Aim for a Recruit, Miss with a Sale


If your business is in its infant age, one of your main focuses will be to build your team. Without a team, you can’t multiply your efforts. That’s just the nature of business. In the search for potential business patterns, don’t always focus on the partnership. Share part of the journey with your acquisition of clients. In other words, aim for a recruit and miss with a client.

That mentality can operate in either direction. If you work alone but already have a small client base, don’t be afraid to prospect your clients for potential partners. If they enjoy the quality of your service, chances are they have more respect for you than you may even realize. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to approach them with your business proposal or offer. The worse they can say is no. If they don’t, you may have just found that person who will be able to propel your business to the next level.
Alternatively, if you feel that someone you know already fits the bill and would serve as a great addition to your business, be eager to approach them! If they are hesitant, miss with a sale by offering a trial of your product or business. Either they will be impressed and willing to join your journey or they will want to become a returning client. Either way, you place yourself in a win-win situation.
Don’t waste time approaching one business aspect at a time. Learn to multitask when appropriate and watch how much progress you will be able to make!
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-Image by pixabay

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