Business Repellent vs Attractant


Personality plays a big role in the world of business. As a portent aspect of any business establishment, a main core should be building your team. In order to build a stable team, you must have the ability to look into the hearts of potential members and learn how to control your own by understanding two important concepts. What attracts versus what repels.

After visiting the Headquarters of an amazing company today, I was blessed with the knowledge of amazing entrepreneurs breaking the barriers of over $1 Million per year in generated income each. If you are not careful, you have the ability to drive all business opportunities out the door.
Replants come in to major forms. Arrogance and Negativity. As you may already know, arrogance, although not all bad, drives away both friends and clients. Nobody likes to hang around a know-it-all that loves to brag and boast. Even if you are successful in your works, learn to live humbly.
The same idea applies to negativity. If you are always negative, those around you will feel the same way. Negativity spreading among your team and business will lead to a lack in productivity and more importantly, motivation.
Alternatively, you should focus on a positive mindset. Despite the adversity that you are and will still face, learn to see the bright side of things. If you come into the a meeting down, lacking any inspiration, it will spread and it will spread among your peers fast! Ignore your current situation and start approaching everything you do with a positive and productive mindset. Setting a good example is an essential quality in both leadership and team building.
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