Entrepreneur’s Mentality: How to Properly take NO as an Answer


Despite your occupation, if you are an entrepreneur, you are in the same boat as every other business fanatic. You will go through a series of huge gains and great losses but how do you respond to each? Will you spend all that you have during peak season or prepare for the downfall. In the case of a downfall, are you going to accept failure or analyze where you went wrong?

These downfalls provide us the greatest opportunity to learn and grow as both an entrepreneur and a human. One major problem that we all face is knowing how to properly take “No!” as an answer. Many of you may have been taught to either never take no as an answer or simply were too afraid to push for what you believe in, or in other words, always shying away after the first “NO!”. In order to overcome major challenges in you life you must learn how to balance the two accordingly.
By harmonizing the two actions, you avoid both scaring away potential clients and missing out on major opportunities. As you may already know, opportunity only knocks once, leaving you empty handed for an extended period of time waiting for the next.
So how should you handle declines and refusals within the business world? Change your mentality by altering how you take a “no”. Instead, force yourself to hear “kNOw”, as in the need to kNOw more information before making final decisions. Depending on your circumstance and line of business, this information may come in various forms or fashions. Either you need to literally provide them with more insight into what you do and why you are worth their time, or take the scenic route of indirect persuasion.
Good news travels fast so if you get declined, continue to do your most amazing work to impact lives in the world and sooner or later your potential client will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Not everyone agrees first time and it is actually said that it takes over 7 introductions before someone will finally make a honest and well thought out decision. As long as you have good intentions and believe in the work you do, a silly “no” should not effect you when you realize that it most likely is not everlasting.
Place yourself on a pedestal that reassures you that people who refuse to partner with you are simply missing out big time. Once you do so, you will find that a change in mentality was never as hard as you thought in the first place.
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  1. The majority of people have a hard time being on the receiving side of a “no.” I was told a long time ago to reframe the concept of “No” to “not right now.” This is right in line with your idea of needing more information to make a decision.

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      1. Have you read the Starbucks story? He was told no so many times by the VC world because who would pay $5 for a cup of coffee? That story is all about the power of persistence and dealing with “No.”

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