Optimizing Your Life: Simple Ways to Find more Time During your Busy Days


We all have responsibilities and lets be honest, we all have been or are experiencing a time within our lives during which we feel overwhelmed with tasks. You may even find yourself putting off tasks due to the simple fact that you do not have enough time in the day. Stop lying to yourself!

I’d hate to come off pushy, but we all must come to the realization that there are 24 hours in a single day. Typically 8 hours, on the steep side, of a single day is allotted to sleep. With some simple math, you will find that 16 hours of the day remains for activity. During the a typical work week, assuming that you work a 9-5 job, your free time is cut down to 8 hours.
No matter the excuse you make, 8 hours is a good amount of time to work towards you goals and dreams. If your excuse is that you never have time in the day to read a book, then I beg to differ. If you can’t even allot 30 minutes of your day to some activity that you typically never have time for, then you have a major issue.
As vague as the post is, all I ask is that you stop making excuses for why you can’t and start making commitments as to why you will! I’ll go deeper into the concept in a later post but right now ask yourself a simple question.
“Do I still have the very same goals that I had set last year?”
If so, then you most likely made excuses that prevented you from working towards that goal during a full work year. If you do the math, you should have at least 2,080 hours of free time throughout your workweeks in a single year! If you want to start a business, don’t wait to retire. Start working during these 2,000 free hours instead of wasting them!
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