Optimizing your College Days by Becoming a University Blogger


Is it possible to blog while attending University? Of course! I get people asking me how exactly do I manage to, literally, manage school work and the blog at the same time. My response? It requires a reality check!

Everyone claims that they have no time to do anything extra because of how much class work they are given, but in reality they are just giving themselves an excuse. While attending college, there is a load of free time on your hands, simply waiting for you to claim it. If all you do is attend class, chances are you are going to run into the problem of working on assignments last minute. On the other hand, if you have other priorities, like a job or a blog, you will hold yourself to a higher standard. Within such standard you will put forth more effort in order to find that time and you will discover that it was always there in the first place!
So do I always manage my work and blog perfectly? Of course not but by having a blog and occupation that keeps me busy throughout the week, I am forced to make sure my school work is done early in order to have that free time to fall back on. All in all, it is extremely possible to mange an entire blog while in school. Worst case scenario, you get better at creative thinking and significantly improve your writing skills in the process!
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-Image from Pixabay

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