Break the Average Barriers by Reinterpreting What School Actually Taught You


“Go to bed smarter than when you woke up” – Charlie Munger

Warren Buffett spends the majority of his day in his office reading. Learning is the most important task that you could ever to capitalize on. When you master the art of learning, you open virtually all of the doors to endless opportunities and possibilities. Although school often takes the fun out of it, when you decide in your mind to make it a lifestyle to become an information sponge, you begin to grow in ways that you never thought possible.

Reading has received such a bad reputation due to the fact that the educational system forces its students to partake in the “dreadful” event! Nothing was worse than going home from school with the responsibility of reading 100 pages of a book that we had little to no interest in. Upon diluting our minds with these feelings towards books, kids grow up never desiring to reenter the realm of knowledge building. It is said that the average American adult reads less than one book a year and I find this extremely concerning!
People fail to see the reality of reading for growth instead of for a grade. We are all self driven individuals and the only thing stopping us from reading is our previous bad experiences of it. I can proudly say that I break that average statistic by a long shot but with good reasoning.
Everyone desires to build wealth and become extremely successful in life but the average consumer bases success off of luck. If you truly want to stand out and be great, you will develop a desire for knowledge of how to do so. The saying goes that curiosity killed the cat. Surprisingly enough, people have never heard of the second part to the motto, “…but satisfaction brought it back to life!”.
As you develop the curiosity for success, you will begin to closely follow and study the lifestyles of the wealthy. Upon doing so, you will find a common trend between many of the self-made millionaires. They contribute a large portion of their success to reading! The hunger for knowledge is only the precursor for success, and the moment that you break the average statistic, you begin to build something of value that no other person can take away. Your intelligence!
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-Image by Pixabay

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