STOP With the Excuses! Financial Freedom is at Your Fingertips


Imagine waking up tomorrow financially free. The world is your oyster and you literally have relinquished yourself of all financial worries. You no longer rely so tightly on budgeting and now have to opportunity to pull 100% of your focus on building and enjoying your income. Truly envision how different your life would be. Even if you say money doesn’t matter, just imagine the freedom.

It’s mesmerizing, right? When’s the last time you took a minute out of your busy lifestyle to really consider what life would be like? Not necessarily being the richest person on the block but not having to worry about financial responsibility. Many people fake this lifestyle. They pretend everything is great but end up living above their means, causing unnecessary financial stress.
Most people aspire to become wealthy and obtain all the money they could ever desire but truth is, this is the wrong approach. That’s like looking forward to the housing market booming without owning any property. In order to achieve that future goal, don’t skip steps. Figure out how to reach that level of financial freedom first and worry about the rest later.
You may be thinking “this dude is crazy, making more money would solve all of my problems!” Well, your right in a sense but wrong in reality. Robert Kiyosaki, famous investor and author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, says that it’s not about of much money you make, it’s about how much money you keep.
Still not registering? Picture you have just founded a new restaurant that’s grossing $500k/ Year. A huge Success right?? Not if that money is going back out the door. Mabey your restaurant is spending $250,000/year on marketing. Still not bad… Until you consider taxes, wages, bills, and of course the physical product. Mabey a decent Lawyer? Top Notch CPA to keep track of the flow of funds? Next thing you know your CPA is informing you that your $500,000 business is only profiting $70,000. Now your a successful entrepreneur making less than middle-class income.
Moral of the story, if you don’t understand where your money is going, you will never find enough to supplement your financial issues. Sure some payments can’t be avoided but whether you admit it or not, you are pouring money into something leading to a big waste.
For example, say your lunch during a work day consists of a BigMac. You tell yourself that work is paying for the lunch so your not really loosing any money. Well, $6.00/day * 5 Day/week = $30/week for lunch.. That’s About $120/month or $1440/year
Maybe to some that doesn’t sound like enough of money to affect your life but what if you did something you’re not programmed to do with that same $120. You decide to invest it into a mutual fund instead of spending $1440, you would have made $300, not to mention living a healthier lifestyle. Sure that’s pennies to the end goal but that’s a simple concept that you should take note of.
Don’t take my word for it, do your own numbers. Hire a CPA and patch the holes in your bank account. If you manage to patch every hole you already begin to see a brighter light in the tunnel of life!

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-Image from Pixabay

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