Standards are Not Malleable, Don’t Allow Others to Alter Them


The definition of a standard is a set level of quality that is used to represent the norm. With this in mind, why would you ever want to lower yours? Really take the time to consider your core values. We all support different beliefs but why should we stoop down to another individuals level? The answer is that we just shouldn’t. Period.

Many startups suffer from the problem of failing to hold employees to a certain level of productivity, or in other words, a set standard. No matter what you do, looking at a business’s operation is the best way to understand the importance of strengthening your values and standards. With either of the two aspects missing, our fast paced world would drive any establishment into the ground.
What’s your establishment? Have you set standards? Are these standards backed up by core values? More importantly, are you enforcing your values? Whether you are going through a phase of self improvement or making your company reborn, you must take the time to address these topics.
For self improvement, are you allowing others to negatively influence your life and persuade you to do things that go against your goals or beliefs? If so, take a stand! Same goes for the fellow entrepreneurs out in the world. Learn to say no in order to give your life the control it deserves. Leading an organisation? Don’t be afraid to remove the weaker links. Not everyone shares your same values so if you allow these people to stay in your organization, you will see your entire establishment receive a virus like infection that will spread throughout other members.
Do yourself a favor by solidifying your standards. Make known your values and don’t allow anyone to compromise them. You will see your self and organization grow as a whole.
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-Image from Pixabay


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