Summer Break is the Best Time for College Students Hardwire their Lifestyle for Success


Want to determine what kind of person you are. When you picture summer, what do you see? Non Stop fun or A season of opportunity. Obviously, the two parallels are separated with age differences of adults and children but the mentality is what truly matters.

Yesterday afternoon I had some great questions arrive at my Snapchat inbox. Some from high schoolers and others from fellow college students. One question, in particular, stood out amongst them all which I felt needed to be addressed. Her question being “What are some useful things that students can do during the summer to help prep them fro the future?” Such a brilliant question that ever student should ask, hopefully as a freshman! Of course being a college student myself, it is only right that I offer my entire opinion.
Firstly, you will want to layout your future and redefine the term on useful. Where exactly do you want to see yourself in the future? How soon will that future arrive? For some, that may be 15 years while others may only have the patience for 5. Upon answering those questions you should consider “useful” to only be conditional. There are several activities that one may consider beneficial while others feel its plain redundant. Yes, this is a vague topic but its the truth. You have to answer theses questions prior to laying out the game plan.
In a hope of answering this question for as many people as possible, I’ll break down a potential game plan for two college students. The First dreaming of become some form of doctor, whether they become an ophthalmologist or chiropractor. Alternatively, I’ll also consider the college entrepreneur.
As a student striving to become a doctor, you have to alter your way of life immediately. The medical field can be very rewarding but it nothing less than stressful. Trust me. I’ve lived in a home full of nursing students and have mopped several floors of tears. Not that it’s impossible, but you are dedicating the next 6-8 years of your life to your hopefully future profession. On top of the strenuous work, that particular line of work is very competitive, even for A students. *GET ON WITH YOUR POINT ALREADY!*
So if you fall into a category of college life like the student mentioned above, you are going to want to do two things during your summer and learn to sacrifice fun in order to get ahead of the future competition. Looking for possible internships is a must. Learn the practice as soon as physically possible. Yes. ASAPP. These will help to strengthen your resume. Don’t settle for the average internships. You want to do more than the other hundreds of people who think they are getting ahead of the competition are doing, if that makes any sense… Take the entrepreneurial route of documenting your journey. Blog. Do a big research project. Study. Do everything that will either make you smarter than the competition or more importantly, unique. Employers scroll through thousands of applications and resumes so if you don’t have something special to show for, you will be another one who bites the dust.
Secondly, network!!!! This is an its-who-you-know-world and if you get matched with a similar resume, you are going to want inside leverage. By knowing some people within the line of business you are in you give yourself a massive advantage. Point blank, you can check out the original post for more info.
If you are wanting to step into the shoes of a future investor, real estate expert, business owner, or flat out entrepreneur, you should already know what I recommend you do with your summer. Think, talk, dress, walk and literally live in the footsteps of an entrepreneur. Ask yourself where you want to be in 10 years and start acting like that person. Be humbly open to new opportunity. Understand that the key to success is diversification. Become a sponge for knowledge and spend every day reading books by your the best in the business. Listen to entrepreneur Podcasts, like EOFire by John Lee Dummas. Master something your not good at. Perfect something that you are already great at. The summer sky is truly the limit for college entrepreneurs and I suggest that you buy into your beliefs 100%, right now. You will make mistakes but its best to make them while you in college so that by the time you graduate, your living better off than your mediocre counterparts.
Expect a part II. This is truly a small question loaded with possibilities. If you are a college student looking to build your future even during the summer, just focus on doing what others are not. Friends see me blogging while in college, which is great. What they don’t see are the countless hours and early mornings I wake up to read a new book, write a 500-800 word blog post, listen to an hour of podcasts, still manage to make it to and from work, fill up pages upon pages of notes that strengthen my entrepreneurial endeavors and not think twice about sleep. That is how you must live your life, every day, not only summer. When others complain about a college project, you should be complaining that you finished your project early, read 2 books but sadly only managed to write half of your own book. It’s all in the mentality.

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