5 P’s to Leadership


Leadership comes in many forms and fashion and everyone seeking to run a business must understand how each works. In the words of my mentor, Leadership resonates in 5 separate stages, each of which of greater or less prestige than another. Leadership is starts out as Positional but, with proper understanding, can be strengthened to the highest level of Person hood.

Positional leadership is fairly simply to understand and takes place within cooperate america. You follow someone only because you have to. These leaders are most likely your managers who may not always be more qualified than you are for their position within the workforce. You only follow them because of the title that they have received despite their personality or work ethic.
Leadership, on a higher lever, takes the form of permission. Permission leadership revolves around a voluntary system. People are not forced to follow you but instead do so because they want to. Typically you achieve this level of leadership upon building relationships and constantly providing positive energy that people begin to gravitate to.
The next level of the leadership hierarchy is production. For entrepreneurs seeking to build a team, Production leadership will often prove to be much more effective than the previously mentioned forms. This remains true because people often judge your level of success by numbers and how much money you are actually obtaining with what you do. This can be good to gain momentum but bad because these people are often not self motivated. They will ignore your advice only until they start to see you make money or begin to stand out of the crowd.
Another level up lies the position based around people development. Many mentors hold this position because they have a good reputation of helping build other people in whatever you do. They come all forms from football coaches to millionaire wealth builders.
Finally, at the highest level lies the leadership of person-hood. Person-hood is a high level of respect that you gain for doing what you do, consistently, for multiple years. It is an everlasting credibility that you will have obtained, similar to that of reputable people like Warren Buffett. He is widely known as wealthy investor and without personally knowing him, you still would comfortably trust his knowledge and advice.
By taking each into account, you can begin to build your leadership to any level that you desire. With anything you do, it will take time to advance through the levels so don’t be discouraged when people choose not to listen to what you have to say the first time you say it.
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-Image from Pixabay

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