With the “Safe” Bet of a Job, Comes the Loss of Opportunity


Becoming an independent business owner is the safest gamble that you could ever bet your chips on. So many people choose to bet against the odds with a single occupation only to blame luck when they lose that job.

Diversification is the key to financial success in ever single aspect imaginable.  The stock market is the most systematic version of how our world operates. If you know anything about safe investments, you will know that no single investment is a safe investment. Warren Buffett’s secret to his financial success involves a diverse selection of investments, including a portion of his money allocated to a handful of stocks. That same money was sprinkled across various shares that had the highest potential for good ROI (return on investment). On top of a diverse stock portfolio, Buffett set aside more money for the purchase of real estate. Another for the purchase of pre-existing businesses.  If one of the most successful entrepreneurs diversified his investments of both time and money, why shouldn’t you?
Don’t settle for working the average job and retire. Strive to work that job, invest some time towards building your own business, and learn how to utilize your money in ways that will healthily grow to provide for you a unique future of prosperity and wisdom.  As the saying goes, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. If that basket gets overwhelmed and breaks, all of your eggs will crash onto the ground. Alternatively, if you spread those eggs around several baskets, obtaining more when needed, you will find that if one breaks, you have many others to count on, providing for you when times get hard!
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-Image from Pixabay



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