Productivity is a Treat Disguised as a Burden


Productivity is easier to accomplish than it sounds, but harder to put in to action. By that I mean we are constantly putting forth various reasons as to why we can the productive, which is obviously why we can’t put productivity to action. On the other hand, being productive is a lot easier than you may have imagined when you take to time to find out why.

Understanding what it takes to be productive requires you to identify a goal. Working blindly will simply prove to be a huge waste of time. Set aside a few minutes before attempt to be productive so that you may identify exactly what you wish to accomplish. Once you do so, set a deadline.
A strict deadline will force you to work at a faster pace than your are originally accustomed to. Your mind is like a car. You never unleash its true potential until you set it for sport mode. Upon doing so, another event will take place. You will find yourself running out of time in the middle of your peak performance. Because you have set a deadline, you will be able to comfortably continue to work to get the job done and chances are you have little left to do.
If you had not set that deadline, you would have worked at a consistently slower pace than before. When the time comes that you originally wished to have the job completed , you will have been placed in the opposite position; forced to crank out work with the sacrifice of quality. As you may already know, quality is of greatest importance in whatever you do.
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