Don’t Be Fooled by School, Demand Success from Yourself and Learn from those Who Have Achieved it


Greatness is earned by those who demand it. The people who arrive early and stay late. The people who pass up on the night out in order to spend an extra hour researching. Those who are not afraid to fail during the process of development that others are not pursuing. I challenge you to ask yourself whether or not you deserve to be great.

The problem with our society is that we often fail to truly understand what it takes to achieve that incredible level of success that we have always desired. We kind of see and understand it but we never receive the entire picture. Our parents want the best for us so in order to make us successful, they tell us to get an education. This is the greatest advice that we could have ever received but contrary to that fact, we all implement it in the wrong way. The education that school provides is not the kind you need to be successful. Chances are that you don’t use 3.14 every day in your life and will not need to know Avogadro’s number. With that in mind, why were we raised to think that it will? Even after being told it won’t benefit our lives, we do it anyways!
For this reason, you should not follow the system that “promises” greatness. You should demand nothing less than greatness and as a result, you will find success and insight into the reality of our world. You will begin to study the tactics of the world class and you will find one thing common amongst them all. The knowledge they have received are the avenues which school has programmed our minds to hate. Books! Even further than a book, an actual mentor. Books are amazing utilities to get in contact with mentors that you can’t physically get in touch with but having a mentor in arms reach can prove to be the greatest educational tool. For this reason, you shouldn’t trust your college statistics teacher to give you investing advice because more likely than not, they are not truly successful investors. Instead, obtain the knowledge from books of people who have excelled in the practice and seek out real mentors that are willing to teach you what they have learned through actual experience!
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-Image from Pixabay

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