Instead of Shying Away, Embrace the Competition


Could you imagine the NFL with only two teams competing? What about watching NASCAR only one car at a time? We all seek a special spark in our daily lives that is naturally birthed by competition. With this in mind, why would you ever fear it?

We all know what it’s like to compete but we often shy away from the idea entirely. Its not uncommon to feel threatened by people of similar ranking. The truth is that we should feel the exact opposite. Look at competition as an opportunity to grow, simply because it is!
Take a moment to imagine that you play football for the NFL. You are the starter for your position of choice. “Luckily”, you are the only person playing that position and therefore have no reason to worry about others taking your position. Now take the same scenario but this time imagine that there are five other players, who are just as good or better than you who are, also waiting for the shot to take your starting position. In which circumstance will you work harder? This is the reason that we should embrace competition.
Many people refuse to work hard but sadly hard work is what it takes to get what you want in life. So why should you embrace the challenge? Simply due to the fact that you will, in turn, push yourself to limits that you would have never done before. This will mold you into a stronger, smarter and overall better person than if you were free of the responsibility of working hard.
All I ask is that you start to embrace competition because it will bring out your greatest potential. Stop fearing failure and start excepting nothing less than success. Identify where you can apply this mentality and go do it! While your at it, be sure to leave a like and comment! 🙂
-Image from Pixabay


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