Open Your Eyes: Going to College for a Degree is the Poor Man’s Approach


Growing up, we are all raised to get good grades in school, go to college, and get a job. That was the proposed “formula” that is supposed to guarantee wealth and happiness but let’s be honest. How well does this turn out? The majority of our parents instill this mentality in order for our protection, but what protection are they providing if they are limiting our true potential? If they are struggling with the horrors of corporate America, why should we?

I am by no means calling school bad, but you have to take into account your future. If your wildest goals and dreams are to be wealthy, your parents probably told you that going to college and receiving that diploma will automatically help you do so. Chances are you listened and received a huge wake up call for doing so upon graduating with thousands in college debt. According to common sense, the next 10 years of your life will not be working for your own wealth building purposes, but instead to pay off this debt.
By following this “ideal” path, you will be 30 years old and just then starting to “live your life”. What went wrong? You lost touch of your dreams and reality. You fell into the Middle Class mindset that wealth is a fantasy and is merely luck. You might have considered owning a business but found it too challenging or simply feared the idea of entrepreneurship as a whole.
If entrepreneurship is a vague word to you, consider it the lifestyle of earning your own income. Being your own boss. Restriction and limit free. It can pose challenges just as great as the rewards, but people shy away simply because they are afraid of the “insecurity of entrepreneurship”.
You are responsible for how much income you generate so if you aren’t making money, it’s due to your lack of work. Working one hour a day isn’t going to build a successful business. People assume this is all it takes and that’s why the majority fail.
Now how does this relate to the topic of this blog post? College is not a waste of time but if you are expecting to graduate and be handed a hefty check, you can forget it. Instead, consider using your countless free time around campus to start building a business. One of my greatest inspirations, Kristen Hadeed, did so and allowed herself to graduate as the owner for her own cleaning company!
College poses as the best place for trial and error, so why not take advantage of the moment! Take the risk instead of wasting time with a part-time job! Use your time to ponder your thoughts and build something great so that you don’t have to work when you graduate. Even better, you may start making more than you ever have imagined before that time even comes.
Strive to do more because the 9 to 5 is not the surefire way to go. You can be laid off in a heartbeat. Even more practical, if you suffer from an injury that prevents you from working, your out of luck. Start working for yourself while you can and it will pay of sooner than you think!
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  1. I COULD NOT AGREE WITH YOU MORE! This is exactly why I left my last year before graduating. I was just miserable and I became more aware of the system that is placed in education. It’s a sad and cold world. I had to break away and create my own path, even though it hasn’t been easy, I couldn’t be more happier with how my journey is turning out. I just wish I would’ve acquired this knowledge before the 20k debt, but everything has a solution! Great post!

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