Focus on Building Your Legacy So that You May Duplicate Your Efforts


In order to impact the lives of others, you must first focus on your own. From first glance, the idea may come off as selfish but think of the big picture. If you want to help the hungry, how big of an impact would you make right now by taking 3 hours out of every day to service them. Now take that very same 3 hours and use it towards building a business. Do you think you will be able to feed a lot more people in the long run if you have a lot more money coming in?

I don’t make this claim just to encourage you to not help people in need. However, I do encourage yo to want to make a bigger impact on the lives of these people. If you are not where you want to be in life, don’t waste your life spending countless hours trying to provide the support that you don’t have. Instead, spend these hours to build something that will place you in a position to actually make an impact. In other words, consider building a business in order to increase your income. Doing so will provide you with the opportunity to make bigger contributions.
If you have read my About Me page on my blog, you would already know that I love helping people. All I wanted as a student was the opportunity to make the homeless smile. Although giving $5 to someone everyday will feed them a meal, I don’t want to be seen as “another donor”. I want to be the person who can invest in their lives and actually get them back on their feet. If you visit YouTube, just look at the smiles that a hundred dollar bill will put on someone who is struggling. Imagine if that were $10,000.
All I’m asking of you is to think bigger than your simple efforts. A dollar donation will help your cause but $100,000 will leave a much larger dent in the efforts! Strive to be that person who can comfortably donate $100,000 and see how many lives you help as a result.
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-Image from Pixabay

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