The Back Door Method to Meeting your Financial Goals


We all have financial goals and dreams but what are we actually doing to make then come true? Are you working overtime for a company or spending your “overtime” to develop your very own? Are you planning or have you already created that special plan? Ask yourself these questions everyday you wake up. If you come up with the same answers day in and day out, you are most likely suffering from what is known as complacency, which I explained in depth in my former blog post “Dodging Complacency“.

If you feel yourself battling with the issue of being complacent, take the time to dream. I call this the “Back Door” method because people always try to tackle money head on without looking at the lesser known steps. A better way to describe “dreaming” would be to start visualizing.
In order to set a realistic goal, you need to visualize the end goal. Write down exactly what you want to have obtained or what doors you wish to have opened when you reach said milestone. Even better, create a bucket list. When you have in front of you this list of items and tasks that you strive to complete, you have the ability to start breaking them down. Ideally, you should do the research to inform yourself of how much, exactly, you have to be making in order to make your visualizations a reality.
As briefly mentioned above, breaking down  your goals into concrete numbers is the first and one the most important steps to making a change in your financial life. Think of it the entire process as saving for your first car. If you have no clue as to how much the car is going to cost ahead of time, chances are that you will fall short or far from the end goal! Alternatively, by actually seeing the dollar amount on paper, you give yourself the chance to start a reliable financial strategy for your overall saving and earning plan.
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  1. I agree with your position about the importance and process, but so many people don’t do it. I have always wondered how much financial complacency is caused by fear. Many people many not want to know the truth of their budgetary situation or what it will really take to achieve their goals.

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  2. It’s always easier to look at our goals without thinking of how much money it actually takes to achieve them. Thanks for the excellent points.

    Also patience is crucial. I can be impatient, at times, and need to realize that sometimes it takes months and even years of hard work to get to the level for which I’m striving.

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