How a Book will Sharpen your Edge in Life


Develop the passion for learning, despite your age. I’m currently a 19 year old blogger, and independent business owner who has only recently began utilizing the university library for recreational purposes. Sure, everyday people comment on how young I am, but age is only a number. I speak as I do for the simple reason that I wish I would have started even sooner.

This blog post is for everyone but specifically geared towards the lives of high school students. I want to encourage everyone to not waste a day in your life. Whenever you wake up, seize the opportunity to build your knowledge. Strive to be an overall genius and only then will you find your true potential.
What’s my point? I am simply recommending that you pick up a book and begin to read. Not for the enjoyment of a fairy tell or to replace your time behind the television, but instead, for a greater cause. We all have wondered what it takes to achieve the amount of success that key figures like Dave Ramsey have obtained. By doing enough research, you will find something in common with people of similar accolades. They all have developed the habit of reading.
Whether the book is motivational or educational in the matter of finance, psychology or some other concept, learning things that no one else puts the time into will give you a huge advantage in life. Imagine life as an exam. The exam is covers how to stay motivated and compete in highly competitive markets. If you don’t read the text, you are going too be forced to guess and steal the ideas from others. On the other hand, if you read, read, and read up on the subject that you are pursuing, you will give yourself the opportunity to process thoughts and ideas that allow you to pass the exam with flying colors! You will also benefit from not having to suffer the stress of cramming information last minute.
“If you’re not learning, you aren’t earning.” –Tai Lopez
So make your choice right now. Are you willing to do the extra for your future? If so, leave a Like and Comment below.
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