How to Design the Most Eloquent and Brilliant Product Known to Mankind


Do you ever dream of creating that one amazing invention that gives the world the ability to solve its greatest problems? Or maybe you prefer to focus on the little things and solve some of our most overlooked issues that we encounter daily? Whatever it may be, you should come to the realization that some of the greatest inventions and products were created not out of a ton of research but grew from one simple idea.

Many of us get into the habit of not taking action. We can literally come up with a highly profitable and helpful invention, or maybe already have, but fail to take action to make that idea a product of reality. Ideas truly can be simple. Honestly. For example, the television sleep timer. Someone got sick and tired of getting out of bed to turn off the tv to prevent the overnight waste of energy. What did they do? They set out to be sure that the Sleep Timer feature was built into television sets. Falling asleep with the tv on is now a solved problem.
In order to come up with these genius ideas, you simply have to experience. Begin to notice the little things in life. Next time you cringe to do something, ponder your thoughts for a quick solution. Chances are that you will say, “Someone should fix this by creating…”. You just solved the issue! Chances are that the problems you face are spread across millions of other people that have the same mindset. For business sake, it’s your time to set out for the race to make that concept a reality.
Where most people fail is to actually take action on their thoughts. I suggest that you break this cycle by writing down each brilliant idea you get, despite whether or not you truly know how to fix it by making your idea a reality. The beauty of the matter is that someone else does! All you need to do is hold that idea dear and close while you begin looking for others to help you out. Seek out a mentor and leverage their connections. If you don’t know someone, someone else you know does. By the time you’ve gotten to this step, you’ve entered the building phase for that product or solution; a step that many people feel is not possible for whatever excuse.
Don’t be afraid to make your idea a reality. Start to network in order to find that one person that will be willing to help and you will have created something big in no time!
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-Image from Pixabay

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