In Order to Optimize Your Blog’s Reach, Focus on Dishing Out Life Changing Posts


I’ve neglected to keep my fellow bloggers up to date with how exactly to successfully manage a blog. Luckily, keeping your website appealing to both search engines and your audience is not as hard as it may sound but when in doubt, lean on the side of pleasing the viewers.

An essential quality to your blogs success is its content. Is it unique? Does it entice arguments or solve problems? More importantly, is it of your best quality work that you can produce? You can take every step in order to manipulate the internet to strengthen your blog’s favorability to popular search engines, like Google, but nothing tops a loyal audience.
Yes obtaining an audience is often the most difficult part of starting a new blog but you most understand that it takes time. People stumble and skim over your work so if your only goal is to appear on the front page of google, you will see a huge bounce rate of visitors clicking out of your site. It is a much safer bet to write from the heart. Write in order to change the life of that one viewer that you got yesterday. Delayed gratification truly pays off in the long run. Possibly even sooner if that one view shares your blog post and before you know it, your blog post is in front of millions of other social media users. Don’t exclude SEO practices like proper keyword choosing but be careful with losing touch with your purpose, which leads me to my next point.
In order to have a successful blog, you must obviously have a definite purpose. That purpose should be to provide value that will enhance the lives of your readers, not to waste their times in exchange for a worthless page view. Gary Vaynerchuk cringes at the thought of the practice “like for like”, which seems to be the bread and butter to many Instagram users’ “success”. Although numbers look pretty, engagement rate is much more important. If your work is truly good, don’t be afraid of asking others to take a look it. Alternatively, asking for random followers who are not interested in your blog’s content is as good as not having those followers at all.

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