Make One More Phone Call when You’re Tired


We all fear the wrong things in life, when the main concern should be ourselves. We often work towards a goal or a wild dream but fall short and blame it on external causes. Although adversity exists, we can constantly use it as an excuse for our multiple short comings.

As an entrepreneur, it is mandatory that I learn how to follow up with new, old, and potential clients in order to allow the business to healthily grow. As you may have experienced yourself, this task can get very frustrating. Over and over you listen to that one person make an excuse as to why they are too busy or were forced to change plans despite having promised you a segment of their time. The same situation may occur when you are trying to land a publisher for your future book or loan from a bank. The fact of the matter is that you can never give up when all seems bad.
If you truly want to be successful in your realm of business, reprogram your mind to take “no” in a different way. Don’t get that gut wrenching feeling whenever someone tells you “no” or that they are too busy. Instead, come to the realization that the world is too big for one single person to cause your business to fail. Whether you know it or not, there is some other person out there who is in need of your service, looking to invest, or simply having connections to that one person you’re looking for. So instead of giving up, make that last phone call. After you make that last phone call, make another. When you develop that mentality, you will find that nothing will prevent you from making progress.
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