Prepare for the Mental Endurance that Wealth Demands


Money has been given such a bad rep due to the popular people that we know with it. Although we desire it, we often assume that money turns people into some evil and selfish individual, but the truth is definitely otherwise. Money doesn’t change people, it changes the people around you!

The concept may or may not be hard to grab but think of it from a hypothetical stand point. If you had openly won the lottery today, how many people around you do you think would start acting differently. Treating you differently? Expecting more from you? Most importantly, blaming you for their problems?
Money posses a great power to not only effect the life of its owner but the treatment that they will receive. Without mental endurance, having an extensive amount of wealth may drive you crazy. You will be forced to handle people in ways which you are not used to. As a whole, you will notice a lot of people who you aren’t even close with start to push themselves upon you. You may even be invited out to lunch and expected to pay for everyone’s meal. Not saying any of this will happen but in the presence of wealth, people will begin to change and look at you differently that they previously have, for better or worse.
On the other end of the table, you have the battle with your own personality. Some people allow money to go to their heads and end up loosing touch with their inner self. Arrogance may attempt to take over your life but you must resist. Everyday my mentor gives me the same advice. He warns me that with my mentality, I will soon be overwhelmed with wealth but I must stay humble. It was at this moment that he recommended that I promise to take on delayed gratification.  The average person would find it extremely difficult to be a college student and not touch the hundreds of thousands in their checking accounts. I myself can’t say that I will live up to his advice but I strive to do so.
Although vague, I’m hoping that you leave this post with a different view upon money and wealth. Its a powerful entity that may have a better effect on your life if left alone than if it were flashed around. We all know that with great power, there is an essential need for great responsibility. The same rule applies. For my fellow young entrepreneurs, I encourage you to take into account how money will effect those around you. Begin to prepare for that change.
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-Image from Pixabay

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