Do you Live the Life of the Poverty Class or the World Class


My mentor tells me that in order to stand out in the world, you have to start living the life that you desire. Financially, this may not immediately be possible but mentally it can happen upon request. When you adapt such mentality, the financial benefits will follow. So which class do you see yourself living in?

According to Steve Siebold’s “177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class”, there are five primary social classes that people can define themselves within: World, Upper, Middle, Working and Poverty class. Obviously the lowest of the low is the poverty class, within which people struggle with the most difficult financial struggles. On the other end of the spectrum lies the 5% of the Earth’s population, also known as the World Class. If you are reading this, automatically place yourself in the position within the Middle Class for the sake of the blog post and the reality of the world.
70% of the world lives the life of the Middle Class. Although not the worst possible position in life, the Middle Class is the least malleable. In other words, people struggle with advancing from this point in life.  This is a result of several reasons, but I want you to focus more on the mentality rather than financial standpoint.
The average Middle Class individual will never advance to the upper class simply because they don’t feel like it is possible. Because such a large portion of the world thrives in this class, it is often difficult to separate yourself from such people. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with so, if you are surrounded by Middle Class, how could you ever expect to be better than the next person? We are not raised to think any different and instead are forced to believe that there is no other option.
100% of the middle class residents that say they will become wealthy millionaires never become so. This is true because they settle with the average Middle Class mindset of go to school and get a high paying job. If 70% of the population is striving to reach the same position in their field of study, how could everyone become wealthy? It’s just not possible. It is for this reason that entrepreneurship thrives.
Successful entrepreneurs often come from the same Middle Class lifestyle but take on life from a different approach. They implement something called the World Class Mindset, which is used by the top 5% of the world’s population. The World Class look at the reality of how the world operates. They look into the future and see the lotto like system of education and therefore strive to create something more stable and reliable. Although it requires more upfront work and a strong mentality, they are able to better apply the same work ethic in a much more profitable field.
So what’s the big difference in the mentality of the Middle Class as opposed to the World Class? The World Class has an abundant mentality that has the ability to create and manage risk. They sacrifice safety for growth. They have a vision. They are spirit driven and solution oriented. More importantly, Steve Siebold stresses that the World Class differ because they are Humble and Eager to learn while the Middle Class assumes they have enough knowledge to only get by.
With such an endless list of minor changes in mentality, the World Class thrives in the world of success because they are everything but complacent. When you push yourself to fear what you will not achieve from passing up on an opportunity, you will begin to take chances that the Middle Class will not. When you come to realize that corporate jobs have income caps and will prevent you from making your desired wealth, you will strive to create something better. When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath, you will surpass your current standing and reach the World Class lifestyle. Your wealth doesn’t define your social class. Your mentality will determine your wealth that will in turn contribute to your label of social class.
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