Greatness is not Born, Greatness is Earned through Extraordinary Dedication


Greatness is almost always misunderstood. People feel that they are entitled to it for whatever reason it be. Whether they are going to college, making straight A’s, naturally talented, or simply have big goals, no single accolade will place you at a higher pedestal than anyone else.

First off, let’s take the example of school. You want to become a doctor, which in itself is a very competitive field. You are acing all of your classes, but do you automatically deserve the position? Systematically maybe but we do not live in a systematic world. Truth be told that it’s not always what you do but who you know. While you’re doing excellent in school, somebody else is also doing excellent, in addition to spending their summers working with internships. On top of that, after class they may also be conducting their own research on the field of work and learning everything they need to know while you are only getting the grades… So who really deserves that position?
I cannot stress how competitive of a market we live in. School isn’t going to teach you how to go out and network in the world. You aren’t going to learn the most important skills in life until it’s too late. With that being said, strive to earn you greatness, whether it be another stripe, accomplishment or belt in karate. There are literally levels to this game of life and the only way you will come on top is by doing the extraordinary. If you blend in with the crowd, you are doing something wrong! Don’t be afraid to stand out because the world deserves to know your name.
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-Image from Pixabay

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