Your Comfort Zone will Make Your Ideas a Reality


If there is one single thing that I have learn while growing as an young entrepreneur, it is the need to think outside of the box. Many people hear that advice but don’t actually strive to implement it into their everyday lives.

In order to truly think outside of the box, you must be willing to literally step outside of your comfort zone. Doing so is an essential step to thinking outside of the box. For myself, I’m in the process of building a business to help educate families on financial literacy while attending university and managing a blog. Being a young college freshman, I had to think outside of the box in order to bring such an idea to the surface. Unlike what most people fail to do, I actually had to step outside of my comfort zone to get the ball rolling!
Yesterday evening I hosted my first seminar where I pushed myself to speak in front a of crowd of 30 students and adults on my core values while live streaming to 20 others!  To most freshman students, such a thing seems horrifying to do at such a young age but these moments lead to growth. By pushing myself to make the seminar a success, I reassured myself that it was not only possible but not as hard as I had imagined. The final result? A huge boost in confidence!
Push Yourself to Do Something Uncomfortable and Watch How Much You Grow! Be Sure to Like and Leave a Comment 🙂
-Image from Pixabay


  1. I think you may have two lines of thinking at play. A person can step outside of the box or the majority’s paradigm to seek new opportunities and avenues to pursue. This is a critical element for business leaders to employ for a market advantage.

    Another line of thinking is to be willing to step beyond your normal boundaries for the purposes of taking action. Many great ideas fail to take shape because people cannot overcome that initial barrier called fear.

    Congratulations on your success!

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