Without a Consistent Schedule, your Blog, Business, and Viewer Backing will Plummet


Once again, I write this post out of pure experience and frustration with myself. Consistency is an essential quality for any business to grow. If you consistently do good work, you will be rewarded with constant growth. On the other hand, if your work is choppy and cannot be depended on, you will find that your business with suffer in ways that are extremely hard to correct. My blog has gone through this phase.

If you have paid close attention, you will notice that the past monst, I have not stuck to my previous posting schedule that has rewarded Bernard Boulevard with 50% of growth for each month. Instead, I loosened the reins, turned off traction control, and downshifted into a gear that has significantly altered my rpm (readers per month). If you read last month’s performance report, you will find that Bernard Boulevard had an 11% decrease in readership since the previous month. Considering my blog has previously and consistently recieved a 50% increase in earlier months, I am remorseful.
On the bright side, I know where I need to correct my efforts. I need to resort back to a weekly blog posting schedule in order to avoid feeling pressured to squeeze in a post for the day. It was for that reason that I chose not to crank out posts from the last two days. Instead, I used it as a moment to not lie to myself about my scheduling time and sit down to rethink my current strategy.
The moral of the story is that consistency plays a major role in everything you do. If you don’t beleive me, look at my websites numbers…I’ve heard that they are pretty trustworthy. All in all, if you are a fellow blogger or are considering becoming one, be sure to lay out a schedule that you will promise to strick to no matter the situation.
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-Image from Pixabay

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