Optimizing Your Blog with Grammarly – 2016 Review


Blogs grow into masterpieces not only by the content they provide but the quality of that content. If your well thought out blog post suffers from errors in spelling and grammar, your readers would be turned off. You can have the most influential and motivating content but neglecting to critique your content carefully can be detrimental to both your blog’s reputation and future. Don’t get me wrong! Producing amazing content contributes highly to growth, but errors are just unprofessional.

Now you know just as well as I, editing is tedious. It’s boring, annoying and very time-consuming. Most new bloggers and authors understand that it is an essential step to take before publishing, but we are only human. Chances are, you are not a world-class editor, or else that would be your profession! With that being true, it is very likely that if you go back to the last post you published, you will find an error. If you don’t, have a friend read it and they will find one for you.
The point is, if you don’t have a professional editor, the errors will find their way into your blog posts some way or another. So invest a few hundred dollars into a professional that knows what they are doing!

Unless you are already a successful entrepreneur, author or have already created a budget for such expenses, don’t invest all of your money into a world-class editor. Why not? Because there is a program for your browser, that will provide the same editorial service for free! It’s called Grammarly!

The day I discovered Grammarly’s proofreading software was the day that the majority of my blogging anxieties vanished. Literally!
No longer did I have to worry about spending half an hour to edit exceptionally well. More likely than not, I found myself previously choosing to do a quick, ineffective skim as opposed to the less fun act of carefully thought out revising. Grammarly does it for me, and the only thing I have to do is click a button to correct!
Honestly, I wish I would have known about the free editing program sooner. I’m sure my blog would have developed a much larger audience had I done so. Nevertheless, I do have to thank John Lee Dumas for recommending Grammarly on his Podcast, EoFire.

So bloggers, new and old, understand that it is rare that I recommend programs only because I don’t personally use them. In fact, this is my first “review”  because I use Grammarly, ALOT. I believe in their system and can honestly say it will make your writing career 100 times easier!

As I have said before and will continue to stress, the integrity of your blog’s future relies on quality. Grammarly will give you THAT quality which will distinguish your blog posts from the rest of the self-publishers with a professional look!
Now, while the Grammarly’s free version is fantastic, it has its limitations that the premium version breaks through! Luckily, it won’t break the bank.

So what exactly will Grammarly’s Premium do that the free version won’t. Well, it will not only correct common issues with spelling and comma splicing, but it will begin to act as a real editor!


Advanced issues including word overuse, sentence fragments, passive/active voice misuse, contraction detection, punctuation and many more hidden errors that we often ignore or don’t even realize are there.
Also includes a proactive thesaurus, vocabulary enhancement, and context-optimized synonym suggestions.
On top the professional writing advice, Grammarly’s premium checks for plagiarism!


Standard errors such as spelling, pronoun use, and word choice.
So as you can see, premium offers much more than a simple grammar check. Grammarly will accurately proofread your work and make suggestions that only professional editors and writers could do with ease.

Students, bloggers, and authors, I highly recommend trying Grammarly for free! You will love it! If you want that professional editorial touch to make your blog even more appealing to promote audience growth, go premium!

Try it for Free!

Final Opinions

The only true complaint I can think of is the fact that it may occasionally get confused with the point you are trying to get across. Grammarly accurately detects how you use various words so if it does not know how to correct and error, chances are your readers will also struggle with grasping the point you are trying to get across.
With that being said, I highly recommend that you give your post or paper a final glance after utilizing Grammarly’s expertise just in case you find the need to reword a sentence.

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Perspective Life Hack – Controlling Your Future Chances of Wealth and Prosperity


As an entrepreneur, you have the sole responsibility of accepting change. You need the ability to flex. Mutate. Sometimes even alter your ego in order to get out of the mind’s complacent state.

According to Gary Vee, an entrepreneur is defined by his actions, not his intentions. If you dream of someday becoming an entrepreneur, simply dreaming does not make you any different than who your currently are. In #AskGaryVee, Vaynerchuk states  that if your work a full-time job, you are not an entrepreneur. Point blank. No Argument. Frankly, I feel that although this statement serves true, it is merely circumstantial.
Entrepreneurship should not be defined by your occupation. Not having a full-time job does not make you an entrepreneur either. Working part time does not entitle you to make more money than the next person, but what I feel Gary Vee is trying to say is if you are stuck in the life of working fo someone else full time, you will never become a successful entrepreneur. Do your research and you will find that all entrepreneurs have one thing in common in regards to their journey. They disliked their corporate job so much so that during all of their free time, they began to build. Not envision. You can envision and plan all you want but if you aren’t taking concrete actions, you can’t be labeled as an entrepreneur.
Many entrepreneurs begin as full-time employees who began building onto an idea. Upon doing so, they gave themselves the opportunity to leave their previous work. Not that they became wealthy right out the jump, but that small leap gave them enough space to take a step back and really lay down the foundation for their future.
Think back to the college days. Chances are you weren’t involved with much work. Workstudy doesn’t count. It’s merely a way to get some extra beer money. *Joking* Work study isn’t bad,; it builds responsibility and time management skills…but do you remember those days when you lacked any TRUE responsibilities? All you had to do was wake up and go to class for a few hours then hang out the rest of the day. A corporate job and adult life takes this away from all of us and we lose hope of ever becoming something truly great outside of a boss level manager. This realization is what gives rise to many entrepreneurs.
If you feel constricted by work, consider entrepreneurship. If you really want to make your dreams come true, consider entrepreneurship. It’s easy! *Not Really* But it is! It’s easy to make the decision to set a goal to make your dreams come true but it’s hard to not succumb to the lazy mentality of the middle class. Don’t get me wrong, the hardest workers are middle-class families. On the other hand, the smartest workers are the ones making world class bucks. The entrepreneurs that realize that their boss is not better than them. So why can’t they start something new? Why can’t they invest in stocks while everyone else says they are too risky? Why can’t they leave their “secure” job to build a company from scratch? Why can’t they use their creative mentality to begin designing and consulting privately and make $20,000/month?
They can and they do. Entrepreneurs are born to want more than others and most of the time get what they desire. Sure they fail and may go bankrupt for the first year or two. But look at them four years later and you will be at their feet pleading for answers. Working hard pays off. Working smarter pays on.. and on.. and on.
Next time you see a wealthy entrepreneur, don’t ask for the secret formula, ask how to enjoy the journey during both rain and shine. Ask how to stay motivated when nothing seems to be working. Ask how big of an impact believing in your practice will bring even when you have gone an entire year without profiting. Even better, ask them for their personal opinion on the correlation between a college degree and the person’s level of success. You will find that little to no effect exists, whats so ever.

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Summer Break is the Best Time for College Students Hardwire their Lifestyle for Success


Want to determine what kind of person you are. When you picture summer, what do you see? Non Stop fun or A season of opportunity. Obviously, the two parallels are separated with age differences of adults and children but the mentality is what truly matters.

Yesterday afternoon I had some great questions arrive at my Snapchat inbox. Some from high schoolers and others from fellow college students. One question, in particular, stood out amongst them all which I felt needed to be addressed. Her question being “What are some useful things that students can do during the summer to help prep them fro the future?” Such a brilliant question that ever student should ask, hopefully as a freshman! Of course being a college student myself, it is only right that I offer my entire opinion.
Firstly, you will want to layout your future and redefine the term on useful. Where exactly do you want to see yourself in the future? How soon will that future arrive? For some, that may be 15 years while others may only have the patience for 5. Upon answering those questions you should consider “useful” to only be conditional. There are several activities that one may consider beneficial while others feel its plain redundant. Yes, this is a vague topic but its the truth. You have to answer theses questions prior to laying out the game plan.
In a hope of answering this question for as many people as possible, I’ll break down a potential game plan for two college students. The First dreaming of become some form of doctor, whether they become an ophthalmologist or chiropractor. Alternatively, I’ll also consider the college entrepreneur.
As a student striving to become a doctor, you have to alter your way of life immediately. The medical field can be very rewarding but it nothing less than stressful. Trust me. I’ve lived in a home full of nursing students and have mopped several floors of tears. Not that it’s impossible, but you are dedicating the next 6-8 years of your life to your hopefully future profession. On top of the strenuous work, that particular line of work is very competitive, even for A students. *GET ON WITH YOUR POINT ALREADY!*
So if you fall into a category of college life like the student mentioned above, you are going to want to do two things during your summer and learn to sacrifice fun in order to get ahead of the future competition. Looking for possible internships is a must. Learn the practice as soon as physically possible. Yes. ASAPP. These will help to strengthen your resume. Don’t settle for the average internships. You want to do more than the other hundreds of people who think they are getting ahead of the competition are doing, if that makes any sense… Take the entrepreneurial route of documenting your journey. Blog. Do a big research project. Study. Do everything that will either make you smarter than the competition or more importantly, unique. Employers scroll through thousands of applications and resumes so if you don’t have something special to show for, you will be another one who bites the dust.
Secondly, network!!!! This is an its-who-you-know-world and if you get matched with a similar resume, you are going to want inside leverage. By knowing some people within the line of business you are in you give yourself a massive advantage. Point blank, you can check out the original post for more info.
If you are wanting to step into the shoes of a future investor, real estate expert, business owner, or flat out entrepreneur, you should already know what I recommend you do with your summer. Think, talk, dress, walk and literally live in the footsteps of an entrepreneur. Ask yourself where you want to be in 10 years and start acting like that person. Be humbly open to new opportunity. Understand that the key to success is diversification. Become a sponge for knowledge and spend every day reading books by your the best in the business. Listen to entrepreneur Podcasts, like EOFire by John Lee Dummas. Master something your not good at. Perfect something that you are already great at. The summer sky is truly the limit for college entrepreneurs and I suggest that you buy into your beliefs 100%, right now. You will make mistakes but its best to make them while you in college so that by the time you graduate, your living better off than your mediocre counterparts.
Expect a part II. This is truly a small question loaded with possibilities. If you are a college student looking to build your future even during the summer, just focus on doing what others are not. Friends see me blogging while in college, which is great. What they don’t see are the countless hours and early mornings I wake up to read a new book, write a 500-800 word blog post, listen to an hour of podcasts, still manage to make it to and from work, fill up pages upon pages of notes that strengthen my entrepreneurial endeavors and not think twice about sleep. That is how you must live your life, every day, not only summer. When others complain about a college project, you should be complaining that you finished your project early, read 2 books but sadly only managed to write half of your own book. It’s all in the mentality.

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Optimize Your College Career Opportunities by Networking Early


The importance of proper networking, and in some instances, networking period, is the ability to build lifelong connections within the world that rewards you for who you know. Sure you can make a name for yourself and find success on your own terms but whether you realize it or not, there are more successful mentors and coaches out there that have the ability to steer you down a better path. They will help you avoid common mistakes that cause the average person to suffer. More importantly, they will guide you to even higher avenues with which you may never have gained access to alone.

It’s not always the act of greeting every stranger that walked by but instead the ability asking someone you already know for some advice. Whether they have the answer or not does not matter because if they are in a place of some form of authority, chances are that they will point you to someone they know who will have a better answer. This person-to-person exchange of advice and connection is what I consider true networking.
Networking is a skill they everyone should utilize no matter their profession. Especially if you don’t yet have a profession. I’m talking directly to the high school seniors and college freshman. You must take two actions during your first year away from home.
The first, establish the foundation for a long term mutual relationship between yourself and you previous high school administration. If they were anything like my wonderful school, they will have close ties with nearly every alumni that will be more than happy to give you that personalized advice to advance in the competitive world.
The second thing you should do is immediately start networking at your college. You are the new kid on the block and this provides the best opportunity to make a new name for yourself and establish new healthy relationships before all are preoccupied with exams and projects.
Networking, although it may seem obvious and redundant, will allow you a special advantage among your peers. Upon college graduation, everyone will be scrambling for the same jobs but if you have a solid network of connections, you will have the opportunity to be personally recommended for your a job of choice and, as we all know, will award you the position over someone else with similar credentials and zero connections.

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Avoid Dreaming Bigger than what You are Prepared to take on, doing so will Indirectly Hinder your Opportunity to Succeed


Sometimes we would all love to make our dreams magically come true but sometimes you have to get in touch will reality. Whether magicians are real or not, the monetary price to have them transform your business into a success is likely unfathomable. Stop wasting time dreaming because it’s time to make things happen.

Dreaming is not always bad because it helps reevaluate your underlying purpose. On the other hand, dreaming can be the most unproductive task you can do, next to pure procrastination. Dreaming big requires a ton of time for yourself to think. Days upon days of watching, examining, and thinking about but not actually doing.
Dreaming gets even riskier when you dwell in the moment too long. It’s like going to the most prestige and richest school in the state and then downgrading to a more public, less funded environment. It’s like buying everything you could ever imagine and then being cut off from your funds the very next day. It’s like watching your investment grow 100 fold and then witnessing it crash into nothing. More importantly, it’s like dreaming that everything worked out in your life and then waking up to reality, the most discouraging moment we could ever encounter.
In essence, learn to dream in increments. Dream to accomplish something that can be accomplished in the next month so that you can reward yourself upon its completion. Don’t dream to be a billionaire if you haven’t even reached the millionaire phase. Don’t dream to be the greatest poet in the world if you haven’t articulated your first piece. We all have to start from somewhere in order to achieve something so save yourself the trouble. You can dream for that higher level of success later, so for now, focus on your current position. Do what it takes to double your efforts and you will find that it won’t be as hard as you may have imagined duplicating those previously duplicated efforts. Before you know it, you will have finally succeeded.
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Don’t Be Fooled by School, Demand Success from Yourself and Learn from those Who Have Achieved it


Greatness is earned by those who demand it. The people who arrive early and stay late. The people who pass up on the night out in order to spend an extra hour researching. Those who are not afraid to fail during the process of development that others are not pursuing. I challenge you to ask yourself whether or not you deserve to be great.

The problem with our society is that we often fail to truly understand what it takes to achieve that incredible level of success that we have always desired. We kind of see and understand it but we never receive the entire picture. Our parents want the best for us so in order to make us successful, they tell us to get an education. This is the greatest advice that we could have ever received but contrary to that fact, we all implement it in the wrong way. The education that school provides is not the kind you need to be successful. Chances are that you don’t use 3.14 every day in your life and will not need to know Avogadro’s number. With that in mind, why were we raised to think that it will? Even after being told it won’t benefit our lives, we do it anyways!
For this reason, you should not follow the system that “promises” greatness. You should demand nothing less than greatness and as a result, you will find success and insight into the reality of our world. You will begin to study the tactics of the world class and you will find one thing common amongst them all. The knowledge they have received are the avenues which school has programmed our minds to hate. Books! Even further than a book, an actual mentor. Books are amazing utilities to get in contact with mentors that you can’t physically get in touch with but having a mentor in arms reach can prove to be the greatest educational tool. For this reason, you shouldn’t trust your college statistics teacher to give you investing advice because more likely than not, they are not truly successful investors. Instead, obtain the knowledge from books of people who have excelled in the practice and seek out real mentors that are willing to teach you what they have learned through actual experience!
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My Rant


Everyday I step outside of my dorm room to the same exact environment. College students playing volley ball, socializing, mingling, having a blast. Then I open my SnapChat and witness something else even more frightening. Without getting into the exact details, all I can say is that procrastination is working at its finest.

Procrastination lacks the need of explanation but I’m speaking from a perspective that very few will take the time to look from. College is suppose to be the time where young adults go to receive an amazing education, graduate, and land that dream job but what I see too often is that this is never the case.
In reality, a college student comes to party, waste their parents’ money, then rush to cram for credit hours and internships towards the end of junior year. By this time, they realize that they screwed up their chance at landing their “dream job” and are now forced to settle with what they are offered, if anything at all. On top of that disappointment, their parents have relinquished the financial responsibilities of college debt to their children, who now have to spend the next 10 years of their life in a position of haul. They are literally working to pay off debts instead of working for what they believe would have been the ideal life.
Let’s take that same student and say that they did everything that they were supposed to do. They went to college, got good grades, landed internships and all of these jobs with their lives ahead of them. Upon graduating they enter the workforce to learn one very important thing the hard-way. The world is unfair and revolves around “who you know”. That position that they qualified for had just been taken up by a close friend of the business owner leaving them at a position less than ideal. A position with a salary cap and strict hours, a.k.a. “9-5”.
It’s not until this moment of “making it” that people either do one of two things. Become complacent or become pissed off and hungry.


When you realize that you are not where you want to be, you start to blame others, including the economy, bosses, and any other excuse that may have taken a toll on your lifestyle. What I want to stress is that life was not given to us for it to simply suck. We have the responsibility of taking advantage of it whenever possible and most college students don’t realize this. The world is not on their side and if they don’t strive to do the extra, they will be left with a sack of papers screaming “Extra! Read all about it!” How ironic.
Instead of wasting four years of your life, be different. Realize that the very same people that you see “enjoying” the college life are most likely going to come out average unless if they dare to be different. Once you dare to be different, you begin to start a trend that will continue to grow whether it catches on or not. Find something to do that will define you and give you more credibility than the average college perfectionist. More importantly, look to build a future that is run by you. One that a boss could never effect. Once you take on this challenge, you become dangerous.
For this reason, my roommate and Tristien and I have begun to dream much bigger than anyone would imagine possible for a college freshman. We stand out because we take the knowledge, utilize it, and capitalize. Who says we can’t start a business at 19 years old? Who ever said that you can’t graduate from college with a million dollar company? You are probably saying no one but honestly, everyone who isn’t anyone is saying that we can’t. It is for that reason that we desired we can and we will.
Dreams are amazing and without them, how could we ever make our visions a reality. The problem people suffer from is learning how to take action! Once you learn that anything is possible when you set your mind to it, you start to change lives around you. Everyday, people either tell me that the work I manage is amazing or that I’m working too hard. Exactly what I needed!
You have to develop the mindset that you want to be noticed for what you’re doing. When people see that you are separating from the crowd into a place in life that they have once dreamed, they too will become motivated. Nothing feels better than setting the example.
I am by no means an expert or professional leader, but the things that I take passion and pride in doing have labeled me as such. People ask questions and even look up to me. Some even older! Unintentionally, this has served as an incentive to continue to strive for greatness.
We live in a world within which people lose touch with opportunity and developed a tunnel vision to reality. “The reality of life is that the only way to live a happy life is to follow the school system”. The REAL reality of life is that if you don’t break out of the system, figuratively, then you will prevent yourself from doing so until later in life.
My father, who shares both the same name and birthday as me, is currently 49 years old. Nearing retirement, he has only now begun to see the world as it is. Through countless undeserved layoffs, he grew tired. That’s when he started his first business, Mathis & Son Enterprise. Seven years later, he bought his first sports car. This is where people take on separate views on life.
Some see his sports car as luck. That somehow he was lucky enough to have that car magically appear in his driveway. Little do they know that this was the exact opposite. That car was the result of several blessings, a lot of sweat, and a new business idea. Having always wanted a nice vehicle, instead of wasting money, he desired to invest in one. There is a big difference! He invested into the start of a sports car rental company. The best of both worlds!
The point of the story? Life revolves around a mindset. A mindset that once you obtain, can steer you down an oath of success that will lead you to achieve your goals and dreams without sacrificing daily essentials. Chances are that the job you’re working for is filled with people at the very same level as you and your chance of advancing is so minuscule that you might as well forget it. Provide for your family but as long as you have time to work overtime, you have time to build something new. Something big that will pay off more than you will have ever imagined!
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