floors. New wall paint. Granite counters and a new stove top. Often, it can be the small, outdated items that you replace which will make a less than appealing home worth more than you put in. Hense investment. On the downside, you also have to know a lot about home renovations before you consider investing in a home. You must be able to identify repair costs upon sight in order to get an idea on your potential ROI, also known as return on investment.

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My Rant


Everyday I step outside of my dorm room to the same exact environment. College students playing volley ball, socializing, mingling, having a blast. Then I open my SnapChat and witness something else even more frightening. Without getting into the exact details, all I can say is that procrastination is working at its finest.

Procrastination lacks the need of explanation but I’m speaking from a perspective that very few will take the time to look from. College is suppose to be the time where young adults go to receive an amazing education, graduate, and land that dream job but what I see too often is that this is never the case.
In reality, a college student comes to party, waste their parents’ money, then rush to cram for credit hours and internships towards the end of junior year. By this time, they realize that they screwed up their chance at landing their “dream job” and are now forced to settle with what they are offered, if anything at all. On top of that disappointment, their parents have relinquished the financial responsibilities of college debt to their children, who now have to spend the next 10 years of their life in a position of haul. They are literally working to pay off debts instead of working for what they believe would have been the ideal life.
Let’s take that same student and say that they did everything that they were supposed to do. They went to college, got good grades, landed internships and all of these jobs with their lives ahead of them. Upon graduating they enter the workforce to learn one very important thing the hard-way. The world is unfair and revolves around “who you know”. That position that they qualified for had just been taken up by a close friend of the business owner leaving them at a position less than ideal. A position with a salary cap and strict hours, a.k.a. “9-5”.
It’s not until this moment of “making it” that people either do one of two things. Become complacent or become pissed off and hungry.


When you realize that you are not where you want to be, you start to blame others, including the economy, bosses, and any other excuse that may have taken a toll on your lifestyle. What I want to stress is that life was not given to us for it to simply suck. We have the responsibility of taking advantage of it whenever possible and most college students don’t realize this. The world is not on their side and if they don’t strive to do the extra, they will be left with a sack of papers screaming “Extra! Read all about it!” How ironic.
Instead of wasting four years of your life, be different. Realize that the very same people that you see “enjoying” the college life are most likely going to come out average unless if they dare to be different. Once you dare to be different, you begin to start a trend that will continue to grow whether it catches on or not. Find something to do that will define you and give you more credibility than the average college perfectionist. More importantly, look to build a future that is run by you. One that a boss could never effect. Once you take on this challenge, you become dangerous.
For this reason, my roommate and Tristien and I have begun to dream much bigger than anyone would imagine possible for a college freshman. We stand out because we take the knowledge, utilize it, and capitalize. Who says we can’t start a business at 19 years old? Who ever said that you can’t graduate from college with a million dollar company? You are probably saying no one but honestly, everyone who isn’t anyone is saying that we can’t. It is for that reason that we desired we can and we will.
Dreams are amazing and without them, how could we ever make our visions a reality. The problem people suffer from is learning how to take action! Once you learn that anything is possible when you set your mind to it, you start to change lives around you. Everyday, people either tell me that the work I manage is amazing or that I’m working too hard. Exactly what I needed!
You have to develop the mindset that you want to be noticed for what you’re doing. When people see that you are separating from the crowd into a place in life that they have once dreamed, they too will become motivated. Nothing feels better than setting the example.
I am by no means an expert or professional leader, but the things that I take passion and pride in doing have labeled me as such. People ask questions and even look up to me. Some even older! Unintentionally, this has served as an incentive to continue to strive for greatness.
We live in a world within which people lose touch with opportunity and developed a tunnel vision to reality. “The reality of life is that the only way to live a happy life is to follow the school system”. The REAL reality of life is that if you don’t break out of the system, figuratively, then you will prevent yourself from doing so until later in life.
My father, who shares both the same name and birthday as me, is currently 49 years old. Nearing retirement, he has only now begun to see the world as it is. Through countless undeserved layoffs, he grew tired. That’s when he started his first business, Mathis & Son Enterprise. Seven years later, he bought his first sports car. This is where people take on separate views on life.
Some see his sports car as luck. That somehow he was lucky enough to have that car magically appear in his driveway. Little do they know that this was the exact opposite. That car was the result of several blessings, a lot of sweat, and a new business idea. Having always wanted a nice vehicle, instead of wasting money, he desired to invest in one. There is a big difference! He invested into the start of a sports car rental company. The best of both worlds!
The point of the story? Life revolves around a mindset. A mindset that once you obtain, can steer you down an oath of success that will lead you to achieve your goals and dreams without sacrificing daily essentials. Chances are that the job you’re working for is filled with people at the very same level as you and your chance of advancing is so minuscule that you might as well forget it. Provide for your family but as long as you have time to work overtime, you have time to build something new. Something big that will pay off more than you will have ever imagined!
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Recruiting Concepts to Optimize your Business Growth


As an entrepreneur, one of your biggest challenges will be selling your idea to the public. At first impression, if you have not been known as the “business type”, you will likely be rejected and pushed to the side countless times. People naturally will refuse to take you seriously but worry not… the ignorance is only temporary.

When you are entering the would of business, you have to start from point A, which is literally nothing. You lack credibility and people simply will refuse to see through your own eyes. Don’t let this get to your head when you struggle with developing a business backing. There is something called time that has to do its thing when you start a business or organization from scratch.
Many people feel as though they have the best idea in the world and it could benefit the lives of everyone. These same people fall short of making the idea a reality simply because they fall short. Giving up in the first year should be a slap in the face. If you are determined to make something out of what you do, admit and accept the fact that businesses do not sprout over night. If they did, everyone would own one. Take the road less traveled by sticking around during the most difficult times and you will eventually find the your profitable business plan.
As time progresses and you become wiser within your practice, you will find that you begin to develop a reputation for what you do. Whether people follow you or not, they will begin to notice your efforts and begin to assume the best. Upon doing so, you will find people much more willing to listen to what you have to say. Keep digging deeper for that treasure and people will eventually begin to follow in hopes of sharing in the reward, only after the majority of hard work is done.
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Prepare for the Mental Endurance that Wealth Demands


Money has been given such a bad rep due to the popular people that we know with it. Although we desire it, we often assume that money turns people into some evil and selfish individual, but the truth is definitely otherwise. Money doesn’t change people, it changes the people around you!

The concept may or may not be hard to grab but think of it from a hypothetical stand point. If you had openly won the lottery today, how many people around you do you think would start acting differently. Treating you differently? Expecting more from you? Most importantly, blaming you for their problems?
Money posses a great power to not only effect the life of its owner but the treatment that they will receive. Without mental endurance, having an extensive amount of wealth may drive you crazy. You will be forced to handle people in ways which you are not used to. As a whole, you will notice a lot of people who you aren’t even close with start to push themselves upon you. You may even be invited out to lunch and expected to pay for everyone’s meal. Not saying any of this will happen but in the presence of wealth, people will begin to change and look at you differently that they previously have, for better or worse.
On the other end of the table, you have the battle with your own personality. Some people allow money to go to their heads and end up loosing touch with their inner self. Arrogance may attempt to take over your life but you must resist. Everyday my mentor gives me the same advice. He warns me that with my mentality, I will soon be overwhelmed with wealth but I must stay humble. It was at this moment that he recommended that I promise to take on delayed gratification.  The average person would find it extremely difficult to be a college student and not touch the hundreds of thousands in their checking accounts. I myself can’t say that I will live up to his advice but I strive to do so.
Although vague, I’m hoping that you leave this post with a different view upon money and wealth. Its a powerful entity that may have a better effect on your life if left alone than if it were flashed around. We all know that with great power, there is an essential need for great responsibility. The same rule applies. For my fellow young entrepreneurs, I encourage you to take into account how money will effect those around you. Begin to prepare for that change.
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Mental Toughness: Delayed Gratification


As an entrepreneur or new business owner, you are expecting to start or have already begun to generate income. On the downside, although you have taken this step to growth, you must not let all of the dollars go to your head. Program your mind to consider taking on delayed gratification at all costs.

Delayed gratification requires you to simply discipline yourself to put off spending the money that you do have until a later date that the average individual would struggle with doing. My mentor does a great job in doing  so. Making over $300,000 of income with ease, after having built a self sustaining home business, you would assume that he is living life big. Although he has all of the fancy suits and could afford all of his dream cars, he chooses to continue driving his old Honda Civic.
People look at him crazy but after talking with him personally, I completely see where he is coming from. Instead of going out and carelessly buying a new Mercedes AMG or BMW M5, he has both set a standard for himself and a personal goal that trump his wants and dreams.
Firstly, he wants to literally be “financially bulletproof”. He wants to be sure that no matter what circumstance he or his family will encounter, expenses will be the last thing he will have to worry about.
Secondly, he made a pact with himself to not purchase a new car until his business is bringing in a an extra $100,000 or $200,000 a year which, with his mentality and work ethic, is easily achievable. Only then will he buy the car for himself as a reward.
Delayed gratification takes a ton of discipline but can prove to be very beneficial. All you have to do is wait, until you reach that higher height to start enjoying your life to the fullest!
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Entrepreneur’s Mentality: How to Properly take NO as an Answer


Despite your occupation, if you are an entrepreneur, you are in the same boat as every other business fanatic. You will go through a series of huge gains and great losses but how do you respond to each? Will you spend all that you have during peak season or prepare for the downfall. In the case of a downfall, are you going to accept failure or analyze where you went wrong?

These downfalls provide us the greatest opportunity to learn and grow as both an entrepreneur and a human. One major problem that we all face is knowing how to properly take “No!” as an answer. Many of you may have been taught to either never take no as an answer or simply were too afraid to push for what you believe in, or in other words, always shying away after the first “NO!”. In order to overcome major challenges in you life you must learn how to balance the two accordingly.
By harmonizing the two actions, you avoid both scaring away potential clients and missing out on major opportunities. As you may already know, opportunity only knocks once, leaving you empty handed for an extended period of time waiting for the next.
So how should you handle declines and refusals within the business world? Change your mentality by altering how you take a “no”. Instead, force yourself to hear “kNOw”, as in the need to kNOw more information before making final decisions. Depending on your circumstance and line of business, this information may come in various forms or fashions. Either you need to literally provide them with more insight into what you do and why you are worth their time, or take the scenic route of indirect persuasion.
Good news travels fast so if you get declined, continue to do your most amazing work to impact lives in the world and sooner or later your potential client will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Not everyone agrees first time and it is actually said that it takes over 7 introductions before someone will finally make a honest and well thought out decision. As long as you have good intentions and believe in the work you do, a silly “no” should not effect you when you realize that it most likely is not everlasting.
Place yourself on a pedestal that reassures you that people who refuse to partner with you are simply missing out big time. Once you do so, you will find that a change in mentality was never as hard as you thought in the first place.
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