Avoid Dreaming Bigger than what You are Prepared to take on, doing so will Indirectly Hinder your Opportunity to Succeed


Sometimes we would all love to make our dreams magically come true but sometimes you have to get in touch will reality. Whether magicians are real or not, the monetary price to have them transform your business into a success is likely unfathomable. Stop wasting time dreaming because it’s time to make things happen.

Dreaming is not always bad because it helps reevaluate your underlying purpose. On the other hand, dreaming can be the most unproductive task you can do, next to pure procrastination. Dreaming big requires a ton of time for yourself to think. Days upon days of watching, examining, and thinking about but not actually doing.
Dreaming gets even riskier when you dwell in the moment too long. It’s like going to the most prestige and richest school in the state and then downgrading to a more public, less funded environment. It’s like buying everything you could ever imagine and then being cut off from your funds the very next day. It’s like watching your investment grow 100 fold and then witnessing it crash into nothing. More importantly, it’s like dreaming that everything worked out in your life and then waking up to reality, the most discouraging moment we could ever encounter.
In essence, learn to dream in increments. Dream to accomplish something that can be accomplished in the next month so that you can reward yourself upon its completion. Don’t dream to be a billionaire if you haven’t even reached the millionaire phase. Don’t dream to be the greatest poet in the world if you haven’t articulated your first piece. We all have to start from somewhere in order to achieve something so save yourself the trouble. You can dream for that higher level of success later, so for now, focus on your current position. Do what it takes to double your efforts and you will find that it won’t be as hard as you may have imagined duplicating those previously duplicated efforts. Before you know it, you will have finally succeeded.
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