Optimizing Your Blog with Grammarly – 2016 Review


Blogs grow into masterpieces not only by the content they provide but the quality of that content. If your well thought out blog post suffers from errors in spelling and grammar, your readers would be turned off. You can have the most influential and motivating content but neglecting to critique your content carefully can be detrimental to both your blog’s reputation and future. Don’t get me wrong! Producing amazing content contributes highly to growth, but errors are just unprofessional.

Now you know just as well as I, editing is tedious. It’s boring, annoying and very time-consuming. Most new bloggers and authors understand that it is an essential step to take before publishing, but we are only human. Chances are, you are not a world-class editor, or else that would be your profession! With that being true, it is very likely that if you go back to the last post you published, you will find an error. If you don’t, have a friend read it and they will find one for you.
The point is, if you don’t have a professional editor, the errors will find their way into your blog posts some way or another. So invest a few hundred dollars into a professional that knows what they are doing!

Unless you are already a successful entrepreneur, author or have already created a budget for such expenses, don’t invest all of your money into a world-class editor. Why not? Because there is a program for your browser, that will provide the same editorial service for free! It’s called Grammarly!

The day I discovered Grammarly’s proofreading software was the day that the majority of my blogging anxieties vanished. Literally!
No longer did I have to worry about spending half an hour to edit exceptionally well. More likely than not, I found myself previously choosing to do a quick, ineffective skim as opposed to the less fun act of carefully thought out revising. Grammarly does it for me, and the only thing I have to do is click a button to correct!
Honestly, I wish I would have known about the free editing program sooner. I’m sure my blog would have developed a much larger audience had I done so. Nevertheless, I do have to thank John Lee Dumas for recommending Grammarly on his Podcast, EoFire.

So bloggers, new and old, understand that it is rare that I recommend programs only because I don’t personally use them. In fact, this is my first “review”  because I use Grammarly, ALOT. I believe in their system and can honestly say it will make your writing career 100 times easier!

As I have said before and will continue to stress, the integrity of your blog’s future relies on quality. Grammarly will give you THAT quality which will distinguish your blog posts from the rest of the self-publishers with a professional look!
Now, while the Grammarly’s free version is fantastic, it has its limitations that the premium version breaks through! Luckily, it won’t break the bank.

So what exactly will Grammarly’s Premium do that the free version won’t. Well, it will not only correct common issues with spelling and comma splicing, but it will begin to act as a real editor!


Advanced issues including word overuse, sentence fragments, passive/active voice misuse, contraction detection, punctuation and many more hidden errors that we often ignore or don’t even realize are there.
Also includes a proactive thesaurus, vocabulary enhancement, and context-optimized synonym suggestions.
On top the professional writing advice, Grammarly’s premium checks for plagiarism!


Standard errors such as spelling, pronoun use, and word choice.
So as you can see, premium offers much more than a simple grammar check. Grammarly will accurately proofread your work and make suggestions that only professional editors and writers could do with ease.

Students, bloggers, and authors, I highly recommend trying Grammarly for free! You will love it! If you want that professional editorial touch to make your blog even more appealing to promote audience growth, go premium!

Try it for Free!

Final Opinions

The only true complaint I can think of is the fact that it may occasionally get confused with the point you are trying to get across. Grammarly accurately detects how you use various words so if it does not know how to correct and error, chances are your readers will also struggle with grasping the point you are trying to get across.
With that being said, I highly recommend that you give your post or paper a final glance after utilizing Grammarly’s expertise just in case you find the need to reword a sentence.

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In Order to Optimize Your Blog’s Reach, Focus on Dishing Out Life Changing Posts


I’ve neglected to keep my fellow bloggers up to date with how exactly to successfully manage a blog. Luckily, keeping your website appealing to both search engines and your audience is not as hard as it may sound but when in doubt, lean on the side of pleasing the viewers.

An essential quality to your blogs success is its content. Is it unique? Does it entice arguments or solve problems? More importantly, is it of your best quality work that you can produce? You can take every step in order to manipulate the internet to strengthen your blog’s favorability to popular search engines, like Google, but nothing tops a loyal audience.
Yes obtaining an audience is often the most difficult part of starting a new blog but you most understand that it takes time. People stumble and skim over your work so if your only goal is to appear on the front page of google, you will see a huge bounce rate of visitors clicking out of your site. It is a much safer bet to write from the heart. Write in order to change the life of that one viewer that you got yesterday. Delayed gratification truly pays off in the long run. Possibly even sooner if that one view shares your blog post and before you know it, your blog post is in front of millions of other social media users. Don’t exclude SEO practices like proper keyword choosing but be careful with losing touch with your purpose, which leads me to my next point.
In order to have a successful blog, you must obviously have a definite purpose. That purpose should be to provide value that will enhance the lives of your readers, not to waste their times in exchange for a worthless page view. Gary Vaynerchuk cringes at the thought of the practice “like for like”, which seems to be the bread and butter to many Instagram users’ “success”. Although numbers look pretty, engagement rate is much more important. If your work is truly good, don’t be afraid of asking others to take a look it. Alternatively, asking for random followers who are not interested in your blog’s content is as good as not having those followers at all.

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Unmotivated? Create an Inspiration Archive to prepare for these Devastating Times


If you’ve lost motivation, you are not alone. On the contrary, if you do not regain that motivation, you will be left stranded and trapped within your very own sorrows.

In order to remotivate yourself, start from what got you started doing what you’re doing. Whatever that sweet feeling or thought was, simply revisit it. Try to get back in touch with your original inspiration in order to find purpose in what you do.
The loss of motivation, as stated, is a loss of purpose. If you simply refuse to continue to do something, it’s because you have forgotten the overall purpose. Find that greater cause or underlying fire within your belly to make a change. Whether that change is to your bank account or family matters, rediscover it and write it down.
By writing down exactly what inspired you, you prevent yourself from ever losing touch with your motivation. On top of keeping your inspiration written down on a notepad, seek to find other things that equally inspire you and add them to the notepad. In doing so, you will find that there are so many things that play a role in your daily drive. Don’t stop there! Look to fill up the bookshelves with inspiration. Read testimonials. Create a playlist on YouTube of the best motivation, whether it be a supercar scene or biblical devotion. Do whatever it takes to fill up your archive of inspiration. By doing so, you will find yourself getting lost in the cause.
Getting lost in the cause can be the best feeling. You are the dying iPhone while your inspirational archive serves as the charging port! We all encounter the draining times during which we feel nothing is possible. Use these moments to revisit your archive in order to recharge. You will find that not only will you regain  motivation but you will also be more enthusiastic than you ever have been!
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Don’t Be Fooled by School, Demand Success from Yourself and Learn from those Who Have Achieved it


Greatness is earned by those who demand it. The people who arrive early and stay late. The people who pass up on the night out in order to spend an extra hour researching. Those who are not afraid to fail during the process of development that others are not pursuing. I challenge you to ask yourself whether or not you deserve to be great.

The problem with our society is that we often fail to truly understand what it takes to achieve that incredible level of success that we have always desired. We kind of see and understand it but we never receive the entire picture. Our parents want the best for us so in order to make us successful, they tell us to get an education. This is the greatest advice that we could have ever received but contrary to that fact, we all implement it in the wrong way. The education that school provides is not the kind you need to be successful. Chances are that you don’t use 3.14 every day in your life and will not need to know Avogadro’s number. With that in mind, why were we raised to think that it will? Even after being told it won’t benefit our lives, we do it anyways!
For this reason, you should not follow the system that “promises” greatness. You should demand nothing less than greatness and as a result, you will find success and insight into the reality of our world. You will begin to study the tactics of the world class and you will find one thing common amongst them all. The knowledge they have received are the avenues which school has programmed our minds to hate. Books! Even further than a book, an actual mentor. Books are amazing utilities to get in contact with mentors that you can’t physically get in touch with but having a mentor in arms reach can prove to be the greatest educational tool. For this reason, you shouldn’t trust your college statistics teacher to give you investing advice because more likely than not, they are not truly successful investors. Instead, obtain the knowledge from books of people who have excelled in the practice and seek out real mentors that are willing to teach you what they have learned through actual experience!
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Assert Yourself as The Professional to Persuade Your Peers to Listen


Attempting to assert yourself as the professional in your line of work can often be the biggest challenge for new entrepreneurs. I myself struggle with my age. People assume that because I’m 19 years old, I can’t be trusted. According to that fact, I’m not qualified to run such business. I believe otherwise.

Whether you are starting a book club, educating families, or providing some sort of service, people are going to question your credibility. They know you are new and will naturally want someone with more experience. Although that is a result of human nature, you can not be discouraged. Remember that you are the professional. You have sacrificed time and money to learn what you have and therefore, know what’s best for others.
Upon making that realization, it’s time to assert yourself as that professional. When approaching someone in matters pertaining to your business, change your tone and display 100% that you know what you’re talking about. For example, in working to place another business under my belt, I had to approach my family. I had a product that I knew they needed. In fact, I knew that if they didn’t know what I had to offer, they would suffer an extreme financial loss in the future. In the first attempt, I approached them in hope that they would do business but  naturally, they pushed away the concept not believing in what I had to say. It was time for a different approach. A serious demeanor and heightened tone with an aroma of “I’m looking out for the good of the family… You all need to know what I have to say,” changed that outcome.  They now are more open and receptive to what I have to say.
The same will apply in anything you attempt to do. If you start a YouTube channel sharing your expert advice on home improvement, people want to know why they should trust you since you are running a new channel with little to no views.Your tone and demeanor will determine how effective you are at asserting your expertise. Be confident that you know more than your viewers and you will begin to believe that you truly are the expert. Without doing so, why would anyone else?
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With the “Safe” Bet of a Job, Comes the Loss of Opportunity


Becoming an independent business owner is the safest gamble that you could ever bet your chips on. So many people choose to bet against the odds with a single occupation only to blame luck when they lose that job.

Diversification is the key to financial success in ever single aspect imaginable.  The stock market is the most systematic version of how our world operates. If you know anything about safe investments, you will know that no single investment is a safe investment. Warren Buffett’s secret to his financial success involves a diverse selection of investments, including a portion of his money allocated to a handful of stocks. That same money was sprinkled across various shares that had the highest potential for good ROI (return on investment). On top of a diverse stock portfolio, Buffett set aside more money for the purchase of real estate. Another for the purchase of pre-existing businesses.  If one of the most successful entrepreneurs diversified his investments of both time and money, why shouldn’t you?
Don’t settle for working the average job and retire. Strive to work that job, invest some time towards building your own business, and learn how to utilize your money in ways that will healthily grow to provide for you a unique future of prosperity and wisdom.  As the saying goes, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. If that basket gets overwhelmed and breaks, all of your eggs will crash onto the ground. Alternatively, if you spread those eggs around several baskets, obtaining more when needed, you will find that if one breaks, you have many others to count on, providing for you when times get hard!
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Invision, Invest and Act on your Dreams in a Proactive “I Want it Now” Manner


Instead of dressing to impress, dress for success. 14 days after meeting my mentor, he gave me two points in regard to my appearance. The first, to fix my iPhone screen. I thought he was joking but he stressed that it’s unprofessional. Secondly, he told me to dress how my future self, as an entrepreneur, would dress. Dressing for success is an essential part in making it a reality.

Dressing the part due to guidelines can be both frustrating and counterproductive. The moment you begin to do something to please others is the moment that it becomes a burden. This gives rise to the reason that dressing to impress is not always the way to go. Alternatively, look to dress to impress your future self. Imagine where you want to see yourself in 10 years. If that person is a successful entrepreneur and business person, are they going to be rocking graphic tees and tennis shoes all the time? Probably the total opposite. More likely than not, that future business person is going to have a wardrobe full of clean, professional dress, with a casual selection that still projects a professional vibe.
Don’t wait for success to start dressing the part.  Starting early has several psychological benefits that will alter your mentality for the better. If you continue to shop at the same stores that you do today, you are still living in the past. If you start to shop for that future self, you will find that you are closer to that success than you may have imagined. My mentor told me that he once only wore button up shirts when he began to market himself as a businessman. Through some success and tons of failures, his mentor told him to add a tie to his daily attire. The moment he did so, his income grew exponentially as a result of potential clients being more willing to do business with someone dressing the way he did.  It truly is the little things that count.
If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, I challenge you to test your own results by making one simple change. On the weekends, dress up a little. Don’t go all out but instead, wear something more professional than your typical Saturday night wear. As a result, you will find that people around you will begin to ask why you are so dressed up, even though you haven’t made any dramatic changes. These begin a process called Piquing Interest. Repeat this routine for a few weeks and you will find that people will start to listen to you more often upon receiving the vibe that you are actually a productive human being. It’s a small change but can provide a world of profit!
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