The Ability to Be Strong During the Day of Adversity will Determine your Level of Success


If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small. That very same day provides your best opportunity to grow as a person. When adversity hits you hardest look around to the back side. You will find that the hardship was simply a mask of a blessing in disguise. Worry not of what challenge you are encountering but instead, be hopeful to see what will come out of it or what you will become as a result of the epic victory.

That saying goes back to high school. The football preseason was filled with strenuous tasks that required much more than physical strength. The drills could only be fulfilled through a large sum of mental strength. Again, not physical endurance or mental capabilities but instead a fine balance between the two called mental endurance.
Mental endurance cannot be measured but often can be directly correlated with your will, which is much greater than pride. You can have pride in what you do but that often settles to maintain its current state, also known as complacency. Will, on the other hand, allows you to make that mental decision to excel past your limits. It is what leads your body to begin gushing out those temporary steroids and painkillers to do the “impossible”. Only when your will to succeed surpasses all other hardships and obstacles will life become any easier. Instead of trying to survive, you will find yourself beginning to thrive. You will begin to live a life of accomplishment on levels that others will question.
“What’s your secret?”
“What books should I read to be as intelligent as you?”
“How long will it take?”
People will pound at your door for the answer, similar to how you once did. What they will not immediately realize is that the secret is the overwhelming desire to succeed. “Only when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, will you achieve success”. You can have the cure to cancer but if you aren’t willing to spend the long hours preparing it, your efforts will be worthless. Knowledge is only as powerful as its applicator. It is for that reason that society revolves around money. Money can buy the knowledge and application.
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-Image from Pixabay


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