There is No Such Thing as Writer’s Block


There is no such thing as writers block,

Their is known such thing as writers block,

they’re NO such things as writers block,

Let that soak in and take a second to understand why. As a blogger, no matter your posting schedule, you have encountered a time when you simply ran out of steam and struggle with continuing to produce creative and meaningful content. I myself actually went through a brief phase of writer’s block only moments before I began to write this post. I had actually packed my things and decided to leave the library to take a nap and finish later. It was at this moment that I did not break that block but instead chose to utilize its power to build from.
Yes, writer’s block may come in the form of building blocks, if you properly approach the moments. Alternatively, writer’s block may also block your mind from its natural creativity. The truth is that writer’s block is nothing but another way to say that we have lost motivation and would rather do something “more important” than to write. This is where you need to start reprogramming your mind.
Instead of remaining susceptible to the nonproductive side of writer’s block, use the moment to relax and ponder your thoughts. These moments that push us towards giving up actually allow us enough time to take a step back to think outside of the box. Without such a moment in time, or minds would constantly be set to think a certain way. Writer’s block is nothing but a new planet that your mind has landed on, and naturally, has no clue where to go. Utilize these moments to build a brand new path of mental thinking and you will be amazed at what new ideas will begin to pour out of your mind.
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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. At one point writers block held me back from doing a lot of things and I had to really sit down to analyze what this was holding me back from doing. Once I got to understand the power of the mind and what it’s capable of doing I went on to writer the best work of my life. Thank you for sharing this!

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