Unmotivated? Create an Inspiration Archive to prepare for these Devastating Times


If you’ve lost motivation, you are not alone. On the contrary, if you do not regain that motivation, you will be left stranded and trapped within your very own sorrows.

In order to remotivate yourself, start from what got you started doing what you’re doing. Whatever that sweet feeling or thought was, simply revisit it. Try to get back in touch with your original inspiration in order to find purpose in what you do.
The loss of motivation, as stated, is a loss of purpose. If you simply refuse to continue to do something, it’s because you have forgotten the overall purpose. Find that greater cause or underlying fire within your belly to make a change. Whether that change is to your bank account or family matters, rediscover it and write it down.
By writing down exactly what inspired you, you prevent yourself from ever losing touch with your motivation. On top of keeping your inspiration written down on a notepad, seek to find other things that equally inspire you and add them to the notepad. In doing so, you will find that there are so many things that play a role in your daily drive. Don’t stop there! Look to fill up the bookshelves with inspiration. Read testimonials. Create a playlist on YouTube of the best motivation, whether it be a supercar scene or biblical devotion. Do whatever it takes to fill up your archive of inspiration. By doing so, you will find yourself getting lost in the cause.
Getting lost in the cause can be the best feeling. You are the dying iPhone while your inspirational archive serves as the charging port! We all encounter the draining times during which we feel nothing is possible. Use these moments to revisit your archive in order to recharge. You will find that not only will you regain  motivation but you will also be more enthusiastic than you ever have been!
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-Image from Pixabay

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