Keeping your Blog Up to Par in the Presence of Competition


A lesser discussed topic in the world of blogging happens to be the concept of keeping your blog’s readership level up to par. Everyday, people will do a Google search to find better ways to increase blog traffic without proper foundation. If you don’t understand why your blog is loosing its new readers, you will always struggle with building your entire audience. It’s the same concept of trying to fill a bucket of water that is covered with cracks and holes.

In order to make sure that your blog’s level of readership is stable, you have to give yourself some time to do a little data analysis. If you, like myself, are utilizing WordPress, you should have access to daily trends that represent how much traffic is flowing to your blogging site. I suggest that you not focus too much on the daily trends but more so your monthly trends. Keeping track of your site’s overall monthly traffic is a trustworthy way to assure that you will always be aware of potential falls and spikes.
I do a monthly blog post that explains how much better or worse Bernard Boulevard has performed. This post gives other bloggers an idea of how their numbers should compare.  Even more importantly, these monthly posts give me a detailed explanation of any changes I have made. If you have seen my former March Performance Report, you will find that I have calculated the changes in readership down to the exact percentage. Luckily, for the past 3 months, I have seen my blog gain a nearly 50% increase in total traffic for each month from the previous. For having that continue for three months, I can comfortably say that my blog is growing at an exceptional pace!
On the other hand, imagine that I have one bad month. During this bad month, my blog’s total traffic decreases by 50%. Then I would immediately look towards my previous performance report and find out exactly what I have changed or done differently. Naturally, I would then make adjustments for improvement. For this reason, keeping a close eye on your blog’s performance trends is an essential task to retaining your blog’s readership.
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