Your Mind was Made to Astonish, Not to Settle


Without an active mind, you are the equivalent of dead. We were given that powerful tool in order to ponder ideas, solidify them and create. If you are willing to sell your body to someone else with an active mind you are as good as dead. In other words, you’re not truly living life.

The corporate world has programmed our minds to think in only one single way. We are told that the path to success requires you to obtain a college degree in order to get a decent paying job. By getting that decent paying job, you have read a script, that was written by an active minded person. For a limited amount of pay, you then accept to reenact the script. Reenacting a script does not require a ton of mental activity at all. Once you spend the time learning a subject through college, you develop muscle memory which can then be implemented into your specific line of work. Upon getting to this point, your mental activity comes to a halt, leaving you to only focus on surviving as opposed to improving, not realizing that you are already pretty much dead.
I’m not saying a job is bad. I’m saying that we are trained to work a job that was not designed to make our dreams come true. We work so hard to obtain a specific job position not realizing that the only dreams we are helping, are those of the employers, not that they are bad. Everyone is human and naturally the business owners must look out for the good of the company before individual interests.
Like I said, minds are meant to actively create, not to settle for complacency. With that in mind, no pun intended, consider your current state in life. Are you enjoying it to its fullest? Are you working for your dreams or someone else’s? Are you waking up at the same point in life that you were a year ago? If so, really rethink your situation. Pinpoint where you are lacking and correct it. The lifestyle that you desire is waiting for you to make that change in mentality. Once your mind becomes active again, the sky is the limit.
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-Image from Pixabay

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