Bernard Boulevard: April 2016 Performance Report

It is the 1st of May and Bernard Boulevard’s forth monthly performance recap! The blog’s official launch was January 1st, 2016 and a very exciting day for me. I spent the majority of December 2015 preparing the site.  Instead of retelling the entire story of my blog’s birth, I’ve placed a link to the summary lower in this post. You can also click here to view the full blog post! Back to April’s performance… here are a few stats from this past month.


Most Popular Page

“Open Your Eyes: Going to College for a Degree is the Poor Man’s Approach“

Top 3 Traffic Generators

1- Search Engines, 2- WordPress Reader, 3- StumbleUpon

New Subscribers

11 Followers via WordPress; 27 Likes via Facebook Page

Most Traffic(Day)

38 Views and 30 Visitors on April 23, 2016

Weekly Trend on Chart(Views & Visitors)


Monthly Trend on Chart(Views & Visitors)


Domain & Page Authority

Domain: 13/100 (+3) ; Page: 23/100 (+3)

Total Traffic

14.396% Traffic Decrease since March
April Stats: 555 Views, 331 Visitors, 97 Likes, 54 Comments:
At 4 months old, we are beginning to see the foundation of my blog solidify. According to this month’s stats, Bernard Boulevard’s viewership has remained at a consistent level just 39 viewers shy of lasts months total. Compared to the month of March, Bernard Boulevard has seen a 16.2% decrease in overall page views and a 11.3% decrease in blog visitors. This translates to a 14.396% decrease in total traffic, as previously mentioned. Luckily, I know exactly what has caused this decrease in growth. During the month of April, I leaned towards developing a new business with my roommate, which I will get into more detail in a later post. In spending countless hours planning, training and traveling to conferences, I struggled with consistent blog publishing. As you begin to blog, you will find that this consistency plays a major roll in healthy blog growth! As always, I’m truly looking forward to seeing how much the blog grows in May, but to do so, that requires me to tighten my blogging schedule in order to allow me the proper time to produce content worth reading!

Want to Learn the Blog’s Origins? —> The Birth of Bernard Boulevard

Special Thanks!!

As always, I’d like to conclude this post and start this month of May off right by thanking Bernard Boulevard’s greatest contributors. Tai Lopez of the 67 Steps, and John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire have served as some of my greatest daily motivation but the inspiration does not stop there! I must contribute a ton of this month’s progress to my mentors who have continued to keep me on my toes everyday. Each rewards my day with a surplus of priceless knowledge!
As mentioned at the end of every post, the majority of my blog’s images come from the amazing photographers and users of Pixabay and I highly suggest that you go check them out! Also, I can’t forget to recognize my team. Without the help of my good friend Erin, editing would truly be a hassle! You can see exactly why on my former blog post (Click Here). I’d also like to thank my Graphic Designer, Leandis Patton, for putting together a beautiful logo for the blog! Feel free to visit Bernard Boulevard’s Facebook page to see some of his work!
For all of Bernard Boulevard’s new and returning visitors, I truly appreciate your time! Especially those of you who have supported our efforts by subscribing! Everyone that has followed and liked Bernard Boulevard and its blog posts are essential components to my daily drive. Each view, comment, and share make a huge difference in my blogging efforts by keeping me motivated!
I’d also like to once again thank a fellow blogger, Poet Rummager, for keeping me entertained with her brilliant knack for poetry along the way! If you love poetry, you should really go check out her blog!(Click Here)

Tracey Mathis (Me)

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Cell: 615-438-9900 (Text Only)

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Leandis Patton

Graphic Designer For Real Life Productions

Erin Wadley

Editor for Bernard Boulevard

Taylor Parker

Video Producer
-Image from Pixabay


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