How to Stop Losing your Pens


One problem that I have always struggled with throughout my years is keeping up with my own pens. I could buy a pack of thirty and loose half of them within a week. After questioning my abilities to keep up with my own belongings, I finally found the one solution to prevent me from loosing my writing utensils.

I find that if you own something that is worthless to you, you will be much more likely to handle it more freely and carelessly. On the other hand, when you get yourself something nice, you are going to hold it by your side at all times with a much lower chance of departure. I applied the same concept to my writing utensils. I made sure to limit my availability of pens down to only one and sometimes two. Secondly I make sure that the pen is both aesthetically attractive and comfortable for use. Lastly, I dig deeper into my wallet to get a pen that is on the upper end of the price spectrum.
By doing so, I am much less likely to use it carelessly. Knowing that losing that single pen is like loosing $10, the last thing I want to do is forget were I last placed it. In other words, if you get belongings that you would feel disappointment for having lost, you will be that much more sure to take care of it.
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-Image from Pixabay



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