How to Turn your Passion into a Crusade


A passion often develops from a hobby that you put your heart into. Once you have your feelings invested, it’s hard to not take things personal. It’s hard to help the hobby evolve into a successful business. It’s also hard to make others see the potential that you see. In order to do so, start by focusing on turning that passion into a crusade.

If you love helping those around you and want to do so on a bigger scale, you have to spread your mentality to those around you. Simply setting the example does not give anyone a valid reason to follow in your footsteps. If you want to take a position of a leader and great influence, you have to ooze with passion. When you speak to others and post to social media, you have to find the best way to transfer your strong emotions to those on the other side of the conversation.
To do so, stress both growth and impact. What can they expect to see from your efforts in two years? If it’s meaningful, you will give them a decent reason to want to take part in the movement. Will it attract a lot of attention? Some people are hungry for all eyes on them and if your movement has a large potential following, chances are people will be filling your inbox to get involved.
Lastly, what literal effect will it have on others? Are you changing lives or simply accumulating likes and view on social media? Numbers mean a lot but if they aren’t translating into profits, saved lives, or a growing business, all of your efforts will go to waste. In order to insure that your passions turn into a crusade, back them up with a meaning that will never fail to deliver what it promises.
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-Image by pixabay

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